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  1. sablejon

    Helix Bug Reports

    Same issue with the Stomps as swolfp
  2. sablejon

    Need Help with Helix Tones into Amplifier.

    Thanks rd2rk! That helps a lot!
  3. sablejon

    Need Help with Helix Tones into Amplifier.

    Thanks Cruisinon2!
  4. I need help!!! After playing acoustic guitar for 35 years, I am pretty new to electric and amplifiers, etc. I absolutely love my Helix and the tones are perfect through the headphones. But, when I plug it straight into my Fender Twin Reverb Amp, Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp, or my Kustom Profile Portable PA System; the tone is missing a lot of the tone distinctions like the ambience effects, etc. I run the amps very clean, but it is still missing something. I would be very grateful for any suggestions to help. Equipment that I need, different amplifiers that work well, Helix adjustments that I need to make. Anything that could make the sounds that I hear through the headphones come through. Thanks!!!
  5. sablejon

    Helix LT / Native cost sucks

    I got my Helix LT @ sweetwater and asked for a discount and got $100 off. Amazing sounds! I saved and saved for it because the alternative pedal board just to get most of the sounds I wanted isn’t even close to the 1000 price tag. Just compare the Native cost to a Strymon alone. Incredible deal!