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  1. Hi just to let everyone know, even I'm facing the same problem and I can't really figure out why. A solution right now would be a godsend.
  2. I have a POD HD500X. The same EXACT thing happens to me. It's completely random.
  3. Is there any disadvantage to running it through another interface?
  4. Hey guys, I bought the HD500X a couple of weeks ago and I was wondering how you use it to record your stuff? When recording, do you just run the HD500 directly to your PC/Mac using the USB connection or do you connect it to an audio interface first and then take it to your PC? In other words, do you use the HD500X as the audio interface or do you use whatever other audio interface you have as the interface in your DAW?
  5. So did this help? Because I am having the same problem with my Pod HD400.
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