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  1. I hope it comes out soon. I have had some issues with the software mixing up patches changing impulses in presets and basically hammering my setlists. I had a show last saturday and i went through and restored my patches only to find they were all mixed up, clean tones were high gain tones etc it did not make for a fun 4 hour set. I have upgraded to the latest version and saved my patches using the latest version as well as the older ones but to no avail. I am now going through my setlist for the fourth time re building my patches. It is my only complaint with this system I love everything else but the software seems too unstable and unpredictable atm. Maybe im the only one who has had these issues? I hope so. Waiting for May in anticipation...
  2. Does anyone have a quick reference guide as to which cabs go with which amps. Im running my cabs and amps separate as there are times when i run through a power amp and others when I go straight to FOH and Id like to match up Amp and CAB correctly with a quick reference guide?
  3. Me too. Seems to be working again atm which is strange?!?
  4. Has anyone else had problems with a faulty save button? After only 3 days my save button has started to not work. Requires excessive force just to get it to register a click. See video here: Seeking a replacement unit from Australis music supplier in Sydney Australia
  5. Great thanks all for the help will check it out EDIT: Just checked it out. This thing is wicked i had no idea i could use footswitch to control split block!!!
  6. Can you use a foot switch to change paths?
  7. I'd like to run my 1/4 inch to my amp without a cab and my xlr outs with cab what is the best way to achieve this? I one I can split the signal path at the end and run the cab block on a different line however will this affect the signal as I will have to run all of my fx pre cab block to make this work?
  8. Do i need to turn off all the cabs if i am running directly into the power amp stage of my valve amp? The HD500 used to have an option to change the output options from poweramp to front of amp etc. I am going from 1/4 out into power amp stage of my spider valve mkII
  9. I have recently upgraded Monkey to 1.70. This is the first time since i upgraded to Yosemite. I cannot get monkey to launch. I have tried reinstalling, deleting plist files, deleting drivers and still no love. It happens onboth my Imac and Macbook Pro. I want to update all of my line 6 gear (JTV59, Pod HD500, FBV Shortboard, Spider IV Valve 2x12) but cant do anything due to the monkey software not working. Eventually it stops bouncing but i get an application not responding msg when i right click the icon. (see screenshot). Has anyone had this happen to them and has anyone been able to fix it. I have a current ticket open with L6 also.
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