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  1. This isn't heat related, I didn't notice issues with that (weather highs were only in the 70s) but this was my post on a TGP thread yesterday... Had my first outdoor festival gigs with the Helix yesterday. It sounded great as usual. One thing I didn't think about ahead of time was that it was harder to read the big screen in direct sunlight. That made tuning a challenge, and it was hard to see what preset I was on. The scribble strips however were still fine to use. So that was a big advantage for the one band where I just used snapshots instead of presets since the snapshot names were visible on the scribble strips... Not really a big deal, but maybe something to consider for people that play in direct sunlight and are deciding between Helix Floor and LT... next time I'll probably bring my Polytune2 also...
  2. Where do I preorder that interface?! ;) hopefully with the same patented auto switching input circuit as Helix!?!
  3. tonymuka

    Helix FAQ

    Sorry, I know this is a really old post, but this is the top search result for Helix and Android... @Digital_Igloo FWIW, I tested using the Helix with my Google Pixel XL phone (using the April 2017 Android 7.1 (Nougat) version) using the oem USB-C to USB-A adapter plug with the helix USB cable, and it didn't work. Phone audio still played back on the phone speaker, not the helix connected monitors. I was hoping to be able to playback music from my phone through the helix usb input (rather than having to connect and route a pair of returns for every preset i use). It would also be super awesome if I could use the Helix audio as input to my android device so when i record video it would be a direct helix signal! As far as class compliant audio support, I've been able to use my Pixel, and before that since Nov 2015, my Nexus 6 in my car with a generic cheap Windows USB to spdif DAC to feed a miniDSP, so i think the technology exists. I also playback audio from my Android phone into my FiiO e17 DAC/AMP. I'd be happy to help with testing future Android DAC support for Helix. Thanks!
  4. It sounds like a smart idea to me, thanks. Probably saves more work for users with a lot of user presets.
  5. If you're holding mode you're in foot edit mode, not stomp mode. Press stomps to select the block, then it shows the parameters to edit by foot. Just normal press Mode (not press and hold) to get to stomp mode from preset or snapshot mode. Hope this helps!
  6. It sounds like from this Lunch with Dan podcast that Dan is working on an even larger impulse response project with Line6. I wonder if the Allure packs were just a preview! https://www.nmblive.com/162581-profile-65amps.html
  7. And also, thanks to digital igloo and line6 for the hard work on the update. I appreciate it!
  8. Mine also did 1 and 3. Weird thing was 3 was the night after I did the upgrade and had already rebooted and reset to defaults and rebuilt...
  9. I have a hard time dialing in the auto swell too. I find I have to Palm mute all strings between notes to get the swell to work like I expect when I manually swell with my pinkie finger on guitar vol knob. Then the trick is to use a long reverb or delay after it to act like sustain... My settings with my Baja tele are Threshold -65, offset -39, attack 3s, decay 71ms, taper linear...
  10. I had a similar idea when I was playing with helix the other day. I found myself wanting an independent global Rev/delay path that was independent of multi amp/dirt pedal snapshots. You can sort of work it by assigning several verb/delay mix and feedback params to a stomp switch, but at that point since they're automated they're also recalled with snapshots. If snapshots could ignore them or something. Anyway, it gets my upvote.
  11. Hah! The guitar gods smile upon us today!
  12. This corrupted matrix looking screen got me a bit worried during the firmware update, but I kept waiting and it did finish and reboot on its own! Now it's rebuilding presets... Hope this helps somebody else!
  13. tonymuka

    2.20 Party

    Party Time! Here goes!
  14. tonymuka

    2.20 Party

    LOL! Next time we'll be sure to upvote more boosts!
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