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  1. Similar to the above my 3-way toggle switch is flaky. When first amping up it may need a couple of switches before kicking in....should really get it sorted. I play it most days, and gig/play with band only once a quarter :(
  2. I have the same issue on my JTV-59. When using the mag pups the switch is ropey ! Sometimes the neck pup is silent until switching to the bridge then back again. Is it as simple as taking it to a local guitar shop to fix? Can't be bothered with trying to deal with returning it the online shop I bought it from if at all possible? Thanks
  3. Apologies for the late reply, what I meant was actually going into the Workbench and adjusting all the tunings there, but the Virtual Capo version would work I guess....not done either myself, but keep meaning to !!! I'm still happy using the mags to be honest with the occasional dropped D which seems to sound fine !
  4. My band plays in Eb and I actually detuned my 59 down the half tone, however in my experience it does throw out the alt-tunings via the modelling as it is altering the tuning based on it expecting the guitar to be in E. So you may need to alter the tunings in the workbench.....not done it myself yet as other than dropped D (or dropped Db) I don't use any other tunings but will get round to doing it !
  5. Agree with all above, Rocksmith rocks with a Variax...it makes the game some much easier as you can just change the tunings on the fly. i use the Xbox 360 version and get much more enjoyment out of the game now than ever with my JTV-59
  6. A- v1.7 to v2.0 B- JTV 59 C- the dongle D- reflashed (i) 3-4 times E- no, didn't rollback after getting v2 to work F- don't remember exactly, but I only tend to use the Lester, Spank and acoustic and noticed it with those Hope this helps?
  7. Are you running Windows Vista? That's the same issue I had, so I downloaded the file separately and installed it using the "update from file" button. EDIT - I see its already been answered !! Hope it works out for you ?
  8. Tried some alternate tunings last night - retuned the guitar to E, so then used Eb modelling. Still have the same "warbling" sound on the B and high E strings as previous. I'll reflash 2.10fw as that seemed to work with v2.00
  9. I updated yesterday to 2.10. I have a JTV-59. Because my laptop runs on Vista it wouldn't find the firmware update via the Line Monkey application, so i went and downloaded the file from the Line 6 site and used the "upgrade from file" approach. Worked fine and the connection to Workbench HD, i.e loading patches was very fast. Played with the band last night and didnt notice any issues, but I tend to use the mag pups a fair bit and the Lester or Spank modelling. Didn't try any alternate tunings (my strings are tuned to Eb for the band).
  10. What I'm going to do it go into the Workbench and lower the alt.tunings by half a tone to see if that "realigns" the alt tunings to handle the guitar being in Eb
  11. Well tried alt tuning last night with the guitar strings tuned to Eb. In short it was a mess !!! So best not to use the Alt Tuning dial unless the guitar is tuned to E !
  12. Well its a new day ...and I'm still Irish ! :D Had to recharge he battery last night so didn't check the guitar out.....another question from my use of the guitar in a band setting the other day, is it possible to generate feedback when in modelling mode? I like how silent everything is, but when I actually wanted to create some amp feedback I couldn't !!
  13. What's the alt-tuning like if I actually tune the guitar down to Eb anyway, so in essence that's the "standard"? Would drop D still work OK? ....obvioulsy I realise I can try this out myself, but just asking as I don't have my guitar in front of me at work !! :D
  14. Good point, didn't think about intonation - as its only noticeable when using Alt-tuning that may be a reason? Will check it out tonight. Thanks :)
  15. So, had rehearsal last night (first time in ages) with the band and it was the first time playing the JTV59 in a loud environment. My band usually plays in Eb so I left the guitar in E and used the alt-tuning to Eb. The E & B strings still had that "warble" sound to them. The bass player commented that it sounded like they were being put through a Leslie speaker!! I then tuned the guitar itself down to Eb and played through the mag pickups instead. Sounded great just on its own !! I will reflash once more to 2.0 and if that doesn't work I'll drop down to 1.9 to see if that fixes it !
  16. I'm not 100% convinced with the 2.0 FW. The volume of the strings seems fixed, but on some of the models the same two strings seems to have a "warbling" sound, mainly on alt. tunings. What I'm not sure of is whether its the noise from the actual strings that I can hear blending with the alt.tuned strings, but that should hold true for all strings....it could also be something that Rocksmith is doing to the sound (need to test it through the amp on Sunday). I may yet reflash to 1.9 !
  17. It is bizarre that I could reflash the firmware this evening and completely mess up the guitar again ! For now though it seems like its "fixed" so I'm not going to touch it....well, I will play it of course !! BTW its a very nice guitar !
  18. I reflashed v2 firmware last night and that seems to have fixed the issue. Those 2 strings are now much louder on all models. Thanks for the help! The acoustics sound better and I can see why some people may have issue with the Strat sounds, but I think they're OK (could be a little beefier), but in general now that the strings are audible I'm pleased....but I've only had it a week, so had no time to get used to an pre-v2.0 sounds :)
  19. Thanks both. I'm going to have a go with FW1.9 to see if that eases the issue. If not then I'll try adjusting the string volume, but don't necessarily want to do this for each model. I find its like this on the Lester model as well as 12-string models.
  20. Hi, I'm a new Variav JTV59 (Black) owner. I bought it from Thomann.de and it was B-Stock. First off, its really nice and once I adjusted the action it was lovely to play. Hooking it up to my Hughes and Kettner TRIAMP 100w and 4x12 cab it sounded great, especially with the mag pickups. 2 nights ago I upgraded from 1.82 to 2.00 firmware. Now I'm not sure if it was like this before I upgraded but it now seems that in most models that I try the B and high E strings have very low volume. It was really apparent when I used the guitar on Rocksmith where you can visbly see that playing on those strings does not move the metre as much as the volume from the other strings. So my question is, how do you know that this is a software issue vs. a hardware issue? Is it likely that the piezo pickup is damaged and 2 of the strings are much quieter, or is it a common issue that these strings are effected with the new firmware? If so, can I adjust those two strings anyway, i.e. can I turn the volume up, or do I have to turn all the others down? Thanks, and apologies if its a newbie question !
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