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    Jc120 tone

    I downloaded it...I will post my opinions when I have a chance.
  2. No it can't. I forgot that's one more thing the POD can do the Firehawk can't.
  3. Set Lists are a way of arranging patches in the order in which they would be used in a live gig situation. I believe the POD HD500X allows for 6 different Set Lists. You can mimic this function by using the patch banks in the Firehawk but it is not quite as effective. I believe the Firehawk and the POD HD have the same number of HD amps and effects right out of the box however you can purchase additional HD amps for the POD.
  4. I have used the Firehawk to record using Garage Band and Cubase and it is an excellent tool. I have never turned off all the effects and the amp to use Amplitube 4.
  5. I have used a variety of these products and will give you my 2 cents. What advantages are there getting a firehawk fx rather then an amplifi fx100, amplifi TT, amplifi 150 or amplifi 75? There are three main differences between the Firehawk and the Amplifi group of products. Firstly, the Firehawk uses HD versions of some of the amps and effects. The HD versions of the amps and effects are of a higher quality than the standard versions. The HD versions are the same amps and effects built into the POD HD series of multi-effect pedals. Aside from the HD amps and effects, the Firehawk and Amplifi share all the other amps and effects and in fact any patch created for the Amplifi will work with the Firehawk. The same can't be said for Firehawk patches. The second major difference between the Firehawk and the Amplifi is the Firehawk has a built-in port for the Variax guitar. By plugging a Variax into this port Firehawk patches can control the settings on the guitar as well as to provide power. I have a Variax and I love it. To me this is a very important feature but if you don't have a Variax or have no intention of purchasing one it won't be important for you. The third major difference, and in my opinion a killer feature, is the built in effects loop. With this effects loop you can add any effects pedal you want and you can control where in the effects chain you put the external pedal. Both the Firehawk and Amplifi series of products use your iOS or Android phone or tablet to edit patches. Its simple to edit patches and there are thousands of patches to choose from. What are the advantages of the Pod HD500X over anything else? ***I had a Pod HD500, before it grew legs and walked away from a jam session I was at. The only major differences between the two units is the 500X has slightly more processing power than the 500, and the 500X has better footswitches.*** The Pod series is Line 6's professional series of multi-effects pedals. It's a well built and feature rich multi-effects pedal. You can dial in a very good sounding tone if you take the time to learn the patch editing software. It installs on your PC or Mac. It takes more effort to create a patch than the above units because there are so many parameters you can edit. Many people find the sheer number of parameters overwhelming and quickly become frustrated. You can find plenty of ready made patches for the unit but not nearly as many as the Firehawk of Amplifi. The 500 series also has a Variax port and an effects loop. You can also purchase additional amp packs for the 500 series multi-effect pedals. I suspect these packs will end up being offered to Firehawk users but for now this is a 500 only feature. The one feature the 500 series has that the Firehawk is missing is the ability to create multiple Set Lists. *When I had my HD500, I purchased a Windows tablet so I could edit patches on the fly. It simplified the process a little and if you end up going this route you should pick yourself a cheap Windows tablet* Also what is better about the Pod HD Pro compared to the HD500X? The Pod HD Pro is basically a rack mounted HD500X. So after all my rambling, my recommendation is solely based on the features you require. If you want something easy to program, don't need the Set Lists and don't have or never intend in getting a Variax, an Amplifi product is likely sufficient for your needs. If you want something that's easy to program, has some of the most realistic effects Line 6 has to offer, have or are looking to get a Variax guitar, the Firehawk is the way to go. If you require deep editing of patches, multiple Set Lists and want the option to purchase more amps, have or may be considering a Variax the HD500X would be the way to go. As for what type of speaker should you get with a multi-effects pedal, you want a speaker that will not change the sound. So that means a good pair of monitor speakers. There are a few threads on this board that already address this question. I use this and it works well for me: I use the Keyboard 3 setting and it works beautifully. As for me, I love my Firehawk and aside from the Set Lists and current lack of additional amp models, I haven't looked back.
  6. I have no doubt that if Line 6 will end up releasing the current model packs and possibly new ones as well for us Firehawk users. I would love to see Line 6 develop a similar business model to Amplitube where you can purchase amps and effects either individually or in packs.
  7. I think you would be better suited to purchasing a dedicated audio interface. however, as long as you turn off all the effects and amps on the Firehawk you should be able to use it with Amplitube. Your best bet would be to try it. I have quite a large collection of Amplitube amps and pedals, in fact I have about 90% of them. I like Amplitube and use it for recording sometimes. If you have any investment of cash into Amplitube, you should look at a proper audio interface.
  8. Yep, the Firehawk will support USB recording to pretty much any DAW. I have used it in both Garage Band and Cubase.
  9. Nope...mine isn't. I suspect this isn't normal behavior. I would contact support. It could be a setting but I doubt it. Let us know what support says.
  10. I have not noticed this and I have a Epiphone Wildkat with a Bigsby and I have to tune it after every 3 or 4 songs. Has it always been like this? Is it every patch? I am wondering if it is a global setting somewhere tied to the volume pedal. Speaking of the volume pedal, maybe check to ensure the pedal is set to 100% in the patch.
  11. It's been about 2 weeks so I thought I would update my findings. 1) There is a small delay between switching patches. It only really impacts a couple songs I do but it is enough of an aggravation it should be addressed. For example, I do an arrangement of Paint It Black. I have a JTV-69s so I have patch for the intro with a Sitar setting and another patch for the regular guitar. 2) The moveable Effects Loop is a killer feature. You can even assign it to a footswitch to turn the external effect on and off. This feature puts the Firehawk head and shoulder above other units. 3) The Bluetooth connection is not always stable. I can't be sure if this is a problem with my tablet or the unit because Bluetooth is wonky by nature. Some people have suggested using WiFi instead of Bluetooth but that isn't viable because you might not always have access to WiFi. This is more of an observation rather than a problem. 4) The Firehawk is built like a tank and as such weighs like one. I picked up a Gator case for it and it fits like a glove! 5) The HD amps are great and sound pretty much the same as my HD 500. 6) There is a patch for pretty much everything but the vast majority of them are Amplifi patches. It would be a great if the app would suggest the HD equivalents if there are any. 7) The ability to stream sounds from your phone or tablet is amazing. There are plenty of apps with metronomes, drum tracks and backing tracks. You can also play along with your favorite band. Overall I have been pleased with the Firehawk. The ultimate judge of any pedal or multi effects pedal is the tone you can coax out of it and the Firehawk are great and are better than the multi effect units I have owned.
  12. It is amazing how many of the best guitar players are able to get such a wide variety of music out of a limited number of notes. BB King even has a section of the guitar named after him...the BB Box!
  13. Nice patch! It definitely get some use!
  14. I tried this tone and it's great! It should do the trick for my needs. I added a request for an Organ pedal to be included in the Firehawk. The link is here: The idea has only 4 votes but it's already been moved to the "In Review" category. So hopefully we might see something in a future update. I have decided to hold my breath with this positive news!
  15. Thanks for the report! I think I am going to pick one up and try it for myself. Its pretty cheap so I think is worth a try!
  16. I can't wait to hear about your experience.
  17. Good suggestion...especially since I do have a soft spot for the Granddaddy of solid body electric guitars!
  18. Hello All, I have an upcoming Open Mic and I would like to perform Green Onions, I have a pretty good arrangement but I would like to make it better by recording a Loop with an organ sound which I would play over. My question is this, aside from purchasing a pedal specifically designed for this purpose, is there any way to get a sound close to a 60s organ sound. If anyone from Line 6 is reading this...No one is better at modding sounds than you...maybe you can develop your own organ pedal!
  19. I hope it will...I suspect it will make a small but noticeable difference.
  20. David Gilmore used a tube amp and a solid state rotating speaker amp while recording The Wall. It is one of the best ways to get a unique sound.
  21. Probably the thing I am missing most from my HD 500 is the setlists but its easy enough to work around.
  22. I never thought of that...thanks for the tip!
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