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  1. I went XLR from Helix into one of the L2T's XLR jacks and the volume knob affects the output levels as well. So far I have tried L6 Link, 1/4" out and XLR and the volume knob affects all three of them. The only output I have tried so far that has independent volume control is the headphones jack.
  2. I can confirm it is fixed on 1.02.2. I tried booting up with Variax already plugged in and also unplu/replug the Variax after the Helix had already booted up and in both cases, the models now change according to what was saved with the patch. Even if the patch was saved with modelling off and using mags only, the patch correctly switched to mags only when activated. If I manually change the Variax model and then press the same patych again, it will (correctly) reset the Variax model to the one saved with the patch. I also tested the Tuning settings by using two patches, one that did not force tunnng and another one where I forced drop-D. In both cases, the Variax behaved normally. i.e. the patch switched to drop-D when forced, no matter where the tuning knob was at the time, and also the Variax stayed on whatever tuning I had selected on the knob if the patch was set to "Don't force". I even tried to press the foot switches between both patches back and forth very fast and (just to see if I made it crash or got the models/tunings confused :) and I found out that it behaved as I expected (the Variax settings of the last patch I pressed were the ones that ultimately applied). Even the "Don't force" patch honored the status of the drop-D patch that I had selected before (i.e it stayed on Drop-D as I had it set not to change tunings). Thank you DI and the rest of the team, for having the can of Raid on overdrive these past couple of weeks. I hope you guys have a restful weekend.
  3. I can see the Release notes for the new 1.02.2 version on the downloads page, but when I click on it, I get the wrong filename "HELIX_v1.01.2sha9c86959bundle.zip". Note that both the version number and the SHA matches the old firmware file. I also tried clicking on the link for the old 1.01.2 file and it gives me a different filename "HELIX_1.01.2_bundle.hxf". Using Line 6 Updater did find the correct firmware and I upgraded just fine, but the link on the downloads page seems to either show the incorrect filename or point to the incorrect file. I did try to refresh several times, just to make sure I was not getting a stale file, but every time I got the same results. DI, I just thought you'd might want to take a look.
  4. I have an L2T and the Helix volume knob (the big one on top) does indeed control the volume on my L2T connected via L6 Link. This is exactly the way I want it to work, as the L2T's volume knob is in the back of te unit and pretty unreachable from where I usually stand.
  5. Wow, I haven't seen that behavior in about 10 years. I had a misconfigured app at the time that was supposed to auto-launch, but the installer pointed it st windows explorer by mistake. Every time I closed it, it popped up again until I went into the registry and cleared it. Did you manage to close the app so that you could uninstall the redistributable? BTW, the redistributable is not supposed to do this, it is just a library that is missing from Win10 and that some apps require in order to run. Did you get your computer with Win10 pre-installed or was it an upgrade from 8/7?
  6. Here is my list of likes and dislikes: Likes: ANGL Meteor - I can get a nice distorted sound but cleans up a bit if I roll off the guitar volume. SOLO Lead - I do not have a Soldano at hand for a side by side comparison, but it sounds as sweet as I remember the original. German Ubersonic - What can I say, I'm a sucker for high gain. WhoWatt model - I also like cleans, but I detest Fenders ;) Copy/Paste function - My pet peeve with previous Line 6 gear (and other brands as well) has always been t have to redo my blocks every time I do a new patch. Now I just paste what I need. Phones volume control on the Front!!! - No more bending over the gear to look for it on the back. Harmony delay, Whammy - I like what they can do on the "Plug In Baby" and "Even Betta Than" patches. No more output modes! - Now you can go into the board/PA *and* your guitar amp at the same time. Variax integration - I know it's not a new feature in any way, but I have a Variax and would not get a Line 6 piece of gear without it anymore. User Interface - I love how the most used parameters are usually on the first page, so no paging left/right unless you want one of the hidden features of the model... but it is there if you really want it. Seamless integration with L2T, L2M, etc. - I also have an HD 500 and the HD does not sound nearly as good through the same L2T as the Helix. It looks to me like the HD was optimized for the DT series and the Helix was optimized for the L-series. Joystick - Makes navigating the UI easier. Scribble strips - I like that they show the model name when in pedal mode. Since some models share the same color LED ring, the strip is the best way yo tell them apart. No wall-wart - This might sound like nit-picking, but the UPS I plug my guitar gear into has very closely spaced outlets, and wall-warts take 2-3 outlets each just because they are so large they partially cover the outlet to the left and right. So many I/O options, so little time - I cannot conceive running out of I/Os with my current setup... and I have a vivid & twisted imagination. Dislikes: Complete lack of integration with DT series - I also have a DT50 and it is useless right now with the Helix because it will not control the topology. I read that there might be some level of integration on the next firmware version, but who knows how long that will take. It seems to me like Line 6 could have at least winged it by making the Helix output the appropriate MIDI commands to disable the preamp and switch topologies every time the amp model is switched on the Helix, even though that would require to add an extra MIDI cable to the setup (which doesn't seem unreasonable to me) but somehow they chose not to and now some DT users feel alienated. Joystick - Yes, this is a "like" and a "dislike". Why would the UI have the Joystick rotate to change models, when the Joystick itself is too prone to rotating when pushed by the side? It seems that you have to grab it so that you can bank it left/right/up/down without rotating it, or master the art of pushing down and outwards at the edge in the direction you want to move... and not to press too hard, or the joystick will also register a down press. Lack of kick bar - Yes, I saw the video of the test Helix getting the $h1t kicked out of it in the parking lot but the knobs still do not feel like they can take much abuse. No clickety knobs - I got used to the click of the knobs in past Line 6 gear and I miss it. No biggie, though. Still no "Guitar God-ifier" model - All this and I still have to have talent? pffft!! :P
  7. Back when I had just upgraded my WIn 8.1 desktop to Win 10, I had a number of crashes on some apps that used to work under Windows 7/8. While looking for a solution, I stumbled upon a comment that someone had fixed many of their Win 10 app crashes by installing the Microsoft VC++ redistributable. I tried it myself and my crashing apps started working again. Apparently, Windows 10 does not install the redistributable by default and/or hoses the existing one if you already have it. For 32-bit, you only need the 32-bit redistributable and for 64-bit you need both 32-bit and 64-bit. I am not going to say that this will cure your problems as we do not know for sure what is causing it, but I did install it months ago and the Helix App (the Win 7/8 version) that I installed days ago seems to be working just fine for me and I managed to save my patches without crashing. I do not remember ever applying any other crash fixes to my desktop, but I am fully up to date with Widows patches (not that Microsoft will let you have it otherwise). If you are brave enough to try, you can download it from the Microsoft web site, just go to "Support>By Resource>Download Center" and click on "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 " (About half way down the list under "Popular Downloads"), finally, click "download" to get to the download list. Remember to download and install only 32-bit for 32-bit Windows and both 32-bit and 64-bit for 64-bit Windows. You do not need the "arm" version. This is just a guess from something I read months ago, please take it with more than just one grain of salt and post back whether it works for you, it might help others who have the same issue.
  8. Yes, I noticed it too on a Variax Standard. It was reported by rock2112 last week and Line 6 is already working on a fix. Maybe we'll see a firmware update this week, as per Digital_Igloo on the thread below. http://line6.com/support/topic/15987-helix-not-forcing-variax-model-saved-with-preset/
  9. The first day, I moved the joystick by pushing in the desired direction from the opposite "side" of the joystick. I could not, for the life of me, get it to move without turning the knob and therefore, changing the model. I realized then that, if I pressed from the "top" of the joystick, at the very edge of the knob in the direction that I want to move, I can make the cursor move in the direction I want, without rotating the joystick. It took very little getting used to it and now I can move all over the screen without worrying about changing the model. Try it, it works very well.
  10. Lol, no. I do read the boards, but I rarely post myself. I tend not to anyone's 'shipper or hater. Basically, what I was trying to day was that, even though my store already had one in stock, my online order had not shipped yet, so I canceled it an got the one from the store. I really was not trying to stir the spot, only to recommend that you check your local stores often, as they might get one in before your has even shipped from the warehouse. No issues, jamin, no need to apologize, I did not take it as a personal attack :)
  11. I got mine from GC Edina, in MN, just south of Minneapolis. They only had one physically in stock and, from what I heard from them, they are in limited quantities wherever you can find them. Maybe on the next shipment from Line 6 availability might stabilize? None of the other stores that I checked on the same day (10/7) within my self-imposed 25mi driving area had them or, if they did, sold out quickly. I myself would find it hard to believe that the Edina store got one while the Roseville and Woodbury stores (also in MN) got none... unless they sold theirs right away.
  12. I got mine two days ago. I originally ordered online but as of two days ago it had not shipped yet, then I noticed that my local GC had just received one Helix that day, so I went there and the staff was more than willing to sell me theirs and cancel my online order. Not only that, but they gave me a 15% coupon the next that that they were willing to apply to the previous day's purchase, so yeah, I had a very good experience with my local GC.
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