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  1. Well I've had an hour or 2 with the art tube v3 linked up to the fx loop of the Firehawk. I was using it through headphones. I was filled with warm hope after a minute when the little valve began to glow inside the preamp. I played around with various clean and high gain sounds, placing the fx loop before and after the amp, tried out the different input and output levels and wasn't really impressed. However after a lot of playing time, when I turned off the preamp I kept feeling that my original Firehawk tone was missing something. The upshot is that There is a small but noticeable improvement to the warmth of the tone in my opinion and I genuinely think I now can't do without it! It must be placed after the amp and before other effects in the chain. It seems. Ps I really hope I'm not imagining the difference so I would welcome any one else's views who is able to try it out.
  2. My Tube preamp has arrived. Let the experimentation begin....
  3. Good stuff eddiegordato. I'll give your tone a wee run out later
  4. Ppiluk, try out crazy organ guitar. It's the name of a tone on the cloud. It's not bad for a start.
  5. Just bagged one on eBay. Should be here in few days. I'll let you know if it's a waste of time.
  6. Thanks for putting me out of my misery silverhead. The reason I'm getting a Ravish Sitar pedal is that I have absolutely no need for it. I'll pretend its vital for 'a project'.
  7. Does anyone know if I could use the Firehawk expression pedal to control another pedal linked up to the FX loop. I'm getting an EHX Ravish sitar and it would be handy if the pitch on that pedal could be controlled by the Firehawk expression pedal.
  8. Cheers ppiluk. The art tube pedals going for buttons on eBay. Might just order one. Let me know if you get a chance to try it. We are either gifted tone prophets sent to unlock the highest level of tone sweetness...or we're fools.
  9. I saw a post over on the Helix forum where someone is raving about the 'tube coloration' the ART preamp gives to the helix. They hook it up to the effects loop of the helix and place it prior to the cabs. Does anyone think this could make the Firehawk tones fatter and warmer? Has anyone tried it?
  10. Open Firehawk app. Select tones at bottom. Then select cloud tab at the top. You type in your tone's name and it will come up on the cloud so long as you've saved it to there. You can search through the entire cloud library here by song name, artist, or name of creator etc. Annoyingly we still can't just browse the entire collection from A to Z.
  11. Can we also browse every tone please without having to specifically search for something?
  12. I really want your username to be the name of your film??
  13. Human nature. How boring would the forum be if the Firehawk was perfect and everyone was positive? There's a lot to like about it, but it needs some surgery. There's a certain joy in waiting for a firmware fix. When? Will this cure it? Nobody has mentioned before that this pedal has got a lovely name.
  14. When I look at it in the daylight it doesn't inspire me but when those coloured lights glow in the dark, they hypotize me. And the app is a joy. If they fix the damn thing, I know the firehawk is the unit for me. But if it's not sorted before I start yet another crap band, I'll have to try something else. It reminds me of when I first realised I had to get rid of my AX1G. Those were the days...
  15. 'Ready for anything. Stage. Studio. And everywhere in between'. Misdescription anyone?
  16. My unit has 2 weeks to live. Does anyone have a firmware update to correct lag? It was already terminally ill at birth. HELP.
  17. If the Firehawk is Betamax, what are my vhs options?
  18. Absolutely right. The Firehawk is a prototype. Line 6 needed to concentrate on the helix and just decided they couldn't invest any more time in the firehawk. It's like a baby born 3 months premature. I'm on the verge of starting a band again after a few years off but I can't take this thing anywhere with me. I actually love my Firehawk in many ways. It's not her fault. God help Line 6 if the helix suffers the same lag. Anyone paying that money will not be as understanding as us. At the moment, I'm just practicing so I'm ok but if I start going out into the world soon eBay will get 10 per cent of my Firehawks value. If I manufactured smoke alarms that suffered lag, I'd have no customers. Line 6 has mugged me.
  19. I stumbled on the Amplifi forum. It's worrying. They started a thread in November 2014 that the lag was awful. Almost 1 year later someone just posted that the problem hasn't been fixed. Are we Firehawkers poor deluded fools waiting for Prince Charming aka a firmware lag solution who will never come? Is bond 19 the only man with any sense? Discuss
  20. I have a firehawk and the lag is terrible. I just stumbled on this thread. We firehawkers are hoping for a firmware update to fix it. If the Amplifi still suffers from it after all this time then I'm really worried
  21. There's no confirmation, it's just a pipe dream. We all know 20 seconds of anything isn't nearly enough! I sold my Boss RC2 because I heard the Looper was coming. I'm a fool. We'll keep fingers crossed.
  22. Or hold my hand in the fire whilst playing with the looper. That should increase its length
  23. Without a firmware update, the only way to extend the looper time is by exploring the theory of time relativity, ie time flies when you're having fun. You've already cracked it in that if the 20 second looper feels like 90 seconds to you, you have successfully eradicated all fun. I'll have to wait for the update
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