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  1. Is that a delay that gives you the doubled up sound of the tone? I think it would be better without it. The second guitar tone sounds a few cents off from the main one.
  2. HMPoweredMan

    Fremen's Helix presets

    Very cool. I'll be looking out for this. I just got a Helix yesterday
  3. HMPoweredMan

    Firehawk FX is abandoned

    Clearly since the Helix, Line 6 has thrown the Firehawk FX to the curb.
  4. HMPoweredMan

    Lockups still.

    I just started getting lockups again on some of my patches when switching between them. :( I'm on the latest firmware
  5. HMPoweredMan

    Firmware 1.20

    Wow I honestly didn't know setups could be that awesome.
  6. HMPoweredMan

    Firmware 1.20

    Thanks! I figured at 25 it was better late than never to pick up the guitar. Hard to believe it's already been 7 months. If I crank up the volume pedal, it exascerbates the popping. I'll see If I can get a second recording tonight. I think I forgot to mention this is coming from the mono 1/4" output. Perhaps it's my recording setup though. I'd feel silly if that was the case. I don't think the popping is as apparent when recording from the Firehawk ASIO audio device.
  7. HMPoweredMan

    Firmware 1.20

    I think I found the issue. It appears to stem from the 4 Band SemiParameetric EQ. I created a patch that I have been tweaking and didn't notice any issues with the firmware update until I made a slight tweak to the: Hi Mid Freq of 2.2 kHz with a gain of 7.1dB in the EQ of my patch. (I increased the gain from 3dB or something) After making this change, I noticed extensive popping. I made a sound cloud recording which you can clearly hear the popping. https://soundcloud.com/hmpoweredman/master-of-popping Please excuse my poor playing. I should also mention that the popping goes away when the EQ is turned off. Here is the tone http://line6.com/t/MvPyVT32rE I hope this helps. It appears there may actually be a problem.
  8. HMPoweredMan

    Firmware 1.20

    Would it be possible for you to give us an audio recording comparing the two? I'm curious.
  9. HMPoweredMan

    Firmware 1.20

    This patch seems to have fixed my issues with the Lights of Death. Good work Line6 thank you!
  10. HMPoweredMan

    Firehawk FX Part 1 of my video series now uploaded.

    It comes preloaded with a Nirvana tone 'Come as You Are' ^_^
  11. HMPoweredMan

    Firehawk V1.20- IOS 9?

    I wonder if the buttons could be physicall swapped internally, or are they surface mounted to the motherboard. I'd hate to void a warranty to find out.
  12. HMPoweredMan

    Firmware 1.20

    Perhaps it is an issue with the built in headphone amp, or the impedance of it in conjunction with your headphones. I've found that the headphone output is pretty bad and I think that it also bypasses speaker emulation. (but i could be wrong) If you have an audio interface, try comparing the quarter inch output from the interface with the output from the built in headphone amp. I personally don't consider bad headphone output to be an issue as I think it is more intended for stage monitoring than for fidelity.
  13. HMPoweredMan

    Firmware 1.20

    Out of curiosity, which output do you use on the device? The XLR output or the Quarter Inch mono output?
  14. So from what I understand, there are 4 volume controls The volume knob with 3 controls White Pink Red The volume pedal. These controls are very confusing to me. Can someone explain to me the difference between them?
  15. HMPoweredMan

    Firmware Update Anticipation Thread

    Extrapolating from some other discussions on these forums, it would appear that a firmware update is imminent to address some issues from slow patch switching times to RLOD (Red Light of Death) Issues. Line6 Expert Says "There is a firmware update coming that is intended to address the lag and artifacts issues. We don't know when. But if you like the sounds and can be a little patient you probably will be happy in the end." Forum User Says: "So I called Line 6 Europe support today, an update should be released in September but could not be more specific. I am struggling to compensate as I play rhythm & lead too." Forum User Says: "A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Firehawk fx from a music store that sells also online, because I could not find it in my city. It was not available but I could preorder it, since it was already "on the way" to the shop. Two days ago I sent the shop an email asking for an update and they told me that Yamaha informed them that all the Firehawk are currently stopped in Germany for an "update" that shouldn't be just the normal firmware, but they couldn't give any detail more, and that therefore I should be happy of this delay because it will be "positive" for me in the end. Could this be a hardware/firmware fix for this issue?" So I figured I would make this thread in anticipation for the upcoming update. What are you hoping will be fixed or changed?
  16. HMPoweredMan


    Is there an octaver effect that I am just not seeing? Bass emulation? I'm trying to emlulate bass on my guitar. If not, this should be added :)
  17. It would be nice to have a shortcut to the looper without assigning it to a footswitch. Sometimes I want to mess with the Firehawk without the app, and I haven't found a way to access the looper or assign it to a default preset without the app. If this is already possible through the live edit mode, how is it done?