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  1. Heya L6, Think it would be possible to release the DT's cabs/IRs for Helix use so we can try and get it to sound more like it does naked and still control and have input through L6link? With HX attached then having no cab is too flat, HX's cabs and normal IRs don't seem to work too well. What you have in the DT is just right sounds too good with what's in it.
  2. Hi! Wondering if anyone knows if a new input jack would fix this. Or if i should chase something else. Here is what happens: JTV89F -> VDI -> HELIX. Mags give extra hum until I touch the end shroud of the VDI cable. Either end will do it. JTV end or HELIX end. It hums like a single coil. Using my 69S through the same path and I do not have the same issue. No change whatsoever when touching an end of the cable so I am thinking that at least rules out other components in the chain. Thoughts?
  3. Anyone replaced their bridge with a little 59 or the likes? Any caveats to watch for in installation? You like the results? This is my first SSS Guitar and not really digging that first S.
  4. This is interesting. I'm guessing a too subtle slope would explain why when I try to tame the krinkle to where I like it the the overall tone just gets too low middy and kinda dead. ?
  5. Dumb q... Why is the preferred method to blank out a channel instead of going into the return like an average amp?
  6. Humidity? So we need a dampening knob?
  7. jpelzel

    Dual cab freeze?

    Ah sorry. Though you were giving me crap :)
  8. jpelzel

    Dual cab freeze?

    Snark? Point is not to hear a single cab. Point is if I want to change cab A, cab B totally resets to a completely different cab. Making you in essence start from scratch.
  9. jpelzel

    Dual cab freeze?

    Is there a way to freeze the second cab from resetting when you change your mind on the first cab? It doing so in the first place is just plain ridiculous.
  10. Touching the strings has no effect. It wasn't really all of a sudden, been kinda growing over time. I will probably go in and upgrade the shielding. Just wanted to be aware of ant gotchas. Thanks for that. Maybe, butI was more in the mind to avoid such thing. I could send back to Sweetwater as well but just seems to be a PIA.
  11. Both cable types, different equipment. The only variable that seems to have a positive effect is switching guitars so seems pretty well narrowed down to the instrument itself.
  12. As it says. Lately been getting more and more electrical noise through the mags. I figure it needs better shielding but with all that extra stuff in there I want to be sure that I don't mess something up. Any tips as to what to watch out for?
  13. Guitar cable rubbing along and changing the knobs as you move? I do it all the time.
  14. Is this right? I though it changed the topology along with those others listed.
  15. My sonic port started having issues that seem like what I am reading in a couple of other threads. Basically it sounds as I'd the input level is WAY too high causing the unit to maybe protect itself by gating the signal? Sound is nothing then you hear the gate release to a very clipped sigmal that finally resolve to normal as the level decreases. If you lower the input signal (gtr vol at about 1-2) you can get a sound but still clip if played hard. Anything?
  16. Hey all. New l2t user. The l6 link is crystal clear but so far the other inputs give a prominent hum. I have only been able to use a mono instrument cable so far but I am getting the him from multiple sources. Any tips?
  17. The new strat, it almost sounds like a semi hollow body or something. Which in itself is fine if that it's how it is supposed to sound. But it is tough to decipher if that is the case or if it's somehow bugged. Which in itself doesn't make sense. Binary isn't like watercolor where if you somehow mix it you just come up with a new color.
  18. Well heck. Didn't even dawn on me that the mixer was part of the equation. I mean there is no mixer in guitar>pedals>amp so wouldn't expect it in a 'virtual' situation. Appreciate everyone's help.
  19. Ok - just can't get this thing to work with the hd. I rarely get to use any volume so only get to try a couple things here and there. Trying to do the 'Dream rig' thing. Here is the status... No POD, guitar in. Low power mode. Chans A & B sound OK in various settings. No POD, guitar in. Normal power mode. Chans A & B sound OK in various settings. POD, variax in, Chan B (bypass ?) sounds fine. Chan A (POD pre amp) = OMFG WHY ARE YOU KILLING ME WITH THIS VOLUME THAT IS ABOUT A GAZILLION TIMES LOUDER, BRIGHTER, AND CLEANER THAN JUST USING THE DT AS IS????!!! I swear I think its going to shatter my ribcage. I've read people stating that the pod doesn't sound quite like the 50, but that is not my concern. I just want it to sound like a usable amp in some way and not a sonic death ray. All components have the latest update. Work fine on their own. POD is setting itself to combo out when connected. Connections are done via VDI & L6 Link. Any help as to what the heck I am doing wrong?
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