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  1. Hi all, Am a newbie and need some help in settingh up amplifi TT with logic X. am using Scarlett focusrite as my DAW. 1. Do I need to change the input device ( preferences > audio ) in logic X to Amplifi TT each time i use it? 2. i notice when i do that, it plays and records fine. But when i change it back to the default focusrite audio, no sound comes out am i doing something wrong here? thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I just purchased the Amplifi TT unit, have some newbie questions. 1. I am using the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 as my interface to a mac. From the back of Amplifi TT, i connect two 1/4 inch jacks out to line input 1 & 2 of the scarlet and the amplifi TT usb cable directly to my mac. Am i doing this correctly? To record, i am recording stereo from line input 1 & 2 via the 1/4 jacks. Can i record via usb without the 1/4 jacks stereo outputs?
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