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  1. I've tried this, but for some reason it sounds like crap. The signal gets overloaded, that's the best way I can describe it. It seems to only work with low gain amps.I'm going to try your recommendation though.
  2. Has anyone taken their Helix back panel off? I'm wondering if it is reversible. I do realize the serial information is on the back. For one, I have scratched up the bottom in a freak accident after babying my Helix for the past year. Also, I'd like to protect that product information on the bottom by flipping the back cover. I realize this is silly to most people, but for some reason I'm OCD about my electronics.
  3. Try: low/High cut cutting lows to 160-200Hz > Noisegate > TS9 (2.0, 0.0 ,7.0 controls roughly) > Rev Amp model on Agressive 2/Peavy 5150 > Cab V30 or an IR) I run my Helix directly into my Macbook and use Garageband. It sounds very good. I don't us the LA Compressor it does tighten the sound and make it more aggressive, but at the cost of dynamics. Maybe for Rhythm tracks.
  4. @gunpointmetal You have some material up on Youtube if I'm not mistaken?
  5. Thank you for saying this. It's like mob mentality this intellectual wit pissing contest. I'm championing for Line 6 and the Helix. I'd also like to add the metal community is the most responsible for popularizing switching to modelling as an overall amp replacement. Do you have any ideal how many Helixs would be sold this year if Premier Guitar did a rig Rundown of Misa Mansoor, and he had a Helix Floor in his pedalboard?
  6. I mean not really but I get you disagree. If I were dating Scarlett Johannson I'm sure I'd have better things to do than tweak my Plexi patch that sounds less like Van Halen than I'd admit to myself.
  7. Well at this point I won't be setting myself up for failure anymore. This was my first update announcement with Line 6. So, next time I see an update announcement "By End of 2019" I'll check in on January 1st, 2020 I guess. Maybe my expectations or perception about this product were wrong and that's on me.
  8. They have till the end of June until they're late. Yeah, technically. They announced this about 3 or 4 months ago and for me it kind of made it seem like it was going to be released by now. Not that it would be here "right before spring ends". When I bought it I was told and under the impression that they were going to be adding some "big updates" and it was a very exciting time. I like my helix very much and I'm happy with what's included. But, when this update was announced I was already a bit disappointed. The main focus was to make the economy between their products healthier which is nice for those folks. But, that’s not quite what I imagined would be on the horizon. I imagined a few more Modern Hi-Gain amps, perhaps some cool Line 6 Originals, a nice drop pedal modelled effect, or anything else its seems to be lacking. The old Marshalls and Fenders I think we are good on. I think we have enough overdrives but we’ve got yet ANOTHER fender and 6 more OD’s. You know, just in case the traditionalist are satiated with this hi-tech product that one would think would be best marketed for the current generation who are all moving to modelers? So sometimes it feels like I’m waiting on that second date with a girl I’m not that crazy about wondering how I found myself in this mess to begin with.
  9. While it's nice of them to update the unit for you, you very specifically asked for a factory new box. It may seem like not a big deal to most people but you asked for this for a peace of mind. I'm much like you. You are not over-thinking this. I would either ask for an open-box price or a different unit. I bought my Helix open box and it had the plastic on the screen and I'm not even sure they took the Helix out of the plastic - but I got it from MF for ~850.
  10. You should have every year Bassman you want! You guys are part of the reason I occasionally go to the amps I wouldn't usually use, pull out my strat, and step out in your world for a minute or two. I found some beautiful tones with one of those old Marshalls with some spring reverb and the minotaur in front of it. While I'm a metal and 80s hair metal guy, sometimes I just pick an amp and start building a patch.
  11. Wow I didn't expect anyone to concede my point. Is this....an actual discussion...and not a pi$$ing contest? The 5150 on the modeler doesn't sound like the 5150 Block Letter I once owned. The 5150 III sounds different than either of those and a huge amount of the metal guys are using them. Even satchel from Steel Panther, Killswitch Engage, Gogira, Trivium, FFDP, and probably 80% of metal bands have used this amp - not to forget Van Halen. It doesn't need anything in front of it and its capable of nearly any kind of tone you'd want.
  12. That last sentence. Please don't do that to me man now I'm all excited. What do you mean by "Big Deal"?
  13. LT in 2017 and Stomp in 2018. This update will be telling for me personally. So their overall focus is still as much devoted to making the Helix better as it never was, it's not way more focused on more streamlined units of an existing product?
  14. Hey man in not's a Twin Reverb with a special Tolex from 67, so these old guys don't give a S#!t. Go to Idealscale.
  15. But I'd be content with just the 5150 III, the most popular amp in metal. They obviously supplemented amps for guys like me with the Line 6 Originals. Not having the 5150 III for guys like me would be the equivalent of not putting a JCM800 in there for the 80's guys or a Twin Reverb for the Country guys. I understand the lack of empathy, most of the people on here aren't using the tones I'm digging for. Arguing that more options would be useless because it has the particular amps you like, or that the AxFX having 200 different amps is a con is just ridiculous. I'm sure they will, but it'll just be another Fender, Marshall, or an amp that's a competitor for either. I paid $1,000 for a piece of modelling technology. I feel obligated to offer my opinions on these threads in the off chance L6 read these threads. That's a lot of money of someone in their 20s like me. Sure there are guys in my genre who use the Helix, but start competing with Fractal in the High gain section and you'll attract a lot of those guys to the L6 side of the fence. Having said that I love the Helix, but as of late they have shifted the focus of bettering the Helix and focused on getting the products in more people's hands. Not saying that's a bad approach as a business.
  16. I'm just going to have to disagree with you respectfully. I had a 5150 before, cranked it and it tightened up and sounded nothing like the amp modeled in the Helix. While the Archon and Badonk are nice, it leaves more to be desired. I wouldn't consider the modded Marshall 2204 to be Modern High Gain. The only Modern High gain amp on there relaesed in the past 10 years is the Archon. No 6505+, 5150 III, Savage, Dark Terror, JVM, Splawn, or Etc. The most used amp in metalcore is the 5150 III and I would be happy as hell with that. The Orange Dark and JVM would be amazing as well. Im not too familiar with the HBE but Ill check it out.
  17. That's what I was guessing but wasn't totally sure. I understand it takes a while to develop new amp models, I think they've said a month actually. But I would imagine some of the guys who got the Helix on launch are a little disappointed. I would have hoped for more AMP models by now. There really isn't much of anything that is a modern high gain amplifier. I feel like they missed out on that demographic and handed it over to AxFx. I'm a little disappointed to be honest.
  18. I don't understand anything besides the new amp models thing. I'm excited about that though and hoping for something more in my ballpark. Crossed fingers for a 5150 III or high gain orange
  19. I thought I corrected the Own/Ohm thing before anyone saw this. Ohm seems to make more sense to me but I don't call the shots. Yes the pack I bought was $19.99 and was my testing of the IR world to see if it was worth it. It includes the following: https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=176 Cab based on a "Based on a Mesa Boogie Standard/Oversized straight 4x12 cabinet" -6 Speakers including a C60, C70, and C90 -7ish? Mics I'm so far partial to the C70 and other Celestion speakers with Balanced, Modern, Forward, and Full mixes. As of right now, no this isn't something I want to research super deep. I think I'll continue to use OwnHammer because I really like their mixes they include in the pack and they sound super legit. I had a really hard time dialing in the stock cabs and mics. It seemed like only a couple of mics weren't muddy and a lot of the cabinets just didn't sound good for metal. I mean I tried quite a few things but didn't and still don't understand how that all works. All my attention is on dialing in Amps and learning how signal paths work to my benefit.
  20. I just bought the OwmHammer Recto 412 pack. Last night I figured out how to authorize my purchase and downloaded the zip file. I'm new to this to forgive the weekly questions from me. I quickly recognized that my Helix can't hold all of the Presets available in the pack - first world problems. I read the "Read Me" section and decided the best course of action was to download all the premixed IRs. So I imported ALL, BAL, FWD, MDRN, etc. for each of the speaker options. My question is am I IR'ing right and am I missing out on the other IRs that are in the pack? What's your approach? Also I must give praise to OwmHammer. I immediately did comparisons between stock cabs and IRs. To my ears the IR has a sense of authenticity and breath life into each AMP Block I selected. Went with the Recto 412 because I play primarily 80s Dokkenesque stuff, Metalcore, thrash, etc. Also looking for opinions on my next purchase. EDIT(spelling): HAHAHAHA I thought it was OhmHammer, so stupid....
  21. Line 6 HX effects is like $450 used in excellent shape on GC site right now. Just FYI. Less than half the cost of all the pedals and you can get GC coverage.
  22. The Canadian guy on YouTube who compared his LT to the Blue Angel right? Amazing comparison.
  23. I agree with you. I get so much flack for this too. We need more High Gain amps. Currently we have only a few to choose from and a lot of these amps require a pedal in the front to get into that territory. I do like the ENGL and the Badonk. But there's tons to choose from for any other Genre. My thoughts on this are as follows, and keep in mind these are jsut my personal opinions others may not share. -5150 III (EL34 edition would be nice also). This is a staple of Modern metal, it should of been implemented a long time ago. I do think this one is hard to argue and I'll be surprised if it's not released. -5150 block letter: I've owned one before and L6's patch sounds way different than my experience with the real thing. I wish they would revisit this or give us a 6505+ amp. Again, it may sound ok but this DOES NOT sound like the 5150s I have played. The low end it not flubby and the sag is eliminated nearly completely when it's cranked. It also has a very distinct lows end thud. -Orange: We need a high gain Orange of some kind. Maybe a Dark Terror or Dual Terror. I'm disappointed by the one and only Orange model they included. -Marshall: JVM OD2 (this one I'm not certain of because it would sound so similar to other patches)
  24. Opinions are opinions. For myself, it has enough Fender Amps and cleans but more power to you. I'd like to see more Line 6 Models. After I heard the 2204 Mod and Badonk I was kind of impressed - I like when they take existing amps and edit them. I'm hard pressed to come up with an amp or sound I'd like that isn't available.
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