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  1. 356/5000 I have a few questions to confirm the configuration: 1. Did you update the FH? 2. What version? 3. Using only the two XLR cables from Helix to the monitor inputs on the FH1500, did all the speakers on the FH1500 turn on? 4. Do you have a flat response, with the dynamics and full power of the FH1500? Thank you very much for your comments and contributions.
  2. Hi... I just returned my Amplifi 150 because it was too slow to switch between patches using the shortboard MKII and even slower when the app via Bluetooth was used. As has been your experience using the Shortboard MKII with the last update and the Firehawk 1500 with the last update fireware also, Line6 have corrected errors latency patch change? You feel you have good response: instant change? Using the footswicth MKII ? The application via Bluetooth is more stable?? I appreciate your based on your experiecia especially live comments.
  3. Hi, how is going the new FH, the problem of latency in the change of patch is solved? Or is a firmware problem? Do u recomened to buy the Firehawk? I did back my amplifi 150, because are very slow to change patch using the bluetooth and i'm thinking to buy the Firehawk but im reading the same problem here.
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