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  1. I had the Mono Pedaltrain bag, but wasn't happy with it. The Helix bag just arrived, and it's WAY better.
  2. Nope, just the manuals on there.
  3. I use an Alto TS210 for at home playing when I want a speaker. When I play at church I run my Helix to the PA, and use the same TS210 as a personal monitor.
  4. I put my Helix on a PedalTrain 2, that helped a lot. I also plan my pedal assignments, putting the things I'll choose between songs on the top row, and things that I'll activate mid-song on the bottom.
  5. Forgive me if this is a 'newbie' question, but I'm trying to replicate my Deluxe Reverb with my Helix. If I'm using the "US Deluxe Vib" amp & cab, I can set things like volume, bass and treble, but I don't see any way to set reverb depth or tremolo speed & intensity. I figured I could try adding a reverb block, but I'm not sure where in the chain that would go, especially if I'm using the "Amp & Cab" block for the Deluxe Reverb. Thanks.
  6. Are there any wireless options for using the Variaxe with the Helix?
  7. While we're requesting tuner features, I'd love to have the tuner muted through specific outputs and not others. My use case is XLR on Mute, but Headphones not, but I'm sure others have more interesting use cases.
  8. Maintaining backwards compatibility is a HUGE challenge for a software development team. While I can respect that it's a challenge for us to maintain our patches so that they work with different firmware revisions, it's nothing like what that team would have to implement to keep allow for indefinite backwards compatibility. There is probably a middle ground though... maybe something like patches will be kept backwards compatible inside a major revision, but may not be compatible with future major software revisions (firmware 2.0, for example) Just speculation on my part. I have no insight into the Line6 software development environment and processes.
  9. I think I found a bug with the looper when it's assigned to FS8 and the global settings for the number of footswitches is set to 10. If I'm in Stomp mode, and then activate the looper, FS1 and FS7 become Bank Up and Down footswitches, which persist after exiting the looper, and remain usable as Bank switches. The previously assigned functions are unavailable. Let me know if you can duplicate this, and I'll open a bug report. Latest helix firmware.
  10. Whenever I'm thinking about buying a cool toy, I usually download the manual and check it out. By the time it arrives, I've no need of any manual in the box. The manual on the USB stick was nice, but unnecessary for me. USB sticks are super cheap though.
  11. Apparently the receiver needs to be powered for the G10 to work. Can it be powered from the USB ports on the Helix?
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