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  1. It just works here. Just plug it into the Android device when the amp is running and start the app. It asks you whether you want the app to start automatically when the device is plugged in. After that you just start the amp, plug in the tablet/phone and the Spider Remote starts up automatically with the current preset displaying on the amp loaded. It does sound like the amp might be broken if the OTG adaptor/cable works elsewhere. Spider Remote even works on my PC with Androidx86 and no OTG cable. It's not as stable but works much the same.
  2. Weird because even my craptastic chinese junk tablets work reliably. I also tried androidx86 on my PC but that was a bit glitchy. Only other thing I can think of is to make sure you are using the right connector and the switch is in the correct position. you might have been trying to use the ipod socket and switch position. I did that at first. You actually need the same cable as for the PC. A USB type B cable that plugs into the larger square socket in the back of the amp. For a plug like this one I made the same mistake but just happened to have an old USB printer cable and the OTG adapter I mentioned previously. Was about to give up and thought I'd try the PC side since I had already tested it as a recording interface with my PC. Here's a pic of the 30, you can see the white USB type B socket is labeled Mac, PC, Android.
  3. Did you buy an OTG adapter. It won't work without one. I have Several Android devices both phones and tablets that I couldn't get to work. Asus, Kindle, LG, Samsung and some obscure $40 chinese ones. OS's from Android 4.x through 5.1 all work with the Spider V 60 so long as you have an adapter. The adapter that I have is this Remax one (under $5) http://amzn.to/2iGgDlU
  4. It actually sounds really good. Though I found it best to use the Post EQ to boost the low and mid gain on it to match a 1x12 like the CODE 50 which I also own. The JTM 45 clean sound very close to one another and the Post EQ boost does give you a lot more headroom. Ultimately it depends what you want it for, practice in a fairly large room and you will probably be ok. The stock presets don't use the post EQ much making the amp seem a bit more flat and boxy.
  5. Can you update the firmware of the G10 t if you only have a spider V amp and not the whole G10 kit with receiver? I can't seem to find a way.
  6. I couldn't get the internet to work when I tried that. Google play kept getting an error when going to the app store or using the browser and I couldn't figure out any way to transfer the spider app without it. There are cheap android tablets that work well with the spider like my Aceson A7 which was less than $40. You do need a OTG adapter and cable though.
  7. No problem here. There are drivers in the support/downloads section which when installed include ASIO streaming. Works great. I am found that the Spider V makes an excellent companion to Rocksmith and Yousician. Cuts down on a lot of additional clutter especially wireless with the G10 transmitter. With the drivers installed it's low latency in Win10 even with wireless there is no delay in Yousician which critiques your timing in realtime as you play.
  8. If you go to support tab on the line 6 web page and select downloads. Pick your product Spider V XX leave it on all software and in my case windows 10 and click go. Top link is drivers 4th one is Line 6 Updater Line 6 Updater Version 1.10 Released 9/23/16
  9. I had luck with this $6 Remax OTG adapter. Amazon Link It works with My LG G3 phone iRULU eXpro X1s 8" tablet (Cheap start at $45) ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10" ME302C tablet Aceson A7 7" Tablet ($38 tablet) UooGuo F1 (Chinese Smartphone running YunOS (Android Derivative) Have a few other devices I haven't tried yet. Will update if they work.
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