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  1. I didn't even know that they did a bass until recently. I love my Variax 600 and my JTV69S and I would like to try a JTV Variax Bass.
  2. I did think that you must have been one of the longest serving members of the forum when I saw that earlier hurghanico . I see that the emojis do not work on the forum either, I like using those but it looks like I will have to wait until they fix those as well !!
  3. Hi hurghanico, It is the same even when I log in directly on the Line 6 home page. I have my products registered there but only my original Line 6 Variax 600 is registered in the forum for some reason ???
  4. Hi Silverhead, Thanks for replying but it isn't working for me either from there as I get "This page isn’t working"
  5. Hi Guys, I am trying to update my profile with my registered Line 6 products but there doesn't appear to be anywhere to add the 4 items I have bought since I joined and register my first Variax 600 back in 2016 so it still shows as me only having 1 ?
  6. I know that this is an old thread but I just bought a Helix LT and got the cheat sheet scanned, in case you or anyone else wanted one :) HELIX_LT_Cheat_Sheet.pdf
  7. As far as I know you have to register to get them. Check your messages :)
  8. Does the Fender Bass setting for the Variax 600 sound the same for both the 4 string bass and the Fender V1 Bass or do I need to use workbench to try and create a new model and as I want to try and get the sound Duane Eddy had using a Fender V1 that is an octave down from standard tuning does that setting also drop the tuning a full octave ? :unsure:
  9. I am in the same situation, I have more than enough effects pedals 3 multi effects plus another 6 or 7 individual effects pedals and I only need the basic USB to VDI interface so that I can experiment with Workbench and my Variax 600. You would think they could make something like that available for a few pounds as it would probably only cost them about a pound or even less per unit to get them manufactured in China.
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