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  1. Works with it in limited fashion right now, as a preset librarian and IR loader. Full editing capability is coming this spring according to Line 6.
  2. Sorry we missed you. Six of us - Tom, Rick, Mark and Katia, me, and a newcomer named Ben who brought his LT. I brought my A/B box so Ben was able to hear how a decent FRFR sounded vs his old battery-powered Cube subway amp. We jammed on a few tunes and checked out a few more of Mark's guitars! Frank had a conflict but sent along some cool swag. We agreed that everyone's rig's sounded great - a testament to the Helix models and flexibility. We're looking a few months out for the next one, probably back up in Wakefield; less urban traffic BS. Next time I'd like to: Audition my guitar (and others') through different rigs A/B more speakers Play through some tunes that allow blends of clean tones and distorted tones, with agreement on who's doing what so folks can hear stuff stand out for critiquing Dedicate some bass and drum duty for a couple of tunes (we all just stuck to our guitars and a couple of vox for the jams) Thanks again to flyingscool for organizing - Mitch
  3. fenderod


    Well, for one thing it proves that my new $10 Target smartphone tripod works. I was indeed prioritizing speed over ultimate accuracy, trying to simulate a between-song lull. The chords at the end are as in tune as my guitar gets..which seems to satisfy my two perfect-pitch bandmates....at some point, nut setup/intonation come into play. Someone else can record the next video that shows a more detailed "confirmation process."
  4. fenderod


    No worries. Maybe others will post videos of their tuning rituals and we can see what additional factors have been involved :-)
  5. fenderod


    Hamer Artist strung with GHS Boomers 10.5-48. All strings slightly flat to start. Tuning all six strings complete in 30 seconds; I went back and checked the low E and then strummed a few chords. You will notice that I am not attempting to get the top bar to lock onto green. If the two arrows are lit, and the top bar is flickering between green and an adjacent one on either side, I move on.
  6. fenderod


    I'm amazed at how varied the opinions are of this tuner. I've always been sensitive to tuning downtime between songs at gigs, and the Helix gets me in tune as easily/quickly/accurately as my Polytune Mini or TurboTuner Mini. With no sarcasm intended, I think it would be great for two folks with very different opinions of its capabilities to meet and videotape themselves tuning one after the other with both the Helix and a "control" tuner, commenting along the way. Perhaps this is something we can do at the next Boston area Helix user meetup at the end of June.
  7. fenderod

    Chorus Bug?

    Update for the interested - Line 6 just confirmed the fix for this pre-delay warble issue is slated for the next release. Software, not hardware related. I'd confused their response with one from a different ticket.
  8. fenderod

    Chorus Bug?

    Hey Dave, it seemed odd to me as well, unless there is proof elsewhere that this bug existed on other units and 2.21 took care of it (it didn't with mine, and I know I updated correctly) That's why I bumped the thread - to get some other perspectives. As for the ticket, thanks - I learned shortly after I posted that it was specific to me -guess it at least shows folks there's something logged. The pre-delay setting certainly saves...it's the resulting sound that is screwed up once you return to the preset from another - very different from how it sounds when you simply turn the pre-delay knob up with the preset active. Thanks for updating those files just now willjrock. Mitch
  9. fenderod

    Chorus Bug?

    Wondering if anyone can confirm that they do or do not have this bug, after updating to firmware 2.21, or if they have been told, like me, to ship their Helix back for a potential hardware fix. Thanks.
  10. Mine froze again tonight, after some rapid tweaks (prior to saving, I believe) - I was on one of two presets that regularly freeze for some reason. I happened to be connected to the editor (but it has frozen before as zooey's did above, with no USB connection), and noticed the big white "Helix quit unexpectedly" error report window on my Macbook. I closed that, then clicked some other presets in the editor's left hand preset menu and that woke up the Helix Floor and I could use the controls again.
  11. Thanks, my tired brain reversed the editor/updater relationship and I thought installing 1.11 would get me the new editor, and it was the opposite. Just installed editor 2.20 and all is still well.
  12. Hi folks - my editor still shows as 2.11, not 2.20, even after I downloaded Updater 1.11 and successfully updated my Helix floor to firmware 2.20 and restored my backed up presets. Did I miss a step? thx
  13. Hah, no doubt a good idea, but my Sat conflict is probably more improv session than comparison - my buddy just happens to play through a Kemper and I have the Helix. Might make sense to find someone who owns both. But I will ask him if he's interested in chillin with a Helix crew some time in the future.
  14. I would definitely attend this on Saturday the 1st but have already scheduled a Helix/Kemper jam comparison with another local guitarist! Will join the FB group for future opps. Mitch
  15. fenderod

    Chorus Bug?

    Opened a ticket for this: https://line6.com/account/tickets/edit/296989
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