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  1. Is it possible? I know there is a thread here on converting presets among different POD HD? but it is not to convert from POD Go. Jeff McErlain is one of the top educators at Truefire. He and Keith Williams of Five Watt World fame have made a bunch of presets for the POD Go of Eric Clapton tones. I have a POD HD 500X and would like to try them. Any ideas?
  2. Can one copy an effect from one preset and save it to another/different preset? Of course, one can jot down the settings of the effect one likes. Then just load the same pedal in the new preset and duplicate the settings. But I am wondering, purely as a curiosity item, if one can copy and paste effects. One would think you can but it doesn't seem like it. I have a Hard Gate that came in a preset that I downloaded from here, "Clapton-Saldano". This noise gate works perfectly cleaning up the hissing I constantly deal with in my system. I'm probably going to use it a lot!
  3. I didn't see faint line dividing amp controls from cab ones. Thank you!
  4. The Title probably fully explains entire question. On the Fender Twin Reverb amp (BlackFace Dbl Nrm) what is the "E.R." knob? I can't tell that it actually does anything.
  5. @hurghanico, @pianogayy and @Punkyboy, thanks for those suggestions. I didn't know there are patches in the " "Bass-Aco-Voc" factory setlist, that's how ignorant I am about my machine. So I'll look at those. And I'm not wanting to add a reverse ping pong, just a little amplification, maybe a little reverb? And I didn't see that 2008005, so I'll try that. Thanks you guys.
  6. There was a thread recently for using the POD for classical guitar. But that's not what I am looking for. I am looking to use my POD HD 500X as an amp for my acoustic steel string guitar. Anyone else do this? I did try and find some presets in the CustomTone section but couldn't find any. Actually, I found one and it was terrible. Any suggestion or point to a download or two would be appreciated.
  7. @Triryche and @hurghanico thank you. I found it via the "Start" menu. It was already "maxed" in the "Record Send" level. I clicked the +18 option but have not tried it yet with recording. I will. Thanks again to you both.
  8. How did you get to that window? Are you on Windows or Apple? If I go to Device Manager, in Windows, I get this: Then clicking on Line 6 POD 500x, I get: No where there can I find a record send level:
  9. Recording into Reaper the waveform in the track from my POD HD 500X is almost flat. It sounds acceptable. But if I want to do any editing or such the visual waveform makes it difficult. Posting on the Reaper forum a guy suggested there my be some settings in the POD that attenuates the signal out. Is there such settings? I have the Master and the Volume both up fairly high. Anyone else have any suggestions on getting the output higher?
  10. No, I can't help you with a preset. And since you're a Neil Young you probably already know about this. But in case not, this is all things Neal Young. Nothing about equipment but it has to have just about every song of his tabbed.
  11. This is what I may have to resort to. I can look it up, and probably will, but is the Helix a lot more expensive? For now, I have given up on the possible use of a multi-effcts system. I went back to my tube amp and pedals. And I will continue using this for the present. But the problem is that I had sacrificed my previous sound system for my computer. My POD is my sound card. So I have sound for awhile, it crashes and then I reboot. I have to continue this silliness or go out and get different speakers, etc. And, if I am going to record guitar, I'll have to get my guitar interface back out (Scarlett) or mic my amp. tRuE_pLaya, you said it well! "Line6 has no concern whatsoever!". There is no possible way Line 6 can show less concern for its customers.
  12. If only that was a solution. I had my own problem with POD HD 500X crashing my system. different but similar. I got far more help from this forum than Line 6. Line 6 was, charitably, worthless. Their response was little more than "Gee. That's too bad." Of course, the canned response was update the drivers which were and are, up to date. I can't get my system to work yet. But I at least got some suggestions here. Far more than from Line 6.
  13. And @spaceatl, as always, thank you for your thoughtful, informative responses.
  14. Are you saying there are "numerous" posts about problems running Windows 10? If I'm connected to a computer?!?! Seriously? That's what the post is about. I keep losing sound on my Windows 10 computer. But I don't have EDIT installed.
  15. spaceatl, thank you, and joel, for your responses. Even if these don't resolve my issue you guys responded. I didn't know there was such a thing as "power management settings on USB Controller" much less how to get at it. The fact that things go south after varying periods of time certainly is cause for suspicion. I'll take a look. Thanks again. Joel, thank you. I have never updated my firmware. So certainly this is something that should be investigated/
  16. Thanks a lot everybody. Really helpful.
  17. Maybe "crashing" isn't the most descriptive word because it doesn't crash my system. It just quits working. No volume. I'm running the POD HD 500X on my Windows 10 system. It is set up as my audio device. It will work just fine, maybe for an hour or 2 or 3. Then it just quits working. I will reboot and then it will work fine again for some varying period of time. And then it will quit. And then I will reboot. Ad infinitum. It is really annoying. And, of course, when I am practicing something that I really want to work on is when it quits. The length time that it works for varies. Sometimes 30 minutes; sometimes several hours. And I really can't see any pattern to what I am playing to the length that it works. If I use my PD HD for anything the most it would be with Video Surgeon of Corey Congilio TrueFire guitar lessons or of Blues Guitar Unleashed lessons. I'm not sure what I am playing effects how long it works. I am running the POD into JBL monitors. And, yes, I have the newest POD HD 500X driver installed. And I have reinstalled the driver I have forgotten how many times. And my Window 10 automatically updates. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. My wife is tired of my screaming at this thing! My computer is an Intel Core2 running at 2.93 GHz with 4 Gig of RAM. I have acres of hard disk space. My OS is on a 1 TB drive and about half or that (or more) is available. The POD HD 500X is set up as my audio system. The AMD which, I think, is my motherboard is disabled. The Realtek is disabled. Even after it crashes, it shows as "working properly". It is setup as input and output devices. And it shows like this after it crashes.
  18. I am following this thread only to learn, hopefully, what a "lollipop sound" is
  19. Just all of a sudden, yesterday, my POD HD 500X doesn't mute my speakers when I plug in my headphones. Any idea why this would happen? Some setting? And more importantly, a fix?
  20. Somehow I have deleted the installation software for HD500X Edit. I have searched all over the downloads website and can't find it again. I know it's there right under my nose. My wife constantly tells me how blind I am. PLEASE No One tell her about my not finding this! I am going to have to reformat my hard drive and reinstall my OS. So I want to download it so it is there when I reinstall every thing. Can anyone possibly provide a link? Running Windows 8.
  21. Are you going to tell us which one?
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