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  1. Is it possible to transpose/downtune in Helix? Kind of like in the case of Digitech Drop.
  2. Hi there, is there a known solution to plugging G10 transmiter to Ibanez soundgear bass guitars? Tried it with the included adapter but it is too short...
  3. So far I like Helix LT very much. I chose it over the rack version simply due to the price (a lot higher with Control). Since I have Focusrite 6i6 2nd gen interface, what would be the best way to record wet from Helix LT (inputs at the back of the interface or mic inputs at the front) (XLR or maybe 1/4"?)? Maybe it is better/easier to use Helix's USB/interface function for this purpose?
  4. I tried out my active bass (Marcus Miller M3) with Helix LT's guitar input and it sounded fine to my ears (although I was using headphones). Would Aux in be any better (more dynamic range, etc.) for bass then? And also - could I use FX return on Helix LT to compensate for the lack of second guitar input (as in Rack/Floor)?
  5. Do JBL Eon 610s hiss when not playing? I got a JBL EON 612 and it hisses when not playing (also when playing at low volume twweter hiss can be heard) - some had the same problem - http://www.planetz.com/jbl-eon-hiss-and-factory-reset/
  6. stanwas

    Alto ts212

    Seems like JBL Eon 612 has bluetooth, but it's not for streaming audio... just for the EON connect app. The speaker creates a low-volume, but constant hiss. However, it handles bass guitar well enough (tried the 4-string).
  7. stanwas

    Alto ts212

    I went with JBL Eon 612... will see what it can handle in bout two days. Chose 12" since 12" inch is kind of standard for guitars and 12" PA might have more low end for the bass guitar - I will probably end up buying another monitor for stereo ;)
  8. stanwas

    Alto ts212

    Can it handle bass guitar (5-string)? Alto TS212 I mean. I'm looking for something that could replace my two separate amps for home practice. Would be usable with Helix LT and bass guitar outseide home setting? Would a 12" frfr require cutting some low frequencies?
  9. Hi there, I intend to buy a Helix Rack which I would like to use as my sole audio interface at home. To Helix I will connect two Yamaha HS7s and a PA speaker - Alto TS 215W. Here's what I would like to know: 1. Would it be possible to force Helix Rack to have system audio playback (Youtube, guitar pro, etc.) come only through my monitors (no Helix-processed intrument sound coming through them) and Helix-processed bass guitar sound coming from the Alto when practicing playing bass (alternatively together with audio playback)? 2. Would I need to have an additional USB interface (e.g. Focusrite) for this purpose? 3. Would Helix LT suffice to do what Helix Rack can?
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