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  1. Man after months considering, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a boss gp-10Gk. After 2,3 days tweaking Im so in love with the tonal possibilities. Gosh their acoustic models after much tweaking are just beautiful and now I can blend the two worlds . The synths/pads + My variax 69s (firmware 1.71)
  2. Over a decade this forum exists, and people actually thought Line 6 developers were checking our ideas here hahahahahaha Come on people get real. Facebook just started a page now with over 3,000 members. And gueas what, people are getting answers straightaway from product managers. I mean, I truly appreciate the expertise and pacience of master Parkissian. But facebook is so more 2019, ideas are way more exposible and ......is just a better plataform.
  3. Simply love love love your voice and interpretation. As to the guitar...lol only us musos care about this stuff......to my opinion It doesn’t sound like a jazz box .....no way ...not even in China it is a jazzbox(We joke like that here in Brazil). For instance on firmware 1.71 there more authentic jazz box + more tonal possibilities when swaping pickups. But anyways that doesn’t not take away your brillant impeccable performance, you would sound amazing with any guitar supporting your voice.
  4. Lol Im keeping my pants on. I makes me wonder why did they take so long and what is that they will do?? Probably the shuriken is not getting their dollars back? Hopefully they g t back to the drawing board and adopt the kiss method. Ps: forgot to mention I feel sorry for our left hand brothers and sisters totally ignored
  5. Lol and to think that many people actually thought Oh....the guys from line 6 are actually looking at the ideas scales for futher development....... lol lol lol . The ideas scales has existed for a decade now ..... i couldn’t help but laugh when I got the email today.
  6. Wow Blekenbleu Thank you so much for your well researched response, really appreciated
  7. Oh I know, I just can’t stand the acoustics in hd and I know there is a special functionality changing patch’s connections with hd, but I don’t really that, hist don’t want purchase it and find out I cannot do one thing
  8. Hi, I use firmware 1.71 (don’ Want to upgrade) and am considering getting a pod HD500. Would I be able to get a dual (magnetic and models) two voice guitar through the VDI cable on my current firmware and more importantly still be able to use the vocal mix independently for my voice? Woukd love to hear from psarkissian
  9. Gosh I would say don’t do nothing just concentrate on playing/learning music when you have the time . All this stuff won’t make you more musical nor make your music sound more interesting (ok its a matter of opnion on this one) on a positive note, perhaps it will change your stage looks by 5% which would really be noticeable if you do big shows ....so........why..........
  10. I used to be so interested in the new technology and yada yada ...but one day I realised that all the music/songs I love are produced with simple standard bread and butter instruments, no auto tuning or perfect pitches or tone. Also a good song/piece is a good song. A guitar with all that is not garantted to play the hits lol Imagine having a “perfect tune guitar system†what difference would it make to the ears of clients I gig for? Sometimes we forget that the guitar is just a tool to make music. And sometimes music is just music, music can be used in the background (elevators/shopping malls/movies/jingles etc), music that could be danced to etc
  11. My solution: Firmware 1.70 + voicelive 3 You will be able to shape hundreds of beautiful acoustic models + quick lollipop amp simulatiobs for electrics. And If you sing,, tadaaaa you get grear backing harmony Oh shall mention the trip of carring a heavy amp around and no great setups for acoustic? Of coarse if you are a rock guiataris and will only play a few tunes on acoustic at gig then any amp or firmware will do. Who cares. Also remember the crowd won’t give a toss unless you are playing a concert for a very musical appreciative audience or opening for Alivia Keys ( lol ) . But then why not use two guitars (a real acoustic direct to PA) for such important musical gigs
  12. Psarkissian could you enlighten us on this? I thought my jtv 69 freets looked a bit gold, are they really the plain old nickel??
  13. You surely got heaps of time in your hands and I invy you.
  14. Lol 😂 well not trying to be a troll here..... but why waste time on this new firmware Hd. IMOFO it all soinds the same, i feel that there is only 3 different sounds and as you change bodies there is really a small change. Im talking from a clean player (no distortion ) point of view here. Lol 1.71 just rules. if it had the blend function i would be too busy.....would not have time to check this forum as i would playing my guitar lol
  15. Nope, alt tunes works perfectly on 1.71 or any other firmware I think you meant all your own custom alt tunes are gonne right? If that is the case then it is a yesno matter what workbench unless you save your settings. However you can do watever alt tunes you wish without a workbench or computer, just the guitar itself I think there is a youtube video on this, super easy, just press the models knob for 5 seconds and alt will blink and tge restis too hard to explain but you will get it when you watch it
  16. Guys try firmware 1.71 I know you will lose helix functionality and a colourful distracting hd workbench. But give it a try when you’ve got the time
  17. Psarkissian , any advice on this would be greatly appreciated man. I emailed fishman and explained my idea..... because my main concern now is ....would the signal from the variax piezos (modeling) be too hot for the powerchip? The powechip is actually a preamp designed to boost a najef piezo and blend with mags. Their response was (the person responding did mention not familiar with the specifics on the variax biard) that it could indeed be too hot since the current circuit on the guitar is already amped and the current electronics arealready capaple of blending. So basically the old firmware is just not letting me have fun :-( It now makes me wonder how did people achieve the old variax transplants and got magnets pickups to blend .
  18. Hi there I used to have the exact same issue with my Jtv69 to make matters worse , I am in Sydney Australia and There are no representative line 6 repairer . Yeah exactly what you heard , no variax electronic/line 6 official repairer. So what I did was, I opened the back and reassembled the cables coming from the tuning selector . The cables from factory were actually crumbled up pressing against the black cover. So I unpluged them and laid them as neatly as possible, a little more separated, not letting it get caught or pressed down. It's been a year now using the same firmware (1.71) with no gliching issues. Oh yeah Prior to that I did all the suggestions above with no luck. Reflashing or changing to a a firmware won't fix it
  19. Ok Talking to a friend tech he is positive that a Fshman powerchip may solve the impedance issue Our only doubt though is that fishman instructs to use their own 9 pin output jack. Not sure what effect that woukd have as far as powering the models Any thoughts ?? https://www.fishman.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Powerchip-User-Guide.pdf
  20. Oooops so you are a line 6 repairer representative? Thats ok I really valued your help and trully understand your profissionalism , Thank you If anyone with electronics experience have some idea it will be awesome to hear from you
  21. Hey guys Thank you so much for all your inputs, I really appreciate it Yeah so my idea is to detache the mags and add an vol/tone concentric pot (a separet circuit through the same output. Oh but seems like I would need a separate 5 switch ?? My guitar is the Jtv 69 Psarkissian , would you be able to give me some pointers as to how I could match the impedance? @ Cruision2 ha ha ha Loved your humour, maybe a microwave would def be easier However the more I think about it, more simpler ways to at least give it a go comes up. For instance I would not go ahead and drill holes and butcher the guitar, instead just unsolder things and try it with the eletronics just hanging rather than a definitive modification I've already modified the guitar by changing the neck and pickups (dimarzio area 58,67,61)
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