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  1. FWIW, I contacted Line 6 repeatedly and got promised "in a few days" for several months. As recently as this week I got told "this week". But now it is another week. The last my dealer hard is Monday, July 2 but with qualifiers. I've obviously been pursuing this from the outset as it was very important to me. So multiple missed deadlines is accurate from my point of view. You tell me a date, you miss it, you miss it again, and you miss it again that's multiple. I'm far less concerned about casual editing than I am disaster recovery. I keep extras of everything, work with backup equipment. And being able to reload all settings from a backup is essential. I can easily program on the fly. But to recreate large numbers of patches by hand in a pinch is not a solution I'm comfortable with. This software is really needed if Line 6 wants to remain competitive. I have reservations about the completeness of the update as well, we shall see. How the software development team was so out of sync with the product release is mystifying. They obviously rushed the hardware out for Winter NAMM and should have waiting until Summer NAMM. Have worked on large software development projects before myself. Having a 5 month window with no announced end point is just bad project management. Hopefully they'll get it right.
  2. As more than a casual player my gear is selected on reliability and flexibility. Being able to load and edit groups of settings quickly is critical, not a luxury. I'm not a bedroom player. People pay me and expect a professional performance. Yeah, I have high standards. If you don't need it fine for you. I do need it. My point was I can get what I need elsewhere right now instead of enduring a string of missed deadlines. I can't get away with that in my professional efforts and I expect similar performance from vendors that I support. I'm the customer, not Line 6.
  3. Line 6 are the ones that created their verbiage describing the unit and the availability of the editor, not me. This is an incentive to buy their unit, the level of support they explicitly offered in the form of the editor. And now over 4 months later it is still not here and there is no firm deadline, merely hints that it will be "soon". I'm not losing my head. I'm just going to go with a better supported product from another manufacturer. Some of us have music to make.
  4. Hmm, in my world you spend $600 on a piece of gear then delivering the promised critical software to support is called good customer service, not baby behavior on the part of the customer. Since I perform regularly this is important to me as a professional. And the expectations are reasonable based on the promised time line from Line 6. It should have shipped with the unit when it was released. But at the very least they should have met their own deadline or at least been honest about the time line. The unit is fine but it needs an editor which at this point still doesn't exist. Looks pretty iffy that it will be released this week as suggested above.
  5. No question it is a quality piece of gear. But I can just as easily buy something else that does have editing software now instead of waiting endlessly for something that may or may not become available at some point. I bought the HX when it was first released as editing software was claimed to be available. That wasn't the case and it is now 4 months later and the only promise of a deadline is "soon" whatever that means.
  6. This is so tedious waiting without any indication that it will actually appear. I'm beginning to have my doubts. I'm about to bail on the HX as I really need to be able to easily edit and save my stuff via computer editing. Love the sounds of the unit, hate the manual requirement for editing. Had I known the delay would be so long when I purchased it I'd never have bought it. Talk about vaporware.
  7. I've done a very close check of the tone both bypassed and with the HX effects on. I cannot detect one bit of difference, gotta be the first effects processor of any sort I can say that about. I agree, something may be wrong with your unit.
  8. RevTeddy

    HX Effects forum

    Gonna ditch the HX if the Editor software doesn't show up soon. Love the unit, love how it works, love how it sounds ... but I need to start saving, organizing and editing with more flexibility. Between the no-show on the editor and the questionable AC adapter I'm losing patience. The AC adapter is horrendous for real on stage use, cable too short, way too big and in the way and too easy to damage. The Roland GT-1000 is starting to look good.
  9. How can I find out which effects work with Tap Tempo? I'm trying to set up the Tape Delay but there seems to be no way to do that.
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