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  1. I have the same amp and Helix!! 1> Make sure your using the 4 cable method, from Helix to amp!! Dont use any amps at all from the out of Helix to the input of the amp. 2. Jvm cant handle any amp in the effects loop!!
  2. Yes, Yes and Yes!! Glenn delaune has dialed in some awesome clean amps. Go to his site and check out what he has done!! The Helix does it all!!
  3. Right on, me to!! But for heavens sake fix the tuner!!!!!!!!
  4. Please Line 6, a Orange OR50, Marshall Blues Breaker amp. A Talk box. And for Heavens sake fix the Tuner!! Strobe would be nice!!!
  5. Check out Line 6 Power cab +!! You can set up the sounds you want at home, and take the Power cab + and Helix with you. Set it up and Bingo your all set up!!
  6. Kingkid

    Helix Cabs

    Yes the Helix sounds fantastic with no cab. So lets think a second. If im using a guitar cab from my Helix, i dont really need a cab or ir in the Helix. I run my Helix straight into my P.a!!
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