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  1. :-) Line6 got in ahead of you - see release notes: Update Firmware From HX Edit Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, HX Effects, HX Stomp Instead of hanging out on social media, desperately asking when the next firmware's dropping, you can now, I dunno, actually play guitar? As soon as a new update becomes available, HX Edit will tell you, and all you gotta do is follow the prompts.
  2. I had the same issue (mine froze at 503). I tried a rebuild preset boot (holding down fs 10 & 11 while switching the unit on) and that didn't work, but it might for you. Eventually I turned the unit off and left it for a couple of minutes, then when I turned it back on it started rebuilding from 503 and completed. HX Edit then recognised my unit and showed firmware 2.90. Are you sure you're leaving the unit for a minute or two before switching back on again? That's sometimes an issue with some devices. Otherwise, try a launching in update mode by holding fs 6 & 12 while swiching on (see Helix/Rack/LT/FX/Stomp Reset Procedures and Troubleshooting Tricks in the Knowledge Base).
  3. SOLVED - I tried doing a reset build reboot (holding FS 10+11), and again it got stuck at preset 503. I switched off the power, and when I powered it back up, it just started the preset rebuild from preset 504 and completed successfully. HX Edit recognises the unit and shows firmware 2.90, so hopefully all is now ok.
  4. Hello all - as the title says, I followed the update instructions to the letter, got the firmware successfully updated, but now my LT is stuck at 'rebuilding preset 503'. I haven't touched anything yet, but it's been about 20 minutes now. What should I do? Thanks
  5. As the title says really - does anybody have any tips they've discovered for tweaking some of the model sounds with Workbench to get them closer (to their ears) to the originals, or to create interesting new sounds, like Richie Castellano did with his emulation of Brian May's Red Special?
  6. Hi all - does anybody have any recommendations on the best way to block out the trem on the Standard to prevent it from moving? I never use trems and I want to get my tuning more stable. Thanks.
  7. This, exactly. I've found them to be an incredibly powerful tool, and I can't think of anything I've wanted to do that I haven't been able to, by using a snapshot. Incidentally, I also have a patch where I switch from acoustic to hi gain using... you guessed it, and I don't understand why so many people seem to have such a hard time grasping the concept, either.
  8. I've been experimenting with creating a midi track in Logic to control the patch and snapshot changes on my Helix LT in time with my backing tracks, and I've got a question that I can't seem to find the answer to in any documentation. When I create a programme change event in Logic to select a patch on the Helix, the patch only selects momentarily before switching back to patch 1B. I've found a workaround that make the selected patch stick - I have to also create controller change event to select a snapshot (cc69 0-7) - but I don't believe that should be necessary. My question is, what have I missed (or is this actually normal behaviour)? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Swapped out for new without question by Professional Music Technology in Old Street, here in London. Can’t fault the service from them or Line 6, thanks. Edit: And if anyone's interested, the new one performed faultlessly at last night's gig. So if anyone gets the same problem, my advice is don't mess about - take it straight back to your dealer.
  10. littleeden

    It arrived!!

    Ah you’re gonna have fun. Welcome to the rabbit hole!
  11. Yes that’s fine, thank you very much. I prefer my picks cold, though.
  12. Yeah, well, I'm still holding out for an apology for your baseless accusation. Guess we're both gonna be disappointed. Boo hoo.
  13. Well, according to the response to my ticket (very quick, thanks), it’s a hardware problem that needs a tech to look at it, and I should take it back to where I bought it. So that’s what I’ll do.
  14. Well, according to the response to my ticket (very quick, thanks), it’s a hardware problem that needs a tech to look at it, and I should take it back to where I bought it. So that’s what I’ll do.
  15. I just posted about the same problem here: If I get any joy from the support ticket I opened, I'll post it here as well.
  16. I just bought a G30 and have gigged it twice. On the first occasion, there were a couple of dropouts, but last night it got really flaky. Not only did I have multiple dropouts, but on three or four occasions, it stopped working altogether, and I had to switch the transmitter off and back on to get it working again - not what you want to be doing mid-song! I'd checked the battery status indicators on both the transmitter and the receiver, and both were showing green. On examining it this morning, I was able to replicate this behaviour by pressing on the battery compartment door. I tried this because I remember that before at leas two of the crashes, I'd either knocked the unit (backing into a mic stand), or squeezed it (taking it off my strap when changing guitars). When I did that, I saw that the battery light on the transmitter started plashing purple, and at the same time, the audio light was flashing yellow. While this was happening, the signal status LEDs on the receiver showed nothing, and the battery status LEDs showed one or two red. Notwithstanding the battery status indicators I mentioned in my first paragraph, I swapped in a new set of batteries, and was unable to replicate the fault. Putting the old batteries back in let me get the fault again. From this, I deduce that: the battery status lights on both on the transmitter and the receiver do not give a reliable indication when the batteries start getting a little low, somehow the battery door on the transmitter becomes very sensitive to small bumps and pressure, causing the unit to crash I realise now, of course, I should have swapped in a brand-new set batteries before each gig, but I didn't expect the battery indicators to be so inaccurate, or for the unit to be so sensitive when battery power got a little low. Does anyone else have any thoughts about this? Edit: have opened a support ticket, so we'll see what they say.
  17. If you're suggesting that I'm that person, then you are wrong - have a look at my profile, and you'll see that I am a registered Helix LT owner. Please DO NOT make assertions about me that you cannot back up. You might have wanted to check some of my other posts on this forum as well, then you'd have seen this: https://line6.com/support/topic/37347-pedalboard-for-helix-floor/?tab=comments#comment-273156
  18. I believe you’ll find that’s true, not only of every discussion on this, or any other music forum, but also probably of every issue associated with the entire western music industry.
  19. I’ll tell you why. On embarrassingly more than one occasion at gigs, whilst attempting to switch on or off the stomp box I’ve assigned to foot switch 8 (I think), I’ve missed and changed patch. Too easy to do in the heat of battle.
  20. For the record, and to avoid confusing the OP, plenty of people, myself included, use Helix into a tube amp, and not just for FX - I use 4CM and on some patches use amp modelling into the fx return of my amp to colour the sound and get, for example, a more Vox like tone out of my amp. I’ve tried the frfr route and I just don’t dig it live - I’m an amp in the room guy. Of course it’s all personal preference. I also play acoustic through the Helix and route its signal to the desk via xlr outs.
  21. Apologies if I’ve missed it, but did anyone mention Richie Castellano of Blue Oyster Cult yet? To an old rocker like me, they’re a pretty big deal band.
  22. littleeden

    HX Effects tuner

    Sorry, but I’m really not getting your problem here. I know what you mean about the standard Helix tuner, but since 2.71, you can now select between fine, coarse and strobe tuners (I use the strobe now, and it’s fine), but before that , I just ran my guitar into my boss TU3, then from that into the Helix. I mean, wherever you plug in your guitar, just put your tuner in the line there.
  23. littleeden

    HX Effects tuner

    Guitar into tuner, tuner into HX Effects, no? Or is there something else you had in mind?
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