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  1. I don’t even have a virus scanner. I also don’t have any usb 2 ports on my pc. All I get is blue screen. Always have.
  2. Use an older Mac with usb 2 ports. It is the only way it will work fully. It won’t even work on my pc with usb 3. Only reason I still keep my old Mac and haven’t upgraded. Well with pc windows 10, the device blue screens my gaming computer. It’s a fault with line 6 making crap drivers.
  3. I use a Mac to update it. It’s not compatible with my pc. My pc has usb 3 no usb 2 apart from at front which use a hub. The Mac Pro is usb 2 so which Mac do you have? Was thinking about getting the newer Mac mini for work.
  4. just thought I would chime in with my experience of owning the variax standard for 1 day. gear I already had before purchasing the variax is the line 6 DT25, which I use only at home, but also have used the xlr to record from the amp. So finally got the variax standard and charged the battery. I then instantly tried the accoustic modelling once the battery had charged. I was blown away by the sound plugged direct into the DT25. I also have the pod hd500x and using the acoustic modelling with headphones sound even better, so I will have to use different amp models for acoustic. this guitar will make an excellent studio guitar with the different models you can get, and depending on amp/pa could use the acoustic models for live play.
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