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  1. I've never used the 4CM but it appears from the video that it's for a "Guitar Amp". I do use the XLR left out to various PA's (live). Placement of your "Effects Loop" in your patch chain affects your sound. I usually/always use my "Effects Loop" pedal (BBE Sonic Stomp) before the amp for better tone and sound. If I put the "Loop" pedal after the amp, it can distort or indeed add more 'hiss' to my sound. Yes there is an 'input' and 'output' level adjustment for the 'loop' but that seems to really suck 'tone' from my sound, hence the reason for placing it as I do. ;) Who knows a different pedal may need to be at a different spot in the chain. It's all about trying different things to get what you like. :D
  2. It's a combination of things for me... the "Amp" and "Boost". I'll use one of these Amps and adjust it (both Black Faces, Soldano and one of the Brits) from pretty clean to maybe a little grit. I use the Boost Comp, Tube Comp for cleaner boosting and then the Color Drive, Tube Drive for any grit. Andy's Fender's also help with his glassy tone vs. if he used a PRS or Les Paul (per the video).
  3. Yep, I love my HD500 also live. But remember... I'm sure it has something to do with our "tone-sculpting" of our patches too. ;)
  4. I've had my HD500 since Sep 2012 and also have never had this happen. I echo FrozenOzone in that if it did, I don't think I'd be able to use it live anymore. I've got all the updates except the last one (2.32) because I've also never, ever had feed back when using the tuner... I also setup the HD500 so when the tuner is used, it mutes the output. ;)
  5. Does it matter? Impedance can be derived many different ways of varying capacitance, inductance and resistance and don't even start with "resistive impedance" or "reactive impedance" or we'll end up baking our noodles. :blink: Cable length... come on... many a great guitarist has used very long cables live and sound great. There are many guitarists who only use cables (no wireless) and there are many factors (i.e. effects, amps, outboard gear) which can affect your tone so as stated above already... do what sounds "best to you". ;) Oh... you can't say a$$ or it self-edits it to lollipop. :rolleyes:
  6. OK, Thanks RealZap, I've always kind of wondered how it all worked. I'm glad there's some "experts" watching over the forum... makes it just that much better. ;)
  7. No problem :D ... I gave my input. I don't see any button to press and vote for a post... or does a moderator do this?
  8. Who deems which "answer" is the "Best Answer"? What if a "better" answer come along? ;)
  9. On the HD500 there are input and output controls on the "FX Loop" insert. So if it's too quiet on "Amp", it seems you could change it to "Line" then turn down the input/output. Placement of the FX Loop also matters.
  10. I don't believe the HD500 Looper will do this. :( You have to be spot on with your "Loop/Play" and "Overdub" foot switch presses for it to work (stay in time) well. If you do a loop rhythm on a clean patch, then switch to a distortion/lead patch the 'clean' loop will also switch to the distortion patch. The $500 Roland Looper is nice and may do what you're looking for?
  11. Nope, I've never really cared for the sound of single coils. But some of the souped up ones in the last few years are nice. ;) Yep, that's exactly why I use humbuckers on my 3 electrics... I prefer the sound and quietness is an added benifit. :D Many times, I've been whisper quiet in the clubs, while the other guitarist was noisy. I've played with 7 other guitarists in bands and 3 of them used Fender Strat's... of which at times were noisy because of the venue. :mellow:
  12. To Indulger777: Yes it sounds different... meaning it's better sounding (to me) via the 'FX send' vs. via in front or in back of the HD. My guess is it's because every effect I use is shielded by the "Noise Gate"... which is always first in my chain and which is indispensable in my view. ;) The noise gate was also wonderful in the PODXT Live which I graduated from to my HD500. And I've wondered... Why couldn't you just plug one's whole humongous pedal board into the HD500 'FX send'? I'm sure one could. :P
  13. You could also use it on the "FX Send" and place it anywhere in your effects chain. I use a 'BBE Sonic Stomp' and although it primarily sounds best at the end of my chain, on certain amp models (or using certain effects) it sometimes sounds best directly in front of the amp model... and of course, "sounds best" is a purely subjective thing. ;) ;)
  14. Hmm... I can't ever seem to get the /13 model to sound good for me... but in no way am I a tonemiester with the HD500. ;) My ears like the Soldano's and Fenders the best.
  15. scottyo78

    Effect edit

    I myself don't set an exact millisecond time. :P I set my effect (chorus, tremolo, etc.) parameters and/or my delay to 1/4, 1/8, dotted 3rd, etc. then use the "tap-tempo" button on the unit* (in time with the song) which then sets the time for every effect... I find this the easest. I also play in church (covers) and I've gone direct on the unit and have set an exact millisecond time a few times but you'd have to read the manual on how to do that as I don't remember. :rolleyes: *Tap Tempo doesn't get saved from HD Edit to the unit... it must be set on the unit manually or with the tap tempo button.
  16. And why do we want to know... or care about what the chip is or was? I just seems the tendency will be for many to say: "why didn't they use this better XYZ chip". or... "why in the world did they use that chip". or... Maybe you want to write code for it and if so, good luck, cuz doing music takes all my spare time. ;)
  17. Thanks Silverhead for the confirmation! I haven't upgraded for awhile and it's good to get a sanity check. ;)
  18. scottyo78

    Effect edit

    Well, the PC utility "HD500 Edit" is much easier to use for editing than directly on the unit. Also my PODXT Live had a nice Line 6 utility also. :) Beyond that, I've owned Yamaha, Digitech, Boss and Zoom guitar processors. They all have their weirdo-type editing structure of which everyone will find something to whine about. :rolleyes: Once you do it over and over, you'll get the hang of it. ;)
  19. Hmm... during the first year I left mine on all the time to exhasberate any lurking (power) issues. Nothing happened and I'm 2/3 into my 2nd year... I still leave it on for a day or 2 at a time... especially when I'm recording. ;)
  20. OK, I guess that's enough evidence to warrant updating. I'm one who tends to follow the old adage: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". ;) Does the update still require a re-cal of the pedal and a global update/reset of some kind?
  21. Hi, The audio feedback issue that is supposedly fixed by version 2.10 has never been an issue with my HD500. I run out both of the 1/4" outs to two separate (stereo) amps, record and play live to PA using both of the XLR's and I run HD500 Edit via USB... and yet I've never had a feedback issue. Has anyone noticed any other inherant benefits? For example... Does the tempo update on the actual unit now via HD500 Edit? Is the tuner visibly available on the HD500 Edit panel? Thanks, Scott
  22. Yeah... it's called a Honda gas powered generator. ;) Put it behind the wall and they'll never know as they're pretty dang quiet. :D
  23. I hereby second the Crate Power Block. :D I'm not a Crate fan per say, but these came highly recommended and when they went on sale as being discontinued, I snagged one. I've had it for 8 years with no problems at all... it's very clean, loud, bullet proof and compact (nice for traveling).
  24. So subjective... I've owned/used the tuner in the PODXTLive, HD500, Digitech RP300, a Yamaha one and a Boss one. I've been in 15 bands, played at 7 churches and recorded my own songs and not once have I found any of these tuners "not sufficient". They've all gotten me in tune (of 5 electrics) so that when I play, I'm in tune with everyone else, the loops I'm using, my 2 acoustics or my Roland Fantom keyboard. ;) My 2 biggest variables have been new strings and floating trem systems. :o Oh yeah then there's your skill level, how hard you press on the strings, the size/type of your fret wire, semi-scalloped fret board, etc... see what I mean... endless! :rolleyes:
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