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  1. Oh no... don't tell me the POD HD series are able to catch a virus. :wacko: Hey, I said don't tell me that. :D
  2. Well it sounds like you got a setup you like. :D I've come from the POD XT Live which I loved and had "the bomb setup" with it. Sadly the HD500 I got just over a year ago does not do a couple things like the XT. However that's the way it is with tech... my current Samsung GS3 doesn't do some of the things my previouse Motorola Droid X did. Anyway I (as many in this forum) think the 500 tones are better (more real, responsive, etc.) than the XT. I suggest you read up on the 500 (i.e. YouTube) and better yet try it out at a music store to see if it'll work for you.
  3. If the unit is in warranty, get it ready to travel to a repair center. B) If it's not in warranty, then do the steps below per order of severity... meaning you may make it worse. 1. Blow out around the button with compressed air... you probably have dust/dirt buildup in there. 2. Take the unit apart to get inside and clean the button. Again it's probably dust/dirt. This may take a long time and there may be small components that come loose and a jig may be needed to re-assemble. See YouTube for any dis-assembly vid's*. 3. Use an eye dropper to drip 2 or 3 drops of denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol into/around the button. 3b. Then turn unit upside down (to minimize the alcohol running down further into other components) and press button multiple times and rock it while pressing. 3c. The purer the alcohol the less likely (very unlikely) any short-circuit will happen. The alcohol may not be good for the display so keep it away from that. 4. Spray an electronic contact (Cramolin is a good one) into/around button and press button multiple times and rock it while pressing. 5. If you skipped step 2 above, then now is the time to do it cuz it's probably your last resort.... "*Take the unit apart to get inside and clean the button". 6. It's possible the button is broken and you'll have to get it repaired via a service center (or see YouTube). 6a. It's also possible a plastic guide piece broke or popped out of position. :wacko: Hope this helps
  4. Yep, you're correct. ;) Just know that you can't set/save the tempo (BPM) to the unit via HD500-Edit. :o
  5. Me too... 1. I rarely use it on "High Gain" but I will check to see if it's harmonic content adds anything nice. :P 2. I typically use the same settings as hurghanico with the Gain between 5-15, the Thresh @ 20-50%; rarely ever higher and mostly on clean amps.
  6. Yep, it's buried all right. :o -_- It seemed the XT Live was easier to navigate. :rolleyes: I believe if you just edit tempo, then all patches edited afterward will go into tempo when going into the settings (i.e. you don't have to scroll each time).
  7. Agreed... I've used the Vetta as a secondary in a few patches. :P
  8. Not saying this is your cure-all but... 1. Put the Comp before the Amp module. 2. I only use the "Tube Comp" model and I really like it... but all the others are pretty lame. Hopefully that'll help.
  9. Be aware... :o With the HD500 you can not save the preset/patch tempo via HD Edit... hopefully they fixed it on the "X". :wacko: You have to save it by going into the patch and editing the sub-settings (delay) and save it on the unit itself. I too play at church and typically the song tempo is on the sheet music. Of course "Tap Tempo" on the unit will always get you in sync if no click track is being used but I like to have a starting point... especially if I'm starting the song. :P
  10. dpraen... You my fellow Line 6 commrade are probably in the wrong forum for UX2 info. This forum may serve you better?
  11. You're kidding!! There is no POD HD500X* support? :wacko: I own the HD500 but am still dissapointed Line 6 didn't have this setup before *it's release. Had there not been HD500 support, I'd have been realy upset... hmm... maybe there wasn't originally... I got my unit Nov. 2012 Well I guess that's another fumble on Line 6's part.
  12. To the OP... If your talking about the floor model 'PODXT Live': It is smaller than the POD HD500. I have the "Line 6" branded bag and there's no way the HD500 will fit. I bought a new POD HD500 bag from AMS.
  13. I use the pitch glide to go down a 1/2 or whole step. It's half descent for slow songs but the faster the song tempo the worse it sounds (i.e. it can't track fast enough). -_-
  14. Any chance the repair shop can get a replacement for you... since they broke it? I believe they're all the same regionally - but the ones in the States are different and probably the ones in Asia too. I'd contact Line 6 or via their website to see about getting another one
  15. Please tell us you bought your HD500 "used". :o I'd hate to hear that you got the wrong power supply inside a "brand new" unit. :blink:
  16. Now that is F U N N Y !! :D Why didn't I think of that? Despite all our hopes of catching a leprechaun, I'll take what they give us. And as stated previously by a semi-satisfied user, I can get decent, happy sounds from my HD500... in fact I've been getting them from every box I've had... even my old Zoom 505 two-button pedal (the black one).
  17. Really? Wow. That just goes to prove the "Different strokes for different folks" moniker. ^_^ When I create my tones... all of them... through each system, favor the bass/mid's when I crank it. :D At home I play through my studio (KRK Rokit 8's) or my 1/2 stack. At church, the PA and/or sometimes my Fender Stage 112 amp.
  18. Well, if you have the M5, 9 or 13 that's great but there is also per model specific manuals here with model specific info on all effects too... just scroll down (about 1/2 way) and choose your POD HD model. ;)
  19. Wow... Windows XP? Do you have Service Pack 3 installed (per compatibilty matrix). Did you select the correct driver... although I'd assume Line 6 Monkey would correctly choose it. The way I understand to do this is: The backing track would already be recorded in your host. Then you'd have to select the HD500 as the interface (within your host) when trying to play thru the HD500 via USB. If this is indeed what you're doing, then I'm fresh out of ideas. If you're your using POD Farm or such... ditto. :unsure:
  20. Good Call Uber... another case of a new user not bothering to read the documentation. :rolleyes:
  21. Well... I've yet to find a HD500 patch that contains an EQ that actually makes it sound better. Typically I just simply disable it and use the 'Amps' tone settings. Personally the EQ's are a joke and Line 6 made them very convoluted. There is not much commonality between the EQ's inside the POD HD nor do they follow industry standard parameters. Here's a that explains on a oscilloscope much of the crazy EQ strangeness. :blink:
  22. "Audicity" is a completely free open source multi-track recording program. Look it up (it's everywhere on the net) and read about it and use it... it should do all you need as you start out. Personally I use "Studio One Pro" which is about $400.
  23. I'd bet the level of one's hurt, resentment, and/or treason :ph34r: is directly proportional to how recent our purchase was of the HD500. I had the money in August 2012 but it took me just over a month of comparison and investigation via this forum, music stores and youtube video's to make my purchase in October. So with not even having it a full year and paying full price, I'd say my level of 'hurt' is about "3" (1 = slightly hurt; 10 = extremely hurt). I also realized the HD500 had been out for over a year (although not since 2010 <_< ) when I bought it. My last Line 6 purchase was the PODXT-Live in about 2006 :unsure: . Some here in this forum may never buy another Line 6 product again but it's still (mostly) a free market and Line 6 will either survive their product line strategy or not. When it comes time for me to buy another piece of guitar gear, I'll still include Line 6 in my comparison research. ^_^ P.S. Yep the EQ's are just silly/stupid. I don't use them! Thankfully I get enough EQ within the Amp model and my amplifier or when going direct, I'll have the sound guy boost or cut the 2K-3K range just a bit.
  24. OMG... I would hope there is another update to at least fix: 1) The HD500Edit issue of not being able to save the effect(s) 'Tempo' to the unit. 2) The funky weird ways they've done the EQ's. They should use industry standard dB levels and Frequency (Hz) across all EQ's and get rid of the silly "percent". shows the nutty settings used in the various EQ's. I'll bet different groups did different EQ hence the lack of unity.
  25. I have found very helpful in setting the Wah to sound 'real'. ;)I pretty much use the parameters per his video and 97.4% of the time use the "Throaty" model for my Wah.
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