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  1. You have to download line6 monkey from line6.com. After you do that, connect your pod to the computer and open line6 monkey. It'll tell you what needs to be updated and you can download the firmware and drivers, as well as updated edit programs from there.
  2. If the external pedal is hooked up, the pod automatically recognizes it as exp2. Assign the wet/dry signal of the delay to exp2. That being said, you have to assign the volume and wah to exp1 and assign the foot switch for both wah and volume to exp toe switch so that you can switch between the two. Hope that helps!
  3. By pedal bend, do you mean pitch bending? If that's the case, then yes the 500x has that capability.
  4. I've had two HD500s do the same thing to me and they both needed a new tac switch. I tried resetting the firmware and everything but it was a hardware issue. I ended up using an external tuner so I wouldn't use the tap/tuner button so often.
  5. Has anyone connected their POD to ableton? I'm interested in connecting my POD HD500x to ableton via midi not as a controller, but to have the POD synced with ableton (meaning that my patches would change throughout a song without me stepping on any of the foot switches and my delays would be synced with tempos of the tracks in ableton). Is this even possible?
  6. Yeah I used to run my hd500 at 100%. I'm gonna try chuskey's method of shaping tone with the master at 100% with the 500x.
  7. I've never tried assigning an expression pedal to the looper but if you go into edit mode and highlight the looper in the signal chain, you can manipulate the playback volume using 1 of the 4 knobs under the screen and fade it out that way.
  8. Yeah I create my tone using my IEMs, so opening up the master volume would kill me. I suppose I can turn the amp or mixer volume down to open up room for the master. It doesn't sound thin at lower volumes. It's when you crank it that it starts to sound thin. I'll try your method out! Thanks for the help!
  9. Setting the output to studio direct and using the left and right balanced XLR outs would be the best. You could also mic a cab. It really depends on what you prefer. I used to run my hd500 into an amp and mic it but then I switched to going direct because it was more consistent and true to how I was setting my tone. I use in ear monitors when I play live, so I wanted my tone to sound consistent in my ears ! Whereas mic placement and different mic models can change the sound of your tone. It's also nice not having to lug an amp around!
  10. That totally makes sense! My question now is, should I set my master volume lower while running the POD direct out in the PA so I can get the bottom end?
  11. So I compared the two and the Hd500 is louder than the 500x but the tones are pretty consistent between the two. Maybe my ears were messing with me on the day I first got the 500x!
  12. I sold my 500 to a friend but he said he'll give it back to me so I can compare the two. I'll let you guys know what I find. Thanks for responding!
  13. I recently upgraded to the POD HD500x from the HD500 and uploaded my old tones from the 500 to the 500x by changing the .extension. It worked great except I've noticed that my tone sounds thinner and brighter on the HD500x. Also, it seems like the output volume is quieter while using headphones than it was on the 500. Any Ideas?
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