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  1. Set the global EQ highcut to 10kHz. It seems to be too dull first, but give it a try. PA at venues and IEM sound more beefy and less icepicky. Of course for recordings I deactivate the highcut and set it to taste in the daw.
  2. I found the following midi pedals designed for the HX-Stomp. KG MIDI Controllers – Custom handmade MIDI Controllers You should have a look at his stuff. He builds custom pedals as well and arduino programming to your liking is possible as well. For example: I liked to have nothing else than three CCs for three switches. And this is my favorite (without LEDs):
  3. Hello datacommando, thank you for the reply. The Midi Baby 3 can do alot more than i need. But it would be a perfect solution. I will see...
  4. Hello mattzz, would you build a three switch midi controler for me? A = preset down B = tuner C = preset up Switcher layout: B (elevated switch) A C I have no time, tools and experience to do this :( I am from Berlin. Best regards
  5. Thanks, but isn´t the baby bomb just for guitar cabs? I tested the rolls pm50se at home and rehearsal The signal from HX stomps main out: 0dB (line) caused the rolls to clip. I had to reduce it to -20dB to be fine. But exactly this is anyways mentioned in the specs, as i read afterwards. Rehearsal was a charm with this little box. Dialing in "the band" and "me " to taste for my inears was flawless. So I am back to the inear-monitoring-club and see no need for a wedge on stage anymore now. So long :-)
  6. I thought about outsourcing the IEM routing as well but wanted to try the less equipment as possible way. But if I think about a volume device anyways I should go that way proper. So now I ordered a Rolls pm50se and will try the next days. First i liked the idea of an included limiter (Rolls pm55p) but decided against it. A limiter works best with knowing the impedance of the headphone. But the internal limiter cant be tweaked. I also couldnt find information how well the limiter works. So I decided for the smaller and cheaper box. https://rolls.com/product/PM50se
  7. Hello, some news: I decided to use Inear monitoring. I anyways have good conchas (perfect fitting inears). I am able to sacrifice TWO BLOCKS. I know there are other routing options for this, but the following way suits best to me. At the end of the signal chain I put an A/B split to path B with a RETURN (Mono: band mix from FOH or rehearsal mixer without my guitar) and a SEND (stereo: Inear). Path B is not merged to path A again (so it´s not on the main outs). The Inears contain the bandmix from RETURN and my guitar from path A (blended to taste by the A/B split). The volume of my guitar is not going to be adjusted (for Inear), as i dont want to exceed this volume for safety reasons anyway. I adjust the AUXes to RETURN at our rehearsal mixer (Bandsound without guitar). At gigs this will be done by the soundguy. With this setup i can still use the main outs with just my guitar to FOH. To be independent from the soundguy during the gig i could connect a volume knob pedal to RETURN (bandmix) to adjust the volume global for Inear. (I could adjust it in the return block as well, but this would have to be done for all presets. Thats not possible for me on stage on the fly). So far at rehearsal this setup worked very well. In addition and as a safety net I am going the standard way and use one wedge with a complete bandmix provided by the location. Any thoughts for a tiny pedal with a knob (not like a wah...too big) for adjusting the mono line signal (bandmix)? Would this work for me? https://www.vuetec.de/SW53/audio/pegeldaempfung/pegelsteller-variabel/340/pegelsteller-mkp29-mono-xlr3-symmetrisch-i/os?c=1536 Here an overview for different connections: https://www.vuetec.de/SW53/audio/pegeldaempfung/pegelsteller-variabel/ And which cable for the monitormix (from the soundguy) would be most common? TRS/TS/XLR Thanks
  8. As always in life and live things are mixed calculations. I wanted to go direct to one of those wedges to be able to adjust volume on the fly by my own if necessary. Getting a second wedge was never an issue, because we´re just drums, bass, 1x guitar and 1x vocals. But now I see the downsides of my plan. So i am gonna stick with the second wedge with "guitar only" provided by FOH. I prefer mobility at best. Ah and I very like my guitarsound when it comes from my Studimonitors or Rehearsal FRFR or Headphones. So that´s not a general issue for me. It was just a few times when the wedge on stage sounded less prime time. Didn´t care much for the reasons then, because the sound for the audience was fine. Thanks alot for your productive input!
  9. Ah, and I thought the "lollipop guitarsound" from FOH to my wedge is caused by tweakings to be a good part of the bandmix. I always dealt with it, because it´s supposed to be a good monitoring for me, not the best audiophile experience. So if anyone has more hints for "little amplifiers that give me a powered line signal to connect to passive wedges" I am grateful. It´s fine for me to not have the best sound on my personal wedge. The sound from the main outs to FOH (and to audience) will always be good and is anyways out of my control.
  10. Thanks so far! I want to use whatever wedges that are provided by the locations. I won´t have an own wedge as i am traveling with just my guitar and HX-Stomp to gigs. So a monitor with bandsound is always a given by the soundguys. I just like to use a second wedge for guitar only, preferably direct from my HX-Stomp. And for easy transport it should be small or pedal sized. I have the impression that most amps of that kind are designed for using guitarcabs. Something without "guitar amplifier coloration" would be good, as my sound is already done and just needs to get amplified unaltered as possible for "frfr".
  11. Hello, I´d like to connect my HX-Stomp directly to a passive wedge on stage. (I also get a second wedge with the bandmix coming from FOH) There are all kinds of pedalboard amps on the market, but those are designed for 4 to 16Ohm guitar cabs. What kind of smallest amp do I need to power a passive wedge? Are there pedalboard amps for this as well? Or can I use the same pedalamps as for the guitarcabs? Main out left (TRS) to FOH. Send out to wedge: What would be the easiest way to control the volume independent? The Main out volume must not change. Thank you
  12. Yes, it´s about Mode and Tap for me as well. So actually, I´d like to individualize ALL switches. So I´ll stick with my Stomp + external switcher. If it would be possible, I would like to have the five lower switches for presets and snapshots and the upper buttons for preset up/down and tuner.
  13. BUHP! I would like to know this as well. Thanks
  14. Sorry for my late reply now. Somehow I overlooked it. I really appreciate your explanation. Thanks!!!
  15. Hello, I wonder which six amps exactly did the catalyst get from HX? Greetings
  16. I would say so, yes. My noise issue couldn´t be worse and the YOYO ZPG completely removed it.
  17. May I ask how to do this exactly? I mean: how can I reduce to "a small number of presets"?
  18. Sorry guys, I messed it up exactly as csantost wrote. I used snapshot mode before 3.0 and forgot that I dont do now. The point is to use snapshots and specific presets combined with one switch of a button. Anyway, perhaps one can use this, too. I do and appreciate command center for this so much. I had no limit when choosing. But I changed the preset counting: Global settings/preferences/preset number 》 000-125
  19. Ok, here we go. 1) Import the attached files to your stomp or whatever helix: "R-ACOUSTIC-S" (Preset 106) and "ACOUSTIC_12" (Preset 109) (If you place the files to other preset numbers you have to change the preset numbers in command center) 2) Do this settings in command center for preset 106: (If you don´t need to go back to preset 106 you can stop here, otherwise go on...) 3) Do this settings in command center for preset 109: On the display you see that I am in snapshotmode (camera signs visible) with blue led rings. You also see the inserted "Preset-number-switch" with a red led ring. Now you can easily switch forth and back with one press of a switch from snapshotmode to a specific preset. For those who are interested in my HX-Stomp workflow: I have some snapshotmode-presets for different songs. All of them look like this: switch 1: Rythm switch 3: Solo switch 2: different sounds I can tweak with the same amp/chain/fx-chain within this snapshot-mode-preset. But sometimes I need a total different amp/chain/fx-chain like Synth, Acoustic-sim, whatever and for this I switch to another preset. And the "another preset" has a "go back to earlier preset" switch defined. So it´s handy to switch back in the song while playing guitar. Of course you can save to which snapshot it should go back. For this just choose the specific snapshot and save the preset. And In one preset i have a momentary switch define to "switch 3: SOLO" for short lead licks. That´s very nice as well. (Just choose latch instead of momentary and define to which snapshot it should go back when releasing the button. But this is off topic now). Btw: To switch up and down presets for different songs I use a 2-buttons-footswitch. And my guitar-wireless-receiver has a tuner. Alright, I hope you guys get it done!!! R - ACOUSTIC - S.hlxACOUSTIC _ 12.hlx
  20. When using a clean tone then it´s ok to deactivate the cab (please use a b). You will get a more accoustic-guitar-like tone. If you prefer this sound, go for it. When using a distorted sound just use a cab and it´s fine. Distorted tones without a cab sound nasty and scratchy, icepicky. Enjoy
  21. Yes, yes, yes, yes, you can do this in SNAPSHOT mode! :-) I am not at home at the moment, but I try to explain. It´s super simple. When you are in snapshot mode, just set within command center the command "preset" to any switch of choice and type in the preset number you wish to go to. This switch turns red then. (All other switches in snapshot mode are blue). This looks so cool btw. And don´t forget to save this snapshot mode preset before you switch the "red preset button" or this command settings are gone. Try again! If needed I send you my preset. I use this since 3.0 and all my HX-Stomp-switching-dreams came true since then.
  22. You can define a specific preset. And in this specific preset you can define one or all switches to return to your "snapshot-mode-preset". I do it this way with commandcenter when I need a preset that contains a different block-chain.
  23. Thank you so much for your effort!!! This fixed it: "When you SAVE 99, make sure you're on Snapshot 1." Had to do it for all switches. (Apart from that i had everything set up like in your presets.) I was happy enough with my stomp. But with command center this little box is even more incredible. Snapshots/presets back and forth with help of a dual switcher (for presets).
  24. Hello, I set up a "snapshot/preset"-preset with command center. And I guess there is a bug. But maybe the fault is on me. Preset 99 Fooswitch 1: Snapshot 1 (Snapshot 3 when pressed, Snapshot 1 when released...for short soloing) Footswitch 2: Preset 106 Footswitch 3: Snapshot 3 (not relevant here) Preset 106 Footswitch 1: Preset 99 Footswitch 2: Preset 99 Footswitch 3: Preset 99 What I do with this: Preset 99: Snapshot 1 is my rythm tone. When I press and hold Footswitch 1 I get my solo tone (Snapshot 3), When I release it switches back to my rythm tone. So far so good. Now I press Footswitch 2 and switch to preset 106 (which has a complete different signal chain). All Footswitches (1,2,3) of preset 106 lead back to preset 99. When I am back on preset 99 (snapshot 1) then snapshot 3 is activatet. But it should be snaphot 1. I only get back to snaphot 1 when I activate it in HX editor. When done this it works properly again: Footswitch 1 is always snaphot 1 when switchin back and forth within this preset (and snaphot 3 is only activated when pressed and holded). Summary: the problem is when i come back to preset 99 the state of footswitch 1 isn´t snaphot 1 as intended. I hope I explained it somehow understandable. Thank you
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