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  1. If it sounds like the speakers are blown, you probably need to lower the output from the FHFX and raise the volume in your speakers, this applies for any audio system.
  2. I'm not sure if you already exchanged it, but the fix I've found for volume is that you manually have to go to each preset and adjust the volume, so the volume doesn't change drastically between each preset. Once I did this I began getting some really great performances, and have been able to gig with it with absolutely no problem, connected straight to PA. I'd recommend to change the master or volume values in the amp, and I keep it really low so I can crank up the master FHFX volume to wherever I need it.
  3. As far as I know, FH are the presets that use the newer amp models that show the HD mark on the app, the ones that dont show FH are the ones that use the normal amps, which come from the POD line. For a blank patch I've never seen the option myself, doesn't seem to exist.
  4. I think no one understood the question. When you have any of the presets open, go to the cloud or your tones and load up whatever tone you want in the board. Once the tone is loaded, save it in the board how you would normally save, by holding the active preset button down once, then again when it's blinking. The preset should be recorded on the board with the same name it had in My Tones or the Cloud.
  5. Honestly, the experience I've had with the FHFX is very finnicky but pleasant nonetheless. Getting to the tones and sounds you want takes time, and what I've found is that the volume is very sensitive. You should try changing or playing with the volume controls in each amp. What I've personally done is that I've created a preset for each one of my influences, so I have a preset called Lettieri, one called Mayer, I have a Petrucci 1 2 and 3, a Kotzen 1 and 2, so each one has its own gain and eq and compression and such. What fixes it for me is that I adjust the volumes in a way that all of the presets have the same volume between them, so whenever I switch presets it's all balanced. The way I adjust it is with each amp's volume or master control, and the volume pedal is always at the top, only lower it to get silence. I've also found that most amps, as long as they have a minimum gain, the signal coming from the FHFX is perfect without pressing the switch on the back. And if your headphones don't give you a good sound it's probably the headphones, because anywhere I output the signal it comes out great.
  6. I wouldn't use the FH as a recording interface, because even though it should do the job, the support hasn't been the best on behalf of Line6, they're not updating drivers anymore and there are some features that are not working properly in the unit. Using an external interface will get you the best recording quality for sure. I have a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD, and even though that 202HD I bought is buggy and glitchy, it works perfectly with all the daws I use, such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton Live and so on.
  7. It's on the website, anyway here it is. firehawk-amp-models.pdf
  8. Yes it's normal, because the app doesn't change the bank you're in, it only tries to put the preset you want, in this case HD RHYTHM, to whatever bank is open.
  9. I'm not an expert, and recently got my own Firehawk, I'll try to respond from experience. 1) I don't know, haven't gone that far in. 2) You can do this in basically 2 ways, 1 is to use one of the FX slots as another drive or boost or whatever. Since there's the normal stompbox slot and 2 FX slots, you can use any of the FX slots to put 2 more drives, or delays or filters or any of those. In this way, you can have up to 3 drives stacked, you can move the FX slots in the signal chain from within the app, and place them anywhere, but not before the WAH. The other way, which I recently saw in another post, is that you can use the FX Loop by connecting both cables from FX Loop send to return. This way you can assign the FX Loop to one of the available pedals, and change the settings on the FX Loop depending on how many dbs you want. Just turning it on from default gives a loud enough boost. 3) On the Android version I haven't seen any New Tone option, you have to start from one of the presets in the board itself, and you can save it to My Tones without having to overwrite any of the existing presets in the board. The last 3 banks (30 31 32) are empty, so you can use those if you want. As for the Bluetooth, the FH should pair only once and work with no problems as long as you don't turn off the unit or the android device, it will try to reconnect and sync as long as the BT connection is still on if the android device was turned off for a moment. This is actually on the manual.
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