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  1. Thanks. I just tried the amp+cab with the FX loop block right after it, and it sounded really good. But again, I might have to sacrifice 3 blocks to do the foh/amp dual output combination thing. I'll have to think about it...! Thanks for the help though!
  2. But using an AMP block (that combiens preamp + poweramp) going into my actual fender amp's poweramp in jack, doesn't that mean it'll have two poweramp stages? I thought that using the preamp of the stomp with the poweramp of my tube amp was the way to go for this kind of situation? And if I wanted to use the Reverb and Delay in one of the loops, how would you wire it up and which loop do I have to take? The FX loop one? This has been very very confusing....
  3. Hi! Sorry about the length of this post... :-/ I bought an HX Stomp a couple weeks ago, and I've been playing around with it, and think it shows great possibilities. I have a midi-controlled board with a few analog pedals that I could discard with a Stomp that I have programmed the right way. However, I'm having a hard time to figure out how to have it do what I need. It may not entirely be possible. If not, you could suggest other possible avenues. So... I do not currently have any FRFR cab. I have done a couple of band practices, with the stomp only for a PREAMP block. My signal chain would be : Tuner --> WHAMMY DT --> Mobius --> Drive pedals --> compressor --> clean boost --> into the STOMP (for the PREAMP) --> Out of the stomp --> Delay --> Reverb --> Power amp IN of my fender amp. When I do it this way, it works. It is simple, so it's obviously working! haha. And, I know I could have used an FX loop kind of cabling method, but I am afraid of running out of blocks on the stomp. And just before you ask, I want to keep my delay and reverb pedals separate, again to save blocks on the Stomp. They are also great pedals and they can be controlled via midi (which I do with the SA Soleman midi-controller). So, what I WANT to do is... I want to be able to practice at home with my headphones. When I have a preset with only a PREAMP block (and not a amp+cab, IR or just a cab block), it sounds thin, because of the poweramp section missing). So, for this problem, what are my alternatives? If I buy a poweramp pedal like the EHX Magnum 44, would have solve my problem? Probably not, as I am plugging in the headphones jack of the stomp.... But, if I use it after my reverb pedal, and connect it through some kind of simple mixer and then connect my headphones through that? Would that work? Also, my other question is... Let's say that I do this signal path: where the Main L/R goes to my amp's poweramp in for the amp on-stage sound, and the SEND L/R to the FOH console. Keep in mind that I put my delay and reverb pedals between the preamp and the poweramp, like in a typical FX loop fashion. But if I want to be able to do it with this way, what kind of loop/wiring would I have to have to be able to send my reverb and delay tones to both the amp and the FOH? And, when connecting headphones, when having a signal path like this one, which one will I hear? The one that ends with the Main L/R o the Send L/R? Thanks so much, and please forgive my ignorance. I am new to this whole digital thing, but I am very close to what I want to do.
  4. That is quite expensive!! i think i’ll just create midi presets that match the stomp’s presets. Overkill, but it will get the job done. Thanks.
  5. going back to what you said... i know it sends PC# corresponding to the preset number on the Stomp but... you have the option to ALWAYS send a pc# or NEVER send anything. Correct? You cannot decide for which presets it will actually send a PC?
  6. Hi, New HX Stomp user here! I'll try to ask this question as clearly as possible.... I know that there is an option to tell the HX Stomp to send a PC command when calling a preset to external midi devices. I was wondering if you could set specific PC commands, depending on WHICH preset you activate? I have a Soleman midi controller (4 footswitches), with many many songs already programmed. Out of 50 songs in our set, maybe 30 need a specific set of presets (combinations of drive pedals, delay/reverb and modulation), and those are already programmed in my Soleman with song sections (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.). The rest of the songs are more "generic" tones, for which I typically use a general set of presets that get me through many songs that "fit" these tones. Now, I would like to create a preset on the HX Stomp for each and every song we play, and have it send a PC message to the Soleman ONLY when I want it to recall the "panel preset" that I already previously programmed. Which would give me greater flexibility and more swtiches to control my other pedals that are midi, but not in the HX Stomp (SA Nemesis, SA Ventris, Whammy 5). Please help. This has been spinnning in my head for days now.....! Ps. My other solution was to do it the other way around, with the Soleman calling presets on the HX Stomp, but it'd mean that I would have to do a lot more programming, and it's not ideal, I think.
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