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  1. Hi! I entered hx edit the other day and did a routine update check for the HX Stomp. I saw that the 3.0 firmware was available, so I installed it. All seemed to have gone well, but soon I started experiencing a strange bug. When I copied and pasted a block I lost the capacity to save my presets. I then noticed the email announcing the firmware update. It clearly stated that I should have updated hx edit before updating the firmware. I have now updated hx edit and, after a factory reset, the problem seems solved (fingers crossed!). Can I have damaged something by not updating hx edit first? Should I try to reinstall the firmware? How do I do that?
  2. I am experiencing a very strange problem on my HX Stomp since updating. If I copy and paste a preset or a single block to another preset I lose the capability of saving my presets. I click on save (both in HX edit and on the device itself), but when I go back to the preset it’s empty. The problem seems to go away after a factory reset, but it comes back as soon as I copy and paste again. Switching the device off and on doesn’t help. It’s very very annoying. Update: I just noticed that I had updated the firmware to 3.0, but not the HX Edit. I have now updated the latter and done a factory reset. I have not been able to reproduce the issue after that. It’s quite late here in Sweden, so I have only tested for a couple of minutes. However, I have now copied and pasted a block without losing the possibility to save my presets (fingers crossed!).
  3. That's my reasoning as well. I was considering buying a rack or an LT, but I'll wait for NAMM. I'd hate to spent a lot of money just to find out about Helix 2 two months later.
  4. Fair enough. That’s why I read every forum and resource I can before I buy a product. I am happy to take a chance as long as I know what I can expect. One thing I’ve learned in my readings is for instance that Helix has a couple of weak links (the headphone volume knob and, as in your case, the joystick soldering) but also that Line6 has an excellent customer support. The latter may very well more than counterbalance the former.
  5. Hi! Yes, I know that things don’t last forever :-) The point is rather that the breaking knob seems to be the result of some production defect. In the affected units the headphone volume knob is somehow stiffer than the rest (observe that it is always the exact same knob that breaks) which over time causes metal fatigue until the pot cracks. The problem could be affecting a small number of units due to some temporary manufacturing problem (much like the LT’s pedal of a few years ago) or it could affect every single unit (bad design?). In the former case, I am perfectly ok with. lollipop happens during manufacturing and that’s what warranties are for. In the latter case, I am much less ok with it. Yes, things do eventually break but it shouldn’t be happening due to bad design, at least not five years after release. My question is therefore how prevalent the “stiff knob syndrome” (I know how it sounds...) is.
  6. I was very close to buying a helix rack but this thread is making me reconsider. These devices aren’t exactly cheap and it is therefore quite disappointing that the knobs just break off like that. I would expect better quality for the money.
  7. Valgua

    Hx Stomp Aux in

    You’re right. I tried just listening to music by itself in the headphones and the volume can get quite high. I guess that the problem is simply that I adjusted the volume in all my patches to use them with my iPad (which is still louder than my iPhone, but that’s probably just obvious) and therefore the guitar sounds so much louder than the backing track...
  8. Valgua

    Hx Stomp Aux in

    Oh! I see! Thanks for the suggestion. I had not thought about that! Still, I would like to know if the relatively low volume from my phone connected to aux in is ”normal”, so to speak.
  9. Valgua

    Hx Stomp Aux in

    When I connect to my pc through usb all is fine. I was just curious to know if an aux in connection would have better volume if I used another device than my iphone. Is it a matter of impedance or is there a secret setting I missed?
  10. Valgua

    Hx Stomp Aux in

    Hi! I have connected my iphone to the Hx Stomp’s aux in. The volume seems a bit low. When I use the iPad I perceive an improvement. Is it due to impedance? Is the issue related to the strength of the signal coming from my phone?
  11. This is sort of reassuring, although I would obviously prefer that the problem got fixed. As far as I can read, it occurs on other members of the HX family, which would support the suspicion that it is the result of some kind of glitch in the software.
  12. I bought my Hx Stomp about six months ago and have used it daily. Yesterday I turned the Stomp on and got no sound. I turned it off and on again and it went back to normal. The preset that loaded up was one that I had downloaded and slightly modified, but it had not given me any issues before. I guess that the most likely explanation is a software glitch of some kind. Have you experienced something similar? Should I worry about a hardware failure?
  13. This happened to me yesterday for the first time (I bought the device about six months ago). I turned the Stomp on and got no sound. I turned it off and on again and it went back to normal. I use stock power supply. The most likely explanation is a software glitch of some kind.
  14. I don’t see how that would be possible...
  15. I have now been exploring the hx stomp for almost a month. I am truly impressed. More than impressed, actually. The HX Stomp is the bedroom player’s nirvana. It is a truly incredible gateway to so many tones and sonic possibilities. It has reinforced my interest for the finer aspects of sculpting sounds. Great job, Line6!
  16. Thanks! After a more careful comparison I realize that the difference in noise isn't really there. However, I still wonder if there is some global setting that would reduce noise when the simulated distortion pedals are engaged. A noise gate does obviously solve the issue, but it's not a global setting.
  17. Hi! Today I tried connecting my hx stomp to the aux in of my thr10 using a Y cable (two mono 1/4 inch jacks to a 1/8 inch jack) the result was, however, quite a bit noisier than when I use my headphones whenever some distortion was engaged. Is the difference between headphones and thr speaker normal? Is there some way to handle the noise beyond using a noise gate with every preset? I have tried changing the output level from instrument to line with little effect. EDIT: After a more careful comparison I don't think that there is a great difference between the headphones and the THr10. The noise gate solves the problem. I wonder, however, if there is some global setting I missed that would reduce noise when modelled distortion pedals are engaged.
  18. In the latter case I would need a Y cable with two 1/4 inch TS jacks and 1 1/8 inch one, right?
  19. I resurrect this thread just for a clarification. I just bought and HX Stomp and I own a THR10. To use the latter as a speaker for the stomp, should I connect the L Mono OUT of the Stomp to the Aux In of the THR, right? I am not supposed to use the headphones out?
  20. Thanks for the replies! Very useful!
  21. Hi! What speaker would you recommend for an hx stomp user playing at home? The alternatives that fit my budget are a Headrush Frfr 108 or one single JBL 308P. I aim at putting either of those on a desk about 10-15 cm from a wall. Which alternative is best? Are there other options to consider?
  22. That’s a relief! I was starting to question my hearing. Like: ”My god! Too many concerts in my youth and now look at me! I have unbalanced hearing! Mum was right!”.
  23. :-) The ”problem” in any case is very subtle. If I switch mic from 57 dynamic to 4038 ribbon it goes away completely. I find it hard to believe that that would be the case if there was an issue with the hardware.
  24. Thanks! I've tried to replicate the problem by selecting the same amp and cab as in $ for Nada in a new preset but with no result. The sound comes out fine. Even in the factory preset, I can hear sound coming from both sides but it's sound unbalanced to my ears. I start wondering if it's just a subjective impression given by combination of a particular tone, cab and mic coming out of my phones. I'll try tweaking every parameter besides the mic to see if I can change the impression I get. The phones are connected to the phones output and are working fine in any other situation. It's a mistery.
  25. Hi! I finally bought an HX Stomp and I am so far very impressed with the unit. However, when listening through headphones (AKG 240) I encountered a phenomenon that I would like to understand. Certain DIR presets (such as $ for Nada) feel unbalanced, so to speak. Almost all sound comes from one side of the phones. I can change this by switching to a different mic in the cab settings. Why is this the case? Why do some mics influence the volume balance in the headphones?
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