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  1. The latest 3.1.0 release notes stated there is a fix for the Snapshot bug when changing presets related to the midi CC69 message: MIDI Snapshot changes on CC69 that are received during preset loads will now be buffered and executed once the preset load is finished. This means that you can send a MIDI Snapshot change immediately after a PC message to effectively load a preset with a different Snapshot than it was saved with. For me this simply still isn't working. I'll be going back to 2.9.2 when this feature was still useable.
  2. Yup, disappointed doesn't cover it. I was optimistic for this update when I read the release notes regarding CC69 but I'm still getting the exact same response I had in 3.01. Oh well, back to 2.9 I go...
  3. It would surprise me as it works perfectly well in firmware 2.9.3 which I've rolled back to. It's clearly an issue in firmware 3.x onwards.
  4. I've got the same issue, I did a search but didn't find this thread. If you view the midi trace you can see that when the PC sent isn't the same as the PC the Stomp last received, it double reads it. I've done some. I've done some more traces and the CC command appears in the middle of the duplicated PC, so the Stomp swaps to the default snapshot when the second PC arrives. Here's my thread explaining more:
  5. Good find! I'd done a search but couldn't pull that one up. Reassuring to know it's not just myself having the same issue.
  6. I've got midi thru turned off, and still the same response either controlling via USB or the ES-5. These are my global settings: Base channel: 1 MIDI Thru: off Rx MIDI Clock: Off Tx MIDI Clock: Off Tempo Select: Preset BPM: 120 USB MIDI: On MIDI PC Rx: MIDI + USB MIDI PC Tx: Off
  7. Hi, I am having issues with snapshot recall using midi messages sent via a Boss ES-5. I have three patches set on the Stomp with three different amps clean, dirty and lead. Each Stomp patch has Snapshot one with the FX loop off, and Snapshot two turns the FX loop on. I am using PC messages from the ES-5 to change the patches, followed by a CC#69-00 for snapshot one and CC#69-01 for snapshot two. This works perfectly well when the PC command sent is identical to the last one but it seems that the Stomp is receiving a duplicated PC midi message when ever a new PC message is sent. Here is a Pocket Midi trace: C0 63 B0 45 00 C0 63 B0 45 01 C0 63 B0 45 00 C0 64 B0 45 00 C0 64 C0 64 B0 45 01 C0 63 B0 45 01 C0 63 As you can see, then the PC message stays on 63, it receives PC>CC but when it changes from 63 to 64 it receives PC>CC>PC. As the last PC message has no CC associated with it, the patch then defaults to Snapshot one. This is the second midi controller I've tried using with the Stomp, previously using a PXL8-Live and both are exhibiting the same behaviour. Is it normal midi protocol to repeat a PC command when the PC messages changes. If so this does limit the Snapshot feature of the Stomp. MAJOR EDIT TIME: It is the Stomp at fault here. I'm now sending messages direct to the Stomp via USB so I know exactly what I'm sending. For every new PC command I send, the Stomp reads two; send the same command and it reads just the one, see attached image. Is this correct midi behaviour for the Stomp or is my unit faulty?!
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