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  1. I have noticed that HX stomp in stereo mode (with a split and a couple of Amp+Cab or IR for left and right channel) has sometimes very strange behavior : sometime no sound on one channel, sometime no sound at all when loading a preset with IR from a cab preset... Power off/on the unit would solve these....
  2. Hi, Just a question about dynamics effects available in HX Legacy library : are they mono or stereo ? On M series they were mono, and would reduce a stereo chain to mono. I guess it's the same ? More generally, is inserting a mono block on HX processors would reduce a stereo signal to mono ? Thanks for your help.
  3. Yes ! Thanks codamedia You right, it's on p41. Shame on me ! But this not really explicit without the manual.
  4. Hi, Here is what I would like to do : I want my HX effect to send Program changes when I press a switch which is programed to do so, but I don't want each time i recall a preset, that the unit send a PRG CHANGE command according to its number. How can I do that ? In global pref ? Thanks for your help !
  5. Hi Kev, There is a way : Go to Global Setting/switches/ Choose Snapshot mode and toggle from there. I don't remember precisely. I think you have to change from Momentary to Latch.
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