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  1. Hi, I'm playing a patch on my Helix LT that was copied from my HD Pod. The noise of me sliding my finger on the fret board for example is very noisy. Even if I slightly knock the guitar its the same. On the HD Pod i can do the same and it's noticable how quiet it is. Any help please to quieten the Helix sensitivity.
  2. Thanks, everythings backed up. Ive even got 2 original pods in case one breaks down.
  3. OK Thanks. I've pressed home and it's still the same empty boxes i'll do a reset.
  4. Hi Ive just started up my helix LT and the display doesn't seem to be correct. Normally it has 8 presets but all i have is 8 empty boxes Any ideas Please ? It seems a JPG file is too big
  5. Thanks All. I'll try the suggestions.
  6. I tried that and the presets sound awful. Thanks, Ill try that first.
  7. Thanks, most of them are for variax so, i thought i'd try and make one of my own.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to get a Beatles Vox Tone, the question is. Which Vox on the Helix would be closest to the Vox that The Beatles used ?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I opened it up to make sure. It doesn't have a battery.
  10. Where will I find a gain block ?
  11. Many Thanks, I'll try your suggestions guys.
  12. LT sounds best for your needs.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to copy a preset that's on my v2 Pod but i can't get a tone near it on my Helix LT. The preset is Brit Blues with a line 6 4 x 12 cab (There isn't a Line 6 4 x 12 cab on Helix. Also on the POd v2 the brt button is pressed as is the drive button Also the delay is on which is 2ms 13% feedback and 65% level Any help would be appreciated
  14. OK Thanks guys. I'll just have to keep reloading the presets when i want to use it. How does it keep the memory if it doesn't have a Battery ? Capacitor ?
  15. Hi My HD bean is not keeping its presets after switching off. Does the HD bean have an internal battery that can be changed ?
  16. Hi Is it possible to change the global settings using HX Edit ? In the manual i can only see changing the Global Settings on the Helix unit itself.
  17. OK Thanks. I'll have to buy some XLR cables.
  18. I'm connecting my Helix LT to a mixer before it goes to a Native Instruments KA6 USB interface and then into my PC. I'm coming from the Helix with 1/4" jack cables. My mixer has Microphone in channels and Line In channels. So should the Helix be plugged into Microphone channels or Line In channels ? Also should i be using 1/4" jack cables or XLR cables ?
  19. I've just sold a Stomp and the new owner logged on and registered it to himself. So, make sure you keep the serial number somewhere safe in case it gets stolen
  20. I've decided to buy some new cables ( 2 Metres) to go from my Helix LT to a small mixing desk. They can be guitar cables or XLR cables. Can anyone recommend low noise cables for this that wont break the bank please.
  21. I know, I know, I can feel your smirks from here. Just re-booted pc and went for the update again and it went through this time. Back to my hours of un-bridled fun. (Not at all embarrassed)
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