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  1. Are the left and right outputs of the bean stereo or mono ? Each channel is stereo so i'm not sure if you could dual amp out of the bean in stereo. As i'm still learning i've been using the outputs by using mono jack (left and right) to my M-Audio sound card.
  2. To be honest i've literally just messed about until it sounds OK. Thanks for the second link i'll try using that when i get time.
  3. When i look at the Customtone patches, in the amp description column sometimes there are numbers instead of the amp description. For example 458843 is one. Just wondered what and why this is ?
  4. Thanks I've got the lot so there's a lot of twiddling to be done.
  5. Thanks I'm going for the lot.
  6. When I click on the flash sale the prices are the same as usual. Are the HD packs worth the money ? How do I get the 30% off ?
  7. Thanks for the advice, I've noticed that with drums. I'll get a great sound on their own but with the other instruments mixed in they sound awful so i've wasted my time.
  8. Thanks Alex there's so much to these Pods i'm still eq-ing and tweaking wondering if i'll ever play the guitar again. I think i've become OCD on the tone front I'll try your suggestions and see what gives.
  9. I have a 1974 Tele' and haven't done anything to it. I'm not sure which type of pot's etc Fender fitted then I notice watching these guys on Youtube that they really are soft in their attack on the strings. Another example is Jeff beck who seems to have his amp that high in volume he virtually just touches the strings when plucking. Maybe i'll raid the laundry for a special towel !
  10. I agree about the Pod HD and the older Pod sounding different. Even the Pod v2 with the original Line 6 logo and the later one sounded different. This is why i've ended up with a floor full of modelers, i have, Pod v2 ver 2.1 Pod v2 ver 2.3 Vox Tonelab Behringer V-Amp 3 Pod HD Bean. I'm still grappling with the Bean as there are so many parameters to change. Also if you turn your speakers or amplifier right up loud you can hear a difference in the AIR of each modeler. On my Les Paul Trad' the neck pick up is very low (almost inside the guitar body). +1 for the above suggestion the check the input impedance on the Pod and the dual input settings
  11. Thanks i'll try these suggestions.
  12. Apologies for the extra r. Thanks for the input guys i think my week end will be taken up mostly trying to get that sound. Not sure about the towel and beer though.
  13. I like the sound of Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan. Looking at some of the photos on the internet they seem to use a Vibrolux amongst other amps. As i have a Pod HD bean, which would be the best amp to choose from the menu ? On the Pod gallery it says Roy Buchanan used a Blackface double so i'm a bit confused as to which would be the best Pod amp to choose as sometimes they are not what you'd think.
  14. I've a Pod HD Bean and am trying to get a Stuart Adamson type tone. I'm told he played throug a Fender Dual Showman and a Fender 2x12 cab. Which Fender on the Pod amp list would be the nearest to a Dual Showman ?
  15. Thanks Guys i'll try the suggestions
  16. titchyblackcat


    On my Pod HD Bean i've got quite a good pre set but need a bit more sustain for my liking. Any ideas for fx to do this please. My guitar is OK sustain wise but i'm just wanting a tiny bit more.
  17. Hi I've got the guitar peaking a -12db with an empty signal path (The master knob is at max). All my pre sets are too loud. So with out changing the pre set tonally which is the best knob to turn down. Reading the manual it says channel volume shouldn't colour the tone. Or, should ijust the pull the sliders on the Pod Hd mixer down ? Any ideas please.
  18. OK That's great i'll keep to that in the future. Many thanks.
  19. Make sure input 1 is guitar and input 2 is mic. make sure the mixer is at zero also check master is not too high.
  20. I meant the Pod HD Bean Mixer . I read it was +12 on the Pod mixer was best. I can't find the thread where it said that now. So, on the Pod mixer is it best at 0db ?
  21. I have a Pod Hd bean and want to use it to record into my pc. Does the mixer setting of the Channel A/B make any difference to resulting output.(Apart from the volume) I've read somewhere that the best setting for the mixer is +12
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