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    Hi Can someone explain the meaning of phasing between Channel A and Channel B of my Pod HD when i'm using dual amps. Meambobbo has done a great piece of work on this but i'm embarassed to say i haven't got a clue about the subject. If it's possible i'm hoping someone can explain in an idiots guide for me.
  2. Sounds like the power is going off and on again. Good advice from napynap. Also power up with out the guitar plugged in and see if the unit re-starts. How long is it before the unit re-starts ?
  3. I agree I've a couple of killer tones that i still ise on my Pod v2 bean. Obvioulsy it mean i have to change wires etc. Now if the HD could only sample ?
  4. If both channels are stereo, what's the best way to get a stereo output from the HD Bean using say just channel A At the moment i'm using both channels panned hard left and right to record in stereo.
  5. Glenn Delaune seems to have it all sorted !
  6. That's what i meant. Thanks
  7. Thanks One thing, when we're connected to the Line 6 server and the Software goes to the HD Bean Line 6 still have the software. it means i couldn't load this to the Bean in the future without going to Line 6. I'm thinking of back up more than anything.
  8. I'm thinking of buying the Vintage Model Pack. Now, when i buy the software does it sit on my pc or do i download it to the Pod ? Also once authorised if my Pod or PC were to fail how is the Model Pack backed up ? I'm confused as to the process of use.
  9. A bit late i know but, i've had this sort of thing with the USB. I use an Axiom, Pod HD and run Cubase and Reason I have to start the software in the correct sequence for it to run OK.
  10. I've got a couple of tones on my v2 that I've never been able to replicate on my HD Is there anyone that has the same ? Is there away of replicating v2 stuff onto a HD ?
  11. Thanks Arislaf, Defo gonna buy this. My favourites are always the Fender and Vox amps.
  12. Is the HD Vintage pack the amps from a POD v2 ? I'm not sure of the vintage bit. Also I have an AC30 on my HD Pod already, is HD Vintage a different AC30 ?
  13. Thanks i'll have a try over the week end
  14. I think the Vox and Fender amps are easier to get a clean tone from, just like the real amps.
  15. Hi I'm trying to set up Ping Pong delay for the first time. I've looked at the manual but can't find what the Offset knob does. Also does anyone have any go to settings for delay when creating a big stereo sound ?
  16. I bought a similar router and it's hard wire. Because of this I turned it round and use it 1 in and 3 out. I have also wired in a volume knob for one of the outs that go to my speakers
  17. Thanks I thought i maybe missing soemthing.
  18. Hi Now I've got over the price of The Helix. Just wondered what the splash screen is that pops up for a couple of seconds when starting HD Edit. Is there another screen for HD edit that i can use ?
  19. Thanks i'll have a play at the week end I'm just recording in the spare room my usual tones are clean and crunch at the moment. I've only adjusted the master slightly on a couple of presets because to me it sounds pretty good as is. I just wondered if anyone had a different way of setting the parameters that sound good with all the presets.
  20. Hi I've never changed any of the amp/cab parameters as i'm new to the Pod HD Desktop. I just wondered if there any go to settings that people use for their tone. I'm getting a bit worried of tweaking for the rest of my life and never playing the guitar again. I'd like to have a much the same template for the various amps to cut down on tweaking time.
  21. I can only think a button is stuck in. If you dare take the circuit board out of the casing and check it that way.
  22. I see what you mean. I've just been trying same for the dual paths and it sounds great. Many thanks for your help guys.
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