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  1. If you're allowed a refund it's impossible to be cheated.
  2. I use an M-Audio 9624 sound card and output the HD Bean from the left/right jack sockets. I tried the USB method but the latency was too high for my liking.
  3. Thanks I'll try that setting
  4. It doesn't do anything when i do that. The asterisk and italics stay the same as well.
  5. I have a Pod HD Bean. For my mono stuff iuse input 1Guitar - Input 2 mic Now, for my dual amps / stereo stuff Should i use :- Input 1 guitar - Input 2 guitar or Input 1 guitar - Input 2 same. I don't understand why Input 2 has guitar/same/mic. I'd expect it just to have same/mic.
  6. I Have a Pod HD Desktop Bean I can't save any tones i'm working on using HD Edit. If i press the save on the Pod itself then it saves it OK Using HD Edit i press the selected to Pod and nothing happens and the asterisk stays on the selected tone. Is there a read only parameter i've missed ?
  7. Ah ! Thanks all. That's cleared that up.
  8. Thanks guys i'll try your tips over the week end.
  9. titchyblackcat

    Amp Pre

    When is it best to use an Amp pre which all seem to be at the bootomm of the Amp list ?
  10. I 'm a Noob with a Pod HD desktop. Does anyone have a go to setting for a comp to flatten out the sound a bit. I'm playing clean with a Blackface Norm pre amp and would like to iron out the peaks I'm playing as dainty as possible but one or two of the notes are a bit heavy handed..
  11. There are some good uses for delay of 0 to 10mS so I'm surprised that the lowest delay is 20mS
  12. Is there a way to get the delays to be less that 20mS When i enter 10 in manually it goes back to 20mS.
  13. Thanks Phil I've just got my Pod HD so i'm in learn mode. Sometimes i have my guitar straight in and other times i may have pedal in front of it.
  14. I'm trying to match some tones to my new Pod Hd. Does anyone know what the input impedance of a Pod v2 is please.
  15. I was thinking maybe start with just the input to the Pod If you have a pedal in front of the Pod then there's no way of knowing if you have the pedal turned up too much.
  16. There's some other threads about this further down the page.
  17. I think an idea for future HD Edit that i use on my pc is to have An input and an output meter. They don't have to be totally accurate but would be good as an indidcator. There's a lot of people seem to be having trouble with clipping and other unwanted noise which is all about checking your whole signal flow.
  18. I've tried this and the latency was too much. I think it's because ASIO uses one device so that it can monitor the input and output. By monitoring the input and output that way the DAW can then synchronise the 2 so they are usable. Remember Cubase reads ahead to try and minimise the latency. I still use a M-Audio sound card for recording/playback and the USB just for the LIne 6 Edit
  19. I can't open the downloaded file for windows. It says it's not a win32 application. I downaloaded the file and then double clicked on it. Is that how you use it ?
  20. In compatabilty mode that takes it backwards to previous OS software ? I'm running XP. What was the converter written for ? Windows 7 ?
  21. I couldn't get the convert software .exe file to run. The error message says it's not a win32 application file. Or is there a way to make it run ?
  22. Brilliant. Thanks very much guys. How do you use the converter ? I downloaded it and an error message says it is not a valid win32 application.
  23. Does anyone have the Pod HD Dual Tones Bundle that came installed on the HD500 I'd like this on My Pod HD but it has a different list when you do a factory reset. Someone has also come up with software to convert between the different HD series files so it should be OK.
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