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  1. Thanks for your help, I was hoping that would be the case as i'm going for a clean but "BIG" rythm preset.
  2. Thanks duncann, I'll have a few hours at the week end to try it out.
  3. Can I record the using the Audio outputs one type of amp on the right and another type of amp on the left ?
  4. I have a Pod HD desktop to use for recording to a pc My usual input would be 1. Strat' straight into the Pod 2. Les Paul straight into the Pod 3. Either of the above but with an FX pedal between the guitar and the Pod ( Maybe a Wah) The questions are 1. Should I use input 1 guitar and input 2 the same ? 2. Which impedance setting is the best ? 3. How do I adjust the global tone using the Edit on the pc ?
  5. titchyblackcat


    Do i need just the latest updates or dl i have to load all the updates in sequence from the last 4 or 5 years ?
  6. It was Java. Thanks for the info' For anyone else that reads this what i did was. Uninstall both Line 6 Edit and Java. Up load latest version of Java first followed by Line 6 Edit. This sorted my comm's out fine. Once again thanks for the help guys. :)
  7. OK Thanks i'll update Java. As the machine isn't on the internet it could be an old version on there. I'll let you know in a couple of days as i don't have a lot of time at the moment.
  8. Pod 2.1 goes to the midi on the sound card there's no usb. On the M-Audio sound card there are 2 midi connectors so i think the connectivity is OK. Also this set up works fine with my Tonelab so i think the midi link is OK
  9. Seems to be a bit quicker with Line6 Edit 3.0 but won't exit without Taskmanager.
  10. Sorry . The pc is running xp and is connected to the Pod 2.1 with 3m MIDI cables. This goes to an M-Audio 2496 card in the pc. The pc just hangs (freezes) for a minutes or 2 sometimes or. just hags until i use taskmanager to exit I've tried Line 6 edit 3.06 and 3,04 so far but they seem to do the same.
  11. I have the same thing on my mine. Did this ever get resolved ? The Edited light comes on when The Pod is switched on where nothing has been edited.
  12. I've an old Pod 2 with 2.1 software and seem to have trouble with the latest Line 6 Edit being a bit haphazard. (Comms and Settings) Is there a recommended old version of Line 6 Edit that may be better for this old Pod ?
  13. Almost as the other thread. If i turn onthe Pod 2 and say use 4D (Hi-gain) it sounds like (mushy digital distrtion etc. almost like a very bad synth') If i do a factory reset and then set the tone up again for me it sounds great. But, if i turn the Pod off and on again the tone is once again awful. it's as if something is happening to make it do this in the memory storage. It is version 2.1 of Pod 2 (original type)
  14. Hi Did this ever get resolved ? I have one where the patches make an awful noise (muffly and distorted ) on power up but OK after factory reset as if it's not saving the tones .
  15. Thanks for that, Is it worth trying to get an eprom to upgrade ? Are there marked differences in sound quality ?
  16. Hi I've just bought another Pod 2 and wonder if it's worth upgrading the Eprom to version 2.3 or. is it best to leave it as version 2,0. I'm more interested in quality of sound rather then functions as i use the editor on my pc.
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