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  1. Thanks i'll try it again when i get some time.
  2. I haven't tried for ages now. If you go in with Line 6 ASIO from Pod how do you connect to the studio monitors ? Also how do you go into the pc with spdif ? I've got Pod HD bean.
  3. Thanks porcytree I'll try them suggestions when I get home from work. I'm starting to worry about the tones I've made with some of the other amps. I've thought some are quite shrill but, when I listen to Rock bands like ACDC, Saxon etc their tones are shrill. It's as if they're cutting the bottom end off the guitar to let the bass come through on the mix. I definitely like the Marshall (darkish) sound but have difficulty in tightening it up.
  4. I've never been able to record using the USB to Cubase because of the ASIO latency. Because of that I'm still using a M-Audio soundcard.
  5. I'm going for almost Djent tone and am trying different amps. I'm wondering about JCM800 cabs (dual) I'm trying T75 at the minute but it's wooly and ssssssss. I want the sound of the Treads/Angels but darker as they and the Soldano are a bit shrill. I've tried bringing down the Treads etc but to no avail. The JCM800 is almost there but just a tad fuzzy I'm hoping some of you experienced guys may have a preference.
  6. Thanks Perapera that's really interesting stuff to digest. I keep reading different ideas of how to set up the Pod so i'll just keep tweaking. Even Customtone is time consuming because there's so many pre-sets to choose.
  7. Thanks porcytree i'll try your ideas.
  8. I've failed with JCM800 (No clarity) and I've never tried the Park. I've always used the cabs that come when you choose an amp
  9. Thanks Duncann, I'm a newbie so I'll get my head down and try to sort it all out. Thanks for the info' I've always found it hard to get a good tone, I'll set something up that I think is OK but, listen the next day and realize it's junk.
  10. Which are the "Go To" Cabs ?
  11. titchyblackcat

    DEP List

    There seems to be a lot of settings that people are sort of using as a starting point for pre-sets. Is there a definitive list that anyone would stick there neck out and say "This is it" ? Examples are :- Hum = 0 Res = 0 Thump = 25% Bias seeems to vary from person to person BiasX the same. I'm thinking if there is such a list i'd really appreciate it to save time setting my pre-sets.
  12. I agree i think i'll end with about 2 or 3 for each style.
  13. Thanks guys. I've always struggled with setting up Marshalls. The only one I've tried is the J-45 for clean rhythm. These Pods are so time consuming because of the choice. (not a bad thing but it still takes a lot of time).
  14. Thanks i'll try the Soldanos.I've not tried them yet because there's that much choice.
  15. I'm starting to use certain amps for the different tones (Of distortion) This is to say Traedplate, Bomber, Angel for distorted sounds and AC30, Fenders for cleans. Can anyone advise on amps that sit in the middle of these ? A bit crunchy rather than over the top distortion .
  16. Really good video. Thanks for that.
  17. Thanks Cipherhost i'll look at the vid' when I get home from work.
  18. Thanks gangsterusa, I've not used an eq on the Pod before so i'll try that. It really is fine edge between too much fuzz or the other way sounding too clean.
  19. Thanks All, I'll go back and try again after work. The amps I'm using are Engel, Treadplate, and Bomber. I've noticed a lot of the tones from Customtone are the same .
  20. Hi, I've a Pod HD bean and am trying to set it up to record straight into the pc I'm just starting to creat presets that are high up on the distortion level but, when i get a tone that i like it's got a lot of hiss/fizz attached to it. Which is the quickest/best way to control this ? I've spent hours tweaking but i can still hear it so i'm not sure if my inexperience is sending me round in circles.
  21. Are there any favored Delay settings for recording from the Pod HD to give 1. Big stereo sound 2. One guitar on the left and another on the right without too much in the middle.
  22. Thanks pfsmith0 I'll stick with my delay then.
  23. If cabs and mics are out of phase with each other is this the same as adding a delay Fx ? Can I save DSP by using out of phase set ups instead of delaying one channel ?
  24. Thanks guys i understand now but, i'll stick with meambobbos spreadsheet. One thing i read was, when mixing (Cubase) it's a good idea not only to play on different speakers and headphones but also play in mono. Playing in mono is a help for levels in mixing if you're not sure.
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