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  1. Hi On my Pod v2 i have a tone called Cali Crunch 1 that sounds great with my Strat' for rythm Does anyone know what would be the equivalent on the HD bean ? The manual says a Mesa Boogie II but i can't see that on the HD. Any thoughts on a near ish amp would be appreciated as i would have starting point. I'm getting fed up of swapping modellers.
  2. Just tried Ritchie Blackmore and got 2 for the HD500. Which is your model ? Try a different model and convert the download to yours.
  3. There's too many variations to ponder this. If you have a splitter cable can you record from the headphone socket ? This will check your system accuracy. I think it was my old Tonelab that the sounds from the headphone socket were better for recording.
  4. Thanks guys. They're great ideas I'll try them over the next week. (A bit limited on getting time to play).
  5. I'm trying to get a natural sound of my Strat' by not having an amp selected but wondered if i were to use an amp to get more parameters involved which one would it be ? I'm trying a Blackface at the minute with out a cab to get more volume. Just wondered if anyone else had any ideas for a clean sound.
  6. I'd think the clean amps would do it. Fender Vox or the Jazz clean should be OK
  7. Thanks Guys Another observation is the fact you lot can play the guitar where as i'm still in the learning stage. Thanks for the advise, i'll keep strumming.
  8. I've always been bamboozled by Customtones that don't sound anything like the examples. I think a lot of people use amp/cabs to demonstrate where as i go direct to a pc. I'm afraid you have to sort it out yourself.
  9. Thanks guys I'll carry on tweaking then. I've got a couple of cleans but i'm struggling with the louder stuff.
  10. Does anyone record with a Pod HD ? I ask because most of the Customtone seems to be presets with ridiculous amounts of fx. Most posters seem to be using amplifiers after the Pod HD So has anyone had good results recoding with the Pod or are they using another method ?
  11. Yeh ! straight from the off i thought Roger Meyer Octaver pedal. So i agree with octave fuzz.
  12. I've always had 1=guitar 2=mic but i may try the 2=same 0r 2=guitar.
  13. Thanks for the advice guys. Ill give both ideas some thought and watch the Youtube,
  14. I have a Pod HD directly into the pc and have some OK tones with my Tele' and Strat' My Les Paul Traditional has never sounded very good so i wondered if any one had any different tips ( like Bass at 0 and resonance at 0 etc) for a Les Paul. Whether it be clean or crunchy I'd appreciate any ideas like which amps to try and nuances that would apply to a Les Paul.
  15. Thanks Joel. There's only a couple i'd like to transfer, I don't think i've spent enough time with the HD yet.
  16. I agree i use them sometimes to save flicking between different screens. I use Prt Sc and C on the keyboard then open Accessories - paint. Once open just select new and then paste. This then enables you to print the page from there. I've also printed maybe a page of a manual so i can have the program open on the pc and not have to keep changing it for a pdf.
  17. OK Thanks guys i'll get tweaking.
  18. I use the output jack sockets so that i can use another interface ( in your case the UR22) else you have to ditch the UR22 and use just the Pod. You can only use one or the other as the ASIO needs to stream through one device to keep the input and output in sync. To me that's not practical with all the other equipment i've got so i don't bother recording with USB.
  19. Hi I've some good tones on my Pod v2 that I'd like to have on my Pod HD. To do this i've done a screen print of a patch and dialed in the same values on the HD. The question is which mic' setting would be closest to the v2 as it didn't have the option to select a mic' I'm hoping someone may know how the original sounds were written to the v2.
  20. Many thanks to hurghanico for doing all the hard work. It's a bit rotten you've not been given credit for this. Also thanks to Dutchguitarist for putting the file here for me to download.
  21. I'm just trying out the extra model packs for my HD bean. Is there a gallery anywhere to tell me a bit more about them ? There's a couple that i haven't a clue what they could be.
  22. Thank You. Clears up another little mystery for me.
  23. What I mean silverhead is, when both paths are sent in full stereo are the jack sockets stereo ? If the paths are sent as stereo I'd expect L to be stereo out and R to be stereo out. I think they are both mono jacks which is how I use them at the moment.
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