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  1. Right now, I have the HD500, an HD500X and an AmplifiFX100. You can see, I am a little "back up" crazy! I tend to keep previous rigs as a back up, or until I am 100% comfortable with a new system. I will probably keep the Amplifi for a time. However, I do have a couple of friends that aren't nearly as tone crazy as I am that I may offer the Amplifi to. The Amplifi is incredible for a person that only uses a few patches during a set. It is not unusual for me to use 6 different tones (HD500) during the course of a single song (all 4 patches and toggling fx off and on within a patch). I AM planning on selling the HD500, keeping the 500X. Am I a Line6 junkie?
  2. Guitar Center keeps adding a day to the release date,currently 3/12. Would it be possible to see a manual prior to release? I am seriously looking forward to having this unit. The FX100 has revoloutionized/streamlined my rehearsal time. When not rehearsing or playing,I am spending time loading my custom tones to the cloud so I can grab them with the Firehawk. Will the units physically be at the store locations when released or only available on line? Is my lack of patience showing?
  3. To my understanding, the Amplifi tones will up-load to the Firehawk, but the Firehawk won't down-load to the Amplifi. I have already started saving my custom tones to the Cloud so I can drop them in to the Firehawk. I have transitioned through several Line 6 rigs. This one sounds like it could be the easiest transititon.
  4. I am an Amplifi FX 100 user, and still have a HD500 and HD500X in as back up. Big plus(es) for me: 1. The live sound in my opinion is right. The FX100 doesn't have the digital "zing" that I have expereinced with all other digital multis that I have used/owned/tried.. I think it sounds great live. 2. Ease of editing, and editing on the fly. I have my Ipad on my music stand and am able to edit on the fly during rehearsal, however read below. 3. Easy to set up and configure for live sound. 4. Rehearsing at home is extremely easy and streamlined. Minus(es) in my opine: 1. It likes to glitch out. Last night for instance I saved an edit during rehearsal and instead of saving the patch it disappeared. I HATE stopping rehearsal to re-load a patch. Even with the irritating occasional glitch, it is still my go to rig right now. 2. Not having the option to toggle an effect on and off in the active patch. (this will be fixed in the Firehawk) 3. Limited FX blocks in each patch. (this too will be fixed in the Firehawk) 4. No Effects loop (fixed in the Firehawk) I am waiting patiently for the Firehawk and will be odering mine as soon as it is available. I am hoping the Firehawk will carry the horsepower and some of the FX that are in the HD rigs. I also hope ordering ASAP will not be a mistake. I have been checking in occasionally looking for the Firehawk manual to show up on the Line 6 site...
  5. Something else to think about. The longer you play, the more control you will get out of both hands. When playing high gain tones, there is a bit of choking that you will need to learn with your left hand and muting with your right hand. Much tone comes from your hands. I just thoought I would add this to the discussion...
  6. I have already started to move my Amplifi FX 100 custom tones to the cloud in gleeful anticipation of the Firehawk release! I have upgraded on every Pod incarnation since the XT Live....This one looks ( I hope) to be the easiest!
  7. Wait for the Firehawk...Or buy my Amplifi 100! It might be a bargain! :D
  8. I get my Music and charts each week through Planning Center-Music Stand. Music Stand will play back through the AmplifiFX100. As mentioed earlier Bluetooth won't pair with 2 Apps. So, when in Music Stand it will kick the Amplifi Editor App out, but the hardware in the pedal still functions normally. If, I go back to the Amplifi Editor, a "Amplifi is reconnectiong" panel comes up and it takes over, but the music still plays while I am in the Editor. As s side note the first time I tried it, Music Stand wouldn't play back throught the pedal, I clicked on the volume arrow to see if it was turned down, and there was a check box that had "Headphones" or "Amplifi" I checked the Amplifi check box, and it has worked ever since. Since I also get transposed MP3s, I simple open the MP3s in Itunes and save them to a folder, re-sync and I can play them from the Amplifi App. This device has totally streamlined my rehearsal time. One MORE thing, in rehearsal , if there is a question about a part, I can open the file and play it back to the whole group by way of my send to the PA. Saving up my dollars for the Firehawk!!!
  9. Christian Arnold I am there too! Saving up my ducketts for the new Firehawk
  10. I thought I saw this topic but can't find it. When saving a minor change in a patch by holding down a switch, it has several times saved the tone as Default. This is an extreme drag in rehearsal when I need to do things fast,and don't have time to mess around and trouble shoot. Thanks in advance, Strato
  11. I have the hd500 the hd500x and the amplifi fx100. It is my opinion that the amplifi fx 100 sounds the most natural of the 3. Right out of the box I liked the live sound of the amplifi better. Even though it doesn't have the switching flexibility of th HD line, I find myself using the Amplifi. If I were you, I would hold out for the Firehawk. The amplifi live is closer to the sound in the headphones, if you know what I mean? Strato
  12. Here is a weird, cool by-product of the latency issue. I have 2 patches side by side one with "rotating drum and horn" fast and the other with "rotating drum and horn" set on slow. If I tap from the patch wiht the slow set to the fast one, the roating drum and horn will ramp up till it is spinning fast. If I do the oposite, it slowly winds down. Once I found it, I use it on purpose. It does do some tweaky things between settings now and then....
  13. Yep! I use mine 99% of the time. Right out of the box, it sounds great. In my opine, it doesn't have the digital sound that most multi/modelers have. Very easy to get a great sound live. Editing on the fly is wonderful. I use an Ipad. Alll that said, I am planning on using my HD500X this week because the Amplifi 100 doesn't have the horsepower of the HD500x. In other words, I need to be able to toggle devices on and off within a patch. Also I need the harmonizer and the "Seeker" effects which the Amplifi doesn't have.
  14. Thank you for the replies. I am actually sort of shocked! I have to say, I was back on my Amplifi this AM rehearsing using the Killer Z drive and can't imagine anything sounding nicer....I just haven't heard it yet. DANG! again my mind wanders.....
  15. A Facebook friend posted a picture of himself on stage and I noticed both Fulltone and Voodoo labs drives on the floor next to his HD500X. I asked...whassuup? He replied that what I saw was correct, and stated they were "in front" of the HD500X! This blew my mind, I thought "is this guy on to something? Has he found a holy grail of overdrive that has been evading me?" I had to take a breath and settle myself, remembering, that when I had played with this guy, I had to work with him much just to bring him up to speed on simple HD editing, signal chain etc. Hence, Why in the world would you put a drive in front of a device that could literally chain six drives together. If you WERE to add a drive, why not in the effects loop? not to mention those drives aint cheap stomp boxes! I seems wrong on so many levels!! First off, has anyone out heard of anyone putting an overdrive in front of the HD500X? Soooooo after coming to my senses, I settled down and started editing a drive tone for this weeks set list on my Amplifi 100. Actually, I was duplicating a set of tones from my HD500X to my Amplfi 100. I have them on a bench so, I just step across the effects blocks on my HD and enter the values in to the Amplifi. My default drive tone is Classic Overdrive modeled after the Rat Fuzz. Well since my head had been swimming, I thought I needed to get a new start. I landed on Killer Z, and was re-assured that it was completely unecesessary to insert any drives in front of a Line 6 rig. Just sharing some thoughts..... Blessings, Strato
  16. This is what I do. Easy to do, in case one doesn't know.....once you are in Preset A, hold down the A button till all of the lights flash, then press the B button to save A over to B. Select B and edit away. Before you do this, save the stock tonesin the bank to "My Tones" so you don't loose them by overwriting them. I am finding that I can name and save song groups for example, my basic stuff is: Don Clean, Don Pushed, Don Driven, Don Dotted 8. I can go to My Tones and insert these in to any bank that I want. Right now I have about 20 song specific groups. When I get my setlists on Monday, I build a show set from My Tones to the Amplifi 100 hardware. Once again I am hoping for the Line6 Super AmplifiHD500X that has ALL of the functionality of the HD with the Bluetooth connectivity and editing of the Amplifi!!!
  17. The group leader that I perform with and I both have Amplifi FX 100 units. In the middle of a performance, he switched from acoustic to electric and used his tuner function as a "mute". When he un-muted the unit had no sound in the 1D patch, 1D was the patch we designed for his acoustic guitar feed. Worked fine in rehearsal and we bench tested everything after the gig. All cords, guitars and batteries were good. We shut the unit off and rebooted, still no sound in that patch, #1 D. I too have have had 2 occasions that patches I was designing "dissappered". Once during a soundcheck, I edited a patch, saved it and it was gone. I love the Amplifi but this week I am putting my HD500X back in to service because the Amplifi doesn't have the flexibility I need to pull this weeks set list off. Still hoping for the AmplfiHD500X super rig! Strato
  18. I come by the Amplifi FX 100 by way of XTLive, X3Live, HD500 and HD500X. In my opinion: Pros: Great editing on the fly. Sounds warmer, easier to get live sound than previous models. REALLY sounds good. I used the Amplifi FX 100 for several weeks and brought in my HD500X for one week, won't do that again. Quick easy set up. Everything about my practice routine has been economized by this device. I spend more time practicing than chasing mp3's. Cons: Bluetooth can be a little glitchy, I demand a lot from it! Normally only in rehearsal or sound check. No performance issues yet. No cons for live sound. Needs a couple more slots for effects blocks. I really miss the second row of switches, or the ability to toggle one or more effects in a patch without leaving the patch. I miss the FX loop as I used it for a boost in my HD rigs. Would like to see a cafeteria of effects, go ahead and limit the number in the device, but let the user pick from the entire Line 6 effects library. ( I miss the harmonizer) I don't like loosing my patch setup during upgrades. The patches are still in My Tones, but the banks all get set back to factory. I will add that the Amplifi FX 100 have moved me to economize in my patch banks. I actually played a whole set last week in patch bank 1. In the past I would write entire patch banks for one song. Even thought the Con list might look a little longer, I am completely sold and commited to this system. I am confident that Line6 will continue to grow with us. I look forward to the Amplifi FX Super 100 HDX with all of the hardware bells and whistles of the 500X!. I will be one fo the first in line!!
  19. No, I was monitoring using headphones only. What I was getting at, was, once I opened the Amplifi App, it took over the output from my Ipad hence Music Stand. Point being that I don't have to work out of Itunes in oder to reharse using the Amplifi, can rehearse to the MP3s from Planning Center/Music Stand. This to me is great functionality. However, no Tone Match in that playback mode. Not a big deal, if I need it I will import the song to Itunes Amplifi Library and go it from there. D
  20. Replying again to my own post. This may be helpful. I get my rehearsal charts and MP3s each week by way Planning Center Online, namely the Music Stand function of PCoL. I was working on duplicating tones from my HD500X on the AmplifiFX 100, so I had my Ipad plugged in to the CD input of the HD and was playing MP3s from Music Stand. I minimized Music Stand and opened the Amplifi App. I went to play the MP3 from the Music Stand App and got nothing. I thought maybe the volume was turned down so I looked at the volume control in Music Stand, and instead of a basic volume control, it gave me a drop down that had "Headphone" or "Amplifi 100" as playback options. By default the "Amplifi 100" selection was checked. I moved my headphones to the Amplifi pedal and the playback was coming through there. I am not sure if this is a built in condition of the Ipad, Amplifi or Planning Center. It sure makes this unit way more handy for me if i don't have time to download my MP3s to Itunes and sync up the App. Nice inter-connectivity!! I will add here that, I am hoping, hoping, hoping that Line 6 will introduce an HD500-like version of the Amplifi. I love the functionality of the Amplifi the overall sound,and the editing. I miss and am struggling with, the lack of "blocks" and the extra row of assignable footswitches. Last weeks set and maybe this weeks set are driving me to bring in my HD500X because the Amplifi just doesn't have the flexibiblty to pull off some of the tones that I need. Take the HD500 carcass and put in Amplifi/Bluetooth functionality, I will be the FIRST in line to buy one!!
  21. Does amp out disable the line outs? I ahd a line to an amp and one line to the board. Could get no signal to the board. Opted in the end for the main outs and used onstage monitor. Better signal through the mains. Strato. PS second time live...getting, nicer all of the time.
  22. After using the Amplifi FX100 for a couple of weeks now, I will respond to my own post! I get my MP3s for Rehearsal by way of Planning Center Online. I simply open the MP3, it asks if i want to open or save it, I choose save. I then go to my Downloads Folder (I am on my PC BTW) and click on "Open With" and I select Itunes. It will start Itunes and open the song in the "Recently Added" playlist. I then sync up my Ipad and it appears in my Ipad music library. Good to go. This is important because I get my rehearsal MP3s transposed to the key that we will actually play them in. I will be using the Amplifi FX100 for the second time live this week.... I do love the ease with which I can move tone files around. It was very simple to set up the patches for this weeks set in the first 3 patch banks.
  23. I used my Amplifi 100 this weekend live, more on that later. I have a few connection questions. First off, I ran my Amp Out ot a DI box to the mains (XLR) and to my montioring amp(1/4"). I had to run my master volume at minimum 75% according to sound tech, levels still seemed low. Question: 1. Do the Amp and Main Outs have the same value, and or sound? 2. Is there a recommended "best way" to adapt the 1/4" Main Outs to XLR. 3. Which is the mono Main Out, or can they be summed by using a Wye cable of some kind? The Amplifi 100 worked and sounded great with the exception of a side issue. After I was set up and operating perfectly, the sound tech had to power down my side of the stage for a ground loop problem. I switched off the floor unit. Once they, and I powered back up, the Bluetooth connection was lost and I had to do a hard re-start of the Ipad to get it back, after attempting reconnecting and troubleshooting, all while continuing to go over the set.. This was annoying in sound check.... Edting and balancing was smooth and fast,but, as I posted earlier, it would be nice to have a "Sound Check" screen with a big save button that would save to the patch that is active. It was cumbersome to be playing a part, do a small swipe for adjusting, and have to go through the Save sequence while playing. Once again, the effects were spectacular, thanks for using the X3 FX. Strato
  24. I apologize for starting a new thread for each little question..comment On certain tones while switching to a different patch there is a"carry over" that sounds like a tape warble. It is like the delay carrys from the previous patch and re-sets to the new delay setting on the fly?? Get what I mean? S'up? It is causing me to "take a breath" or find a hole to switch tones, not always convienient. I am going to add. I used it last night for rehearsal, and my overall evaluation is that it is pretty incredible. Once I got accustomed to editing while playing, it got much easier. I wish the SAVE icon/target was a little larger and that the defualt was "Save Tone To Device". In other words while playing, I would like it to save faster, which I guess could cause problems by saving something you don't want by mistake. Much of what I was doing was adjusting volume, maybe a SAVE icon on the Amp Editor Screen that would always save to the location you are in (Device or Library). So while rehearsing or sound check you could do a quick swipe of the volume bar and tap save. There are the save by switch funcation on the device, which are handy, but operating that function on the fly is like patting your head and rubbing your stomach, for me anyway. Once again, I LOVE the X3 effects pallet. I plan to use it this weekend on the gig. Will report back after that. Blessings all, Strato
  25. Will the large volume control save patch to patch? In other words, can I adjust the overall output volume of a patch with that control and save it to that patch, alowing to recall that volume next time I load that patch? I am taking the Amplifi to rehearsal tonight and I am sure I will be faced with balancing volumes on a mess of new patches that I created. Wish me luck folks!!Strato.
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