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  1. Above suggestion should work. My POD HD Pro X and Mac Catalina work together perfectly.
  2. Here's something I do to get around this issue. Since I don't use the TAP button on my FBV Shortboard MkII, I've programmed it (per preset) to send a MIDI program change to the outboard FX unit I use to select the preset on that unit. Yeah, it's 2 toe taps - one to pick the preset on my POD HD Pro X and another to pick the preset on the outboard FX unit - but it works. Regarding updates to this old gear, the POD HD Pro X is sold as new at Sweetwater, but there hasn't been a firmware update for it in years. But no matter - I'm quite enjoying my new Fractal FM9 ;)
  3. This may not entirely help, but I've got a similar setup - Catalina and a POD HD Pro X. The POD HD Pro X Edit program works just fine. Sounds like you installed the latest version of ...Edit - have you tried a different USB cable? Which version of Catalina? I'm running 10.15.7.
  4. Anyone know where I can get that plastic strain relief "clip" on the back of the FBV MKII where one can wrap the USB or Ethernet cable? doesn't carry it, and I don't see it for sale on Line 6's website. P.S. Just noticed that the FBV3 has the same strain relief clip.
  5. Never mind - the User's Guide is wrong - it has the parameters switched between the Stereo Delay and the Dynamic Dly.
  6. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but according to the User's Guide, the Dynamic Dly has parameters for L Time, L Feedback, R Time, R Feedback. Yet in Edit and the unit itself, I don't see these left/right parameters. ???
  7. We need Knob Modeling! ;)
  8. Take a look at the Carvin Mach 100 power amp pedal.
  9. I'm running my Helix Floor thru a pair (stereo) of 108s'. The 108's are sitting on the floor. PLENTY of bass. I've read some people prefer them lifted up in the air to lessen the bass. I've had to turn down the bass on some of my presets because it can be too much. I don't gig, just a bedroom wanker. Someone else posted about the idea of buying the 108s from a store where you can return them - GC, SweetWater (would have to pay shipping back). Highly recommended all around!
  10. Here's a nice (new!) demo of the SPX90 (Symphonic preset demo starts at 4:50): And check out Leon's channel - tons of cool content (nothing Helix related, though, as far as I can see).
  11. What about the Dimension FX block?
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