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  1. Here's a nice (new!) demo of the SPX90 (Symphonic preset demo starts at 4:50): And check out Leon's channel - tons of cool content (nothing Helix related, though, as far as I can see).
  2. Here's a recent review of the X100:
  3. What about the Dimension FX block?
  4. Hmmm, didn't know that. Just tried it - wasn't asked about assigning it as a bypass. Is there something else I need to do before this step?
  5. Great job! Small glitch: In the Delays section, Vintage Digital shows up twice.
  6. I'm aware it's an older piece of gear, but it's still for sale at Musicians Friend and Sweetwater. Perhaps NOS? Anyway, I got it cheap, and to hold me over until my AxeFx FM3 arrives ;)
  7. Hi. Just picked up a pre-owned Pod HD Pro X. Updated it to the latest firmware (2.62), which was apparently released on 4/9/2015. Is it safe to assume that there will be no more firmware updates for this unit or other Pod HD units?
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