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  1. I struggled with this stuff but it's quite easy. Don worry about MIDI control etc. Connect with L6 link. Use helix edit and select the output block in your chain. Check its Multi or Digital. Click the DT25/50 tab and choose your parameters. It can be global or per preset. Can also be changed per snapshot. My advice is use the Helix set up rather the older DT preamps. The preamp and fx will be as set in your Helix. The power amp and its voicings are what you have chosen in the tab. Best of both worlds. Most folks tend to prefer full amp in Helix rather than just the preamp, at least at lower volumes.
  2. Thanks Peter. But I'm not sure that I haven't confused everyone about the Helix models. I have the standard floor version and not the Helix Control. I think the specific Mission Helix pedal is specific for the Helix control with the extra functionality of the switch, but I'm not certain. Just want to check which version is best suited to the standard floor version.
  3. I want a Mission Expression pedal for my floor model Helix. I see now Mission have a generic Line6 model and a specific Helix model. The Helix model however appears to be geared to the rack model with a toe switch for extra functionality that I believe doesn't work with the floor model. So which should I get. Or doesn't it matter. Thanks for advice.
  4. Thanks guys, it's getting clearer. So if you load your DT with 8 amps via MIDI , then go to your gig without your MIDI control software for the DT, you have to manually set the knobs each time you change channels if you want your fav settings?
  5. Since firmware ver 2 for the DT, things have become a bit complicated, albeit more powerful. So I'm not sure I've grasped the complexities exactly, so I'm grateful someone could clarify if I'm right/wrong about the amp + pod behaviour. 1st: If I plug into the DT without a Pod (with ver 2), it's an 8 channel amp right? With a MIDI device (DT Edit, Customizer etc) I can program (up to) 8 amps into the channels with voicings etc. If I turn it off and later come back those voicings are still there, but are the knob settings (bass, treble etc) also saved, even if the physical knobs have moved when turned off? 2nd: If I plug in the Pod HD500 with L6 link, it's now a 2 channel amp, right? The HD stuff goes into Channel A. But if I switch off the amp in the Pod the DT switches to Channel B. Then the physical setting of the knobs on the DT control the sound. Are there now only 4 "amps" available (like firmware ver1) and all voicing are set with the physical knobs just like the olden days (Ver1)?? Are those settings saved if the Channel B knobs don't change or do you have to set it up each time the amp is turned on again? 3rd: If I have dual amps in the Pod HD, I can control which of those amps' topologies etc is the default for both amps using L6 edit? Thanks for any help with this. I could work it out by trial and error but the answers might help other who struggle to understand the complexities of the amp + pod behaviour!
  6. There are no rules on this. Preamp only is generally the way to go, but no reason you can't use a full amp setting if it sounds good to you. Most folks though would recommend the preamp only and that's what I do.
  7. Where did you read this. There are boost pedals in the HD500 but I haven't heard of a boost just in the DT. There is LVM (low volume mode) which emulates power tube distortion at lower volumes if that's what you are after.
  8. The preamp on the HD500 (it is said) is exactly the same as the one in the DT. Some folks have questioned this but most believe it is fact. So you should get the same sound with the HD peamp if it is set the same as the DT controls.
  9. I believe I am having this, or a similar problem. I'm not using the JTV but am using HD500 to DT25. Sometimes when I change the patch it turns OFF the amp in the patch. It's loud cos fx are running straight to output and I use the amp vol to keep things turned down so I can keep the master vol on the DT fairly high. Push the FS again and it's OK or turn the amp ON with Edit and it's OK. Is this what's happening to you? I'd like a solution too.
  10. Um er... can anyone tell me what Bulletin 059 is? Or will you have to shoot me?
  11. It was for me. And getting the head higher is very convenient.
  12. I do it. It's really stable. As a rock. And great sound.
  13. I really liked the DT25 with the D112. So much so that I bought a 2nd D112 cab! Now I can use a single cab for band practice and home, and the bigger sound of the 2 cabs at gigs. And it really is a bigger sound. Great. Of course my next step now is to get a 2nd DT25 head for those dual amp tones in stereo etc but that may have to wait a little while. The D112 cab has a big sound with lots o' bass response and complements the heads really well.
  14. I'll try: Q1: The 2 amp tones are mixed together. Q2. The line outs on the pod (and I think the digital outs) still work. Tone may need some shaping because your outputs will have been preset for a stack or combo. I think you have to pull the L6 cable out or put the amp in standby to disable it though. Q3. I've had no problems. Remember all the people who haven't had problems dont post their good experience on forums. Q4: Start here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitar_amplifier
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