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  1. I have a Pod HD 500, DT25 amp, and JTV 69. I am pleased with the tone I am able to get but would be inclined to by a Helix as an upgrade if Line 6 makes it compatible with DT amps via a Line 6 interface. So please add my vote for this option...or come out with a Pod HD 1,000X and DTX amps. I love my JTV so I assume the Variax interface on the Helix works at least as well as the one on Pod HD.
  2. I have a pod HD 500, DT 25 amp and a JTV 69. If I get a Helix will I still enjoy a Line 6 out to control the DT 25? I like using the Variax connection so I don't assume any problems with that.
  3. You guys are right, Variax Acoustics sound better thru a PA than a guitar amp. For small clubs I use a Fishman Loudbox Artist, it has very transparent guitar tone which, sounds good with my Martin DC Aura. For songs with electric and acoustic guitars I use the JTV 69 Going thru Pod HD 500 to a DT 25 amp. But for acoustic parts, if required in those songs, I bypass the Pod and take the signal thru a TC Helicon Voice Play Gtr (which has great acoustic guitar processing), and an Aphex Aural Exciter acoustic guitar pedal, before the signal hits the Fishman Amp. This sounds quite good to my ears. I do have an outboard Fishman Aura. The only algorithm that sounded close to making the Variax Dreadnaught model sound realistic was the Collings D3. I took the Aura out of the signal path when I realized it made the guitar tone sound too 'thick'. I tried decreasing the amount of Aura processing compared to Variax, but then there was no purpose going thru the Aura at that point. The Voice Play from TC really has good acoustic tone and programmability, and it sounds great on vocals of course. The Aural Exciter pedal puts back high frequency harmonics that are lost in the signal path, and this one also has a 'Big Bass' knob which allows you to increase the bass harmonics if needed. Adding the the Fishman Aura seemed to be too much. The Aura instead of the Aural Exciter, I liked, but Exciter without Aura sounded better to my ears. I wanted to add, that I turn the Fishman amp's Efx off when going thru the TC Helicon unit, which gives the additional advantage of being able to tell that processor what key I am playing in, which helps when I sing with a program using the Autotune or for backup harmony vocals when I step on the foot pedal that triggers Harmony Voices.
  4. Tbone Love the music and the guitar work. Excellent tones with your Dream Rig tools! The Gibtone amp is my choice for a very nasty amp sound quite frequently. I was surprised at how nice the Tele with the lipstick PUs sounded. By the way, we are all in your debt for getting the ball rolling on this forum.. Keep up the Good work...Cheers! Dr Funk
  5. It sounds like the JTV spank position 1 is perfect for you except there is a documented palm muting problem with the JTVs. this has been improved but not completely fixed. I have a JTV 69k. I took out the mag PUs and put in Fender Customshop Fat 50s they sound great and have a vintage flavor. I think this would work well on your Mexican Strat. One other thing you can do is buy a Tonerite. You find these advertised in GuitarPlayer magazine among others. This is a device that sits on your strings near the bridge when you are not playing. You plug it in and dial an amount of vibration that the strings receive. This has worked wonders with my new Martin DC Aura acoustic. I am told it works just as we'll on solid bodies. This combination should be the quickest way to make your Mexican Strat sound Vintage. Fat 50's custom shop PUs cost about $200, and the Tonerite cost$145. Not too expensive for making an inexpensive guitar sound vintage and rich! You can also use the ToneRite on other guitars. I found that you have to leave the ToneRite on for at least 4 days to start noticing improvement in the tone (and ease of play) You can play the guitar anytime you want but just put ToneRite back on when you are not playing. I leave it on my Martin at all times when I am not playing. My one year old Martin now sounds nearly as broken in as my 40 year old D28. amazing device.
  6. I agree with what others have said. It is much easier to get a decent acoustic tone from the House PA, or a FR amp. I use a Fishman Loudbox Artist for any acoustics I use now- be it the JTV 69 or my electro-acoustic Martin DC Aura. Acoustics sound much better thru this kind of an amp or the PA. That being said,, I have created a few acoustic tones that I have put on that sound pretty good thru my DT 25 amp, and that can be used in a pinch if you just bring the one Line 6 amp. Of course, I did need to use Three Eq filters to make it close to decent. The preset I call Martin HD28 sounds the best I think. Try it if you don,t have a good acoustic amp. As you can see, I use a lot of DSP on the Pod HD 500. I also make a lot of dual path programs using two amps or employing two separate stereo paths. Pretty much I seem to be able to use as much DSP as I want. I say this because I see that Line 6's new Pod HD 500x has more DSP power. When I get a message for the HD 500 that I am out of DSP, I remove simulated amp cabinets if they were used by me. I also usually use the pre-amp only models not the full amp models as I play thru a DT 25 (line 6 linked), and a Spider Valve Mark II. So my DSP load is lighter. I found that eliminating the cab models usually sounds better too but I wait to remove them when Line 6 tells me That I am out of DSP so I can add more Efx if needed, or at least have extra Efx available on the Pod for that particular preset Hope this has been a helpful Dream Rig tip for you
  7. Hi All I've been enjoying this thread...really thoughtful stuff from most posters. As aDream Rig enthusiast (JTV69k, Pod HD 500 and DT25/ Spider Valve Mk II), I would love a Dream Rig forum too! For those who don't want this, fine, don't go to the Dream Rig Forum, content yourselves with what you like. For the rest of us, this particular forum would be ideal. By the way, all my tones on Customtone are designed for the Dream Rig. Hope you find some that are usefull, and perhaps pick up some Dream Rig tips and subtleties. Anyway, that was the intention...a broad palette of tones, styles and possibilities. Enjoy! Amazing tones with this equipment. I just Love it!!!
  8. 2.0? What happened to the forum? This is so disorienting.... Anyway, a good time being had by all. Good fun waiting patiently for our free update. I will be happy when it comes. But it is more disturbing to find the forum is GONE! Harmony Central disappeared too. At least my guitar is still here, and the electricity is still on. Really, can't complain. Life is good...
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