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  1. I believe you can just drag and drop the file onto a "New Tone" slot in the set lists of HD Edit and it will convert.
  2. Is there a difference in how these three places affect the quality of the tone? I was getting some borderline distortion in a lot of models originally so I lowered the settings by 8db on the global settings and it seemed like it improved the quality of the acoustics as well as some other models that seemed to be a little too hot. If I need to raise some presets back up I was wondering if the per preset slider, per string settings and the global settings are changing the same characteristic of the model or not.... Is there a pre and post gain staging potential thing at work where you are boosting after Piezo but before the model with one and boosting after the model using the other etc.
  3. Thanks, On another note, I found the Boost switch that is under the heading 'DT50 Only' seems to work on my DT25. It is sometimes on and sometimes off depending on which amp pre you select from the list and seems to allow us to change the setting as we like. Is that the way it should work and where is the boost coming from if there is no extra tube in the DT25 circuitry?
  4. In the video linked above, where Sean Halley is sending the magnetic pickups thru the Plexi model and then he sends it out the Line 6 link just after the mixer, I'm assuming by connecting the Line6 link it forced the PodHD into the 'stack power amp' Output setting since he used a DT25 head.... But the XLR jacks are sending the Variax signal to a mixer/DAW....will that also be forced to the power amp output setting? If so is it less than optimal for a good Variax acoustic sound?
  5. As to the 'no sound from amp' issue... Some amps require a plug in the Send jack of an effects loop even though you don't need that to send your Pod into the Return... So just plug a spare cable into the Send jack of the amp and then the Return should take your Pods signal to the power amp stage and on to the speakers. Beware that you probably will have no volume control on the amp since the effects returns are usually after the volume control so turn down the output of the Pod at first....
  6. I'd go for the Soldano crunch model. But that's my answer to many of life's questions ;)
  7. If I use one of the midi managers to change the preamps in my DT25 am I free to have any preamp in any of the 8 locations as the default preamp when using the amp without the HD500? Or is there some/any part of the topology mandated by position? Another question, if I use the manager to also set the outside parameters for each location, drive, bass, treble, middle, etc, etc. will those settings be in play when first switching to a new position ie; I, II, III, IV, until the amps knobs are moved?
  8. Save your headphone presets for use with headphones and start from scratch to build presets for whatever device you want to hear them from. And build them at the volume level you plan to hear them at. Be sure to study up on output settings that are appropriate for what ever device you want to hear them with also. There is no reason you can't have presets for an amp or stereo that sound as good as the ones you have for headphones. But it is a much different listening experience too so keep that in mind.
  9. The power amp won't distort even if it is set to very high master levels IF the signal feeding into it is weak enough. So there is no exact setting/threshold for the Master that will begin power amp distortion. You can cause that power amp to overdrive at lower Master settings if you send a very hot signal to it or you can have a higher Master setting with no power amp drive if you keep the preamp stage low enough to not cross that threshold. That threshold is a variable depending on the settings of the two parameters...preamp output...and...power amp level. For home use I would create presets that let modeled power amp distortion come into play (use full models) because the DT amps need to be outputting extreme volume to give up power amp drive.
  10. I'm using an iPad 2nd gen. IOS 7.0.2 in an Alessis ioDock and it seems to work for the most part so I wonder if my problem is just user malfunction or is the ioDock not 100% compatible... I can effect changes to every parameter but I can't seem to save them to a file. The amp has accepted the eight preamps although I'm getting drastic volume differences between some....not sure if that is normal or not. After changing the parameters to my liking I'll name the preset according to the amp type and the name appears in the slot that had said "no voicing name". All that seems to be as it should but the names don't stay. There doesn't seem to be a Save button. I hit apply for the outside parameters but that doesn't seem to do it. If I hit the Manage button I only have the choice to Save As....the Save choice is greyed out... And nothing I created appears on that page. I don't have a Dropbox account linked up yet in case that matters.... If I select the save as button it warns that it will cycle through all the amps but then upon saying OK it crashes the app to desktop. The eight preamps are loaded but volume disparity and lack of file management are definitely a problem. So do these issues sound familiar to anyone? Is anyone using the Alessis ioDock to send and receive midi to their DT? Any tutorials or manuals so I can learn how the process should work?
  11. I'd like to know how the Orange and the DT compare as to which is a better companion when used 4 cable method for the Orange, L6Link for the DT. in other words, does the Oranges perceived advantage still hold it out as superior if incorporating the PodHD500 is part of the criteria? I'm considering both of those amps and have the PodHD500x. I'm creating preamp patches and using the Two Notes Torpedo CAB in the Pods loop for speaker sim, power amp sim and EQ and find that to be superior to the Pods full amp offerings but even with that sounding so good I'd like a real amp solution to make use of the PodHD when I'm able to turn up the volume.
  12. Can I have the 500x connected to a DT amp and also have the line out L/R into my audio interface and play through both? Not necessarily at the same time but to be able to switch between them without having to connect/disconnect....ground loop considerations etc. As for trying to use both at the same time....because I know if it can be done I'm likely to try it...if I set the 500x up as the audio interface instead, can I record to DAW using the USB and listen to the DT amp for monitoring? I know any given preset may not be optimal for the two very different paths but I use a TwoNotes Torpedo CAB in the 500x loop just after the amp block using the 'pre' amp sims with no cab so perhaps my presets will be worth trying in that fashion. I guess there is no way to have the effects loop active in the USB output but not in the DT signal path though... Thanks!
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