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  1. That is a good point, I initially thought I needed to eliminate the cabs for that reason but now I have a cab selected on 98% of my presets when the Pod is used with the DT.
  2. Getting the PodHD via L6Link to sound the same as running direct to the DT is not as easy as some people say. I struggled for a long time but ultimately it comes down to building the preset in the Pod to match what you hear from the guitar straight into the DT. That is a tedious chore plugging...unplugging...trying to keep in your short term memory what you just heard and guessing what to tweak in the Pod to get you there. I was able to get there and honestly don't remember what changes brought it close enough to stop tweaking. I use an EVM12L and it is great sounding but a G12H75 is doing it for me right now and it is a little more forgiving for the Marshall sounds. But here is the thing that has me loving the DT right now. I quit using the Pod with it and used a midi cable to reprogram the DT so that the 8 slots have the preamp models I prefer and I use the DT stand alone plugging it into my pedal board rig. I imagine I could use the Pod in 4 cable method with the DT and continue to get the sounds I like with the benefit of the Pods effects, switching etc. So I would suggest you try it that way. You can assign midi controls to the individual Pod presets so the DT will change some settings along with the Pod changing its preset. You will have to control the drive, bass, middle, treble, volume, presence, etc manually like any other amp. It's either that or dive in methodically and find what is making the L6 link a mojo suck and then build presets to accommodate that. One thing you might want to try is use the pod with L6link but use an instrument cable instead of VDI for the Variax and then manually adjust input impedance and see if those help. I believe when you use the VDI it bypasses the settings and always uses Auto. The impedance settings can be very useful to alter the sound and it's my unscientific opinion that the input of the DT has something going on that the Pod in L6link is bypassing and that is the mojo malfunction.... Maybe the Input impedance on the Pod could be a solution to that malfunction. Easy enough to try out...
  3. Tube bias? I know mine was off and so far out I had to replace a tube to get the pair within spec. What is lacking in the experience that might help us come up with something to try? Also, when you say "via Line6 link and 4cm" you mean either method but not both simultaneously...right? Not sure if that's even an issue but just in case you are...and it is... And if you mean either method then what differences did you notice, if any, between the two methods? Also, just in case it could help, have you reset the amp to factory default? And how does it sound by itself, no Pod or anything else connected?
  4. A little update on this use. I have the Blackface 'Lux Vib model in all 4 slots of Channel A. Each iteration has a different cab and in some cases topology differences class A for some A/B for others etc. The range of Cabs is the stock 1x12 blackface, the 2x12 Silver, the Dr. Z 2x12 ported and a 4x12 Greenback. those 4 really make for a great pallet of sounds. Just channel A with this range of tonal characteristics is, by itself, the equivalent of a fantastic boutique amplifier. On Channel B I have a Park 75, a JCM 800 and a Recto...the fourth slot in channel B is no amp for outboard preamp use. The sounds for each slot are great and I don't even need to touch the basic controls: drive, bass, middle, treble, presence, etc. once in a while I might turn one slightly but having all the slots sounding really good with the same knob positions is making them easy to switch between...output volume levels all close enough etc.
  5. I set up one of my 8 slots to have "No Amp Model". I selected the settings I wanted pentode, class A/B, even gave it a cabinet choice to get that EQ flavor assigned to it...etc. But now, when I choose that slot I have a great tube power section with a relatively uncolored front end for using what ever preamp I want. Right now the Kingsley Jester and the Xotic SL Drive are taking turns being the preamp for that slot. And they are both doing really well at completing the package! It's like finding yet another useful blade in the old swiss army knife.
  6. Do the balanced outputs sound the same as the 1/4" outs?
  7. Does it have a reverb unit in it? You might be able to employ the reverb send. Don't do it without someone smarter than me to tell you how though! I think in most cases it requires a few additional components in the signal path before you could just plug it into something....
  8. I use a Torpedo CAB in the loop for speaker cabinet, mic and power amp modeling. I could stick my Eventide H9 after it but don't see the need, the L6 effects cover my needs so the H9 lives in my traditional pedal board for other amps.
  9. I don't think the amplifi unit actually listens to the artist and conceives of a preset to work. I think it searches a database of user uploads that have the key word associated. Load AC/DC and it searches for the same name.... Whether or not its a good match depends on the creator of the files it finds and on the similarity of your rig to his. I've found that loading a youtube video of a guitar player or song and then building it from scratch in the HD Edit is pretty easy and it will get you up to speed with PodHD Edit in no time. Start with just and amp and cab.
  10. Not sure which software you are using but the one I have has a switch to "Use Defaults" I start there then change up to taste. I believe you can have any topology with any other settings. On the customizer I used it had them described as 'feedback loop" I believe because the 4 Roman numerals in the customizer interface are actually presets. So you can be on channel A and Roman numeral II but assign feedback loop characteristic 'tight' which really describes the Roman numeral I if you were in the Pod HD Edit.... In the customizer, selecting I, II, III or IV will change to a new preset location on that channel where you can assign an amp pre, topology, and class, etc. Just make the selections and change the channel or Roman numeral and the choices are saved. You can assign 4 'presets' per channel but I believe if you change the settings while playing the changes are remembered so put them back before you go to another channel or Roman numeral if you want to keep that preset the way it was when you programmed it. The basic settings bass, middle, treble, drive, volume, presence, called Outside settings, are not saved
  11. If you want play with the mix control on the FX page. I usually bring it down to 75-85%. I find a little unaffected sound mixed in sounds best. Also you can adjust what part of the sweep is used by setting the Heel and Toe limits.
  12. I dont see it that way, I have 4 different preamps on channel A and 4 different on channel B. So by using the channel toggle and the topology toggle, without the PodHD connected I'm switching between 8 different distinct sounds. The tone stack and volume, gain, etc of A is shared by its 4 preamp choices... the same with B, but other than that it is more of an 8 channel amp than 2.
  13. If that is so then you couldn't put just any preamp in any of the four positions and expect it to stay true to its model. You would have to put only type I preamps in slot I....etc.
  14. If I understand it correctly (large assumption on my part...) switching topology I, II, III andIV with PodHD connected via L6 Link lets you decide the negative feedback loop configuration and the preamp choice stays as the PodHD preset dictates. However, if you don't have a PodHD connected it is switching the preamp model assigned to that switch position. To assign the negative feedback loop characteristic you have a separate control in the DT Editor. So is the negative feedback solution strictly a software modeled component or is there some relay switching going on that doesn't take place when the PodHD isn't connected?
  15. Maybe the guy who developed the DT editor app for iPad The string of commands his app sends might be in that format...(total sysex newb guess on my part) He's a pretty helpful fellow.
  16. Sometimes I would get a hint of that effect but I lowered the output in Workbench of all strings and it helped most of it go away. The sound to me was piezo-ish so I just assumed it was part of the beast. I've never had a variax before but I had a piezo Roland set up and it had a similar unwanted quality. getting the output right was the difference for me.
  17. EVM-12L here as well. I keep coming back to it after trying all my others out. 2x12 with G12H30 and G12T-75 is not bad with the Marshall flavors but the EVM-12L lets you use all the flavors and when you use the pre's with a cab in the Pod the EVM-12L is good at letting those different "cabs" character come through making the rig more versatile.
  18. +1 on the tube/valve 101 advice....standby, warm up, cool down. Also, with a Pod attached run the DT Master up at halfway or more to keep lots of current flowing through the tubes and use the Pods Master as your rigs over all Master volume. Get presets balanced in output relative to each other with the Channel Volume. Find a place where you can create a few presets at gig volume before you go play loud because the presets you make for low volume won't sound the same if you simply crank the Master up after you get on stage. Dial in a decent overall sound on Channel 2 and leave it because if the Pods amp ever gets turned off the DT will immediately switch to Channel 2. If you want reverb at different settings, different reverb types, etc. in your different patches then just leave the Reverb knob on the DT Channel 1 turned all the way down that way everytime you select a preset with the Pod the reverb will be those setting in the Pods preset. Check that the tubes are all pushed in tight to their sockets when you get it (or after you let it cool if you already have it) mine were hanging a little loose from shipping. Enjoy! Its a great amp!
  19. the distortion pedals in the Pod seem to be the ones that get the most complaints so, assuming you also dont like them, I'd say get a good one of those...the other stuff seems really good to me. then again I like the wah's too now that I know to back off the mix a little.
  20. If you are using the 'mute while tuning' setting maybe there is a split second where the output/volume settings are not in control as the tuner lets go of the mute setting. Not that I have a solution but, if I'm right, try not using mute-while-tuning and see if that is less of an issue....
  21. If you want to use the effects loop return of an amp you usually have to have a 1/4 inch plug into the effects send of the amp even though you don't have a need for that send (since you aren't using the preamp section of that amp). So, to enable the return of the amp to allow you to play through the power section and attached speakers, just put a short unused cable into the send and leave the other end of it hanging free. This will enable the effects return circuit of the amp for you to send your Pod output into....
  22. Thanks! Done. If you guys agree please go vote...
  23. I understand that is the way it is now but is an update to the hardware/software capable of making that modification from 'what is and what should never be' to perfection?
  24. Does anyone know if the DT amps could be modified to allow the amp to remember the Outside parameters as well as the topology etc. ? So that, when using the amp without a Pod device connected, when ever you first select I, II, III, IV, the Bass, Middle, Treble, Drive, Channel Volume, Etc would be at whatever levels you had set them to create the 'preset' just like the topology choices are. Right now on my DT25 I have 7 fantastic sounding 'presets' without having to touch the knobs and 1, the JCM 800, which is at least 30% too hot with no way to get it balanced out with the other 7. All the high gain models are much hotter than the rest in such a way the the Channel Volume and/or Drive parameters need to be greatly reduced if you want to be able to switch between all channels without having to grab the knobs each time you switch to or from a high gain model. PS: Line6 tech gurus, while you are in there under the hood, you can send some of that extra output volume to the Hiway model....
  25. The size of the Blend knob is so large it makes me think the blend feature is the key feature of the device but I can't think of any kind of blending in a guitar amp device that would warrant such prominence. I'll be happy to be wrong about the significance once it is revealed but right now I'm nonplussed.
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