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  1. Mine is for home use and low volume so keep that in mind. I use 3 5 watt amps. A Valve Jr, Special 6, and Laney L5.. They all react differently with different amp models. I also use pedals with my modelers. It's pretty subjective what works well with what and brand of tubes plays a role in your choices. I like JJ 12ax7 with modelers in all 3 amps. For my gilmour stuff I prefer the Valve Jr. As far as modeling goes, but I also have an actual Butler Tube Driver in the chain. Your choice's will depend on wattage. DT25 would also be a good one if you need more juice.
  2. Probably a good choice. I went from an xtlive to a HD bean to an HD500. The improvement was huge. Helix should be that much better. If you can afford the latest and greatest. Go for it.
  3. I've been using a Special 6 for 6v6\6l6 amp models and a Valve Jr for EL84 based models. Works out really well.
  4. Harshness is a bit "harsh". I've found using a good clean tube tone really warms up the tones. Lately I've been experimenting with el84's for some models and 6v6 for others. It works really well with the right tube combination. Can't wait to try a Helix with this stuff.
  5. No reason not to do both if you can. I'm getting a Laney Lionheart L5 studio next, but a Helix early next year. Then a Cornell Plexi 7 shortly after that. I like both, I'm gonna do both.
  6. If the upgrade to the Helix is anything like the upgrade from the XTLive to the POD HD. It's a no brained.
  7. EQ is your friend when it comes to headphones.
  8. I like bullets and guns. Don't like FRFR. Fortunately my amp sounds great with the HD and pedals I own.
  9. What would you suggest to a friend that likes amp modeling, but doesn't care for FRFR?
  10. Subjective opinion. Not necessarily true.
  11. When I first got my Bean I thought the same thing, but after 4 months with this thing I'm kinda glad it didn't. These HD's are so much better I don't miss any of my old tones.
  12. If you get an Axe I'll take your 500. I've got several amps and it would be great to have another POD dedicated to one of them. Besides I like lollipops.
  13. scott58

    HD500X updates

    I have to say I am impressed with the HD Bean over my XTlive. Never liked the AC30 model in the XT, but the HD one is awesome. Hate to say it but I kinda wish the XTlive would have crapped out sooner.
  14. I've been going Variax to Wampler Super-plextortion to POD HD (first it was an XTLive) to H2O chorus\echo to Valve Jr (and now a VHT Special 6) for a long time. And I really like the tones I get from most of it. You really need to try it yourself. There are a lot of preconceived notions as to what modelers should and should not do. I don't care for FRFR and the way I do it gives me an amp in the room feel. You've got the amp give it a try you can always go powered whatever later, but you have to try it to know. Same with cab sims. Do I like all of them? No, but I do like a lot of them. Does an AC30 amp model through a Valve Jr sound like an AC30? Not exactly, but I get a good sense of it and it absolutely spanks any AC4 I've been around. Does a Special 6 with a blackface amp model sound like a 64 vibroverb? Not quite, but I like it a lot better then the super champ xd I used to have or the blues Jr for that matter. The point is try it for yourself. You will be surprised at the versatility it affords you. I started this because I needed decent tone at low volume, what I found was a setup I like better then any modelling amp I've ever plugged into and I've plugged into a bunch. Good luck.
  15. scott58

    HD500X updates

    I don't see Line 6 walking away from the $300 to $500 spend crowd. They'll come out with something.
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