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  1. They can't unless they use DT EDIT and a midi interface to change them. Not sure why Line 6 added all those extra preamps - I'm guessing it's more to do with syncing with the HD Pod than letting people in there to change them themselves
  2. I was having lots of issues with my DT25 connected to Pod HD500. The volume would swing widely and I would would get a loud pop when changing presets from dirty to clean (topography II to I). I tried lots of things but what finally worked was to unplug the USB connection to the Pod HDEdit software before using the rig to play songs. It must have been that the Pod HD was trying to communicate with the DT25 (via the L6 link) as well as sync with the POD HDedit software at the same time which was a lot to do while changing a preset. I would still use the PodHD edit to set up presets and effects, etc, but then remove it and do the final tweaking (like channel volume settings) on the unit itself. I'd also recommend keeping each preset as simple as you can (remove or turn off effects you don't really use) to keep processing time as short as possible. Just thought I'd share this if anyone has the same issue.
  3. I had the same problem. The new version on the Mac OS software has security settings that blocks the midi driver. I went into the security menu in the system preferences and "allowed" the driver and then everything worked
  4. I tried the adaptor and it works fine on the PRS P22. Make sure it's a TS (Mono) plug that goes into the guitar. This fitting from Hosa works well and is quite compact
  5. I think the issue with the PRS P22 is that they do not like a TRS plug inserted (The G10 uses a TRS plug if you look closely at it). I've tried other chords with a TRS and they won't work. I think PRS wire up the jack using the ring instead of the sleeve, which doesn't matter with a TS plug. If you use a TS adaptor (1/4" male to female) and plug into the adaptor it should work. I'm going to try this as well
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