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  1. I was shouting ("demands") at Line 6, sometimes that's the only way to get a company's attention -- then I found the well hidden trouble-ticket process and submitted one directly to them... I lollipopped it?? Sorry, it's the COMPANY'S responsibility to deliver software that works -- or at least installs. I wonder how anyone can accept software installations that are as flakey as this one appears to be from the many users who have had problems with it. Nearly half roll back the "upgrade"??? Not acceptable...
  2. Wouldn't it be nice of companies provided an easier to find method to submit a trouble ticket? Line 6 isn't alone in this but it took a while and many webpage clicks to find out where to submit a ticket. Many times, a "user forum" is the only way to get a company's attention, thus my strongly worded initial posts... Now we'll see if they can provide an ACCEPTABLE method to fix this guitar. In the meantime, since I'm in Hawai'i -- paid a hell of a lot to get it shipped here -- am heading for the mainland and will have to pay the airline to let me drag it back to my other home in Tucson then see if it can be fixed and then if it is, pay to get it back to the islands (or pay to ship it back to Sweetwater) -- yeah, I'm a bit perturbed with the addition of about $200 for shipping on top of the purchase price...for what is essentially egregiously shoddy programming...
  3. Thanks for trying to help. Don't have an HD500 -- had to use the dongle...had to use my laptop...tried different USB ports already, same result... I was in the computer software/consulting business for over 40 years...I know lousy software when I see it... ;-)
  4. Tried 5 times... Tried to flash to 2,0, tried to repair the damage and return to 1.71. No joy... Tried different USB ports on my LAPTOP, no joy... Not an acceptable firmware delivery method... If Line 6 can't even deliver a firmware upgrade, how can one trust them?
  5. I have posted a trouble ticket. We'll see if they can solve the problem -- I found no other solutions on this forum that work other than keep trying until you luck out!?!? Or buy an HD500 (for $500) and keep trying until you luck out. I was in the computer programming/consulting business for over 40 years, never encountered a flash update as iffy as this one and had I delivered software that was as flakey as this, I would have starved...
  6. I tried to update to firmware v2.0 using Monkey. The update threw the following error: Tyler Variax update failed. (Code 80009000) Unknown MIDI Error After pulling and replacing the 1/4 connector on the guitar to reboot it and restarting Monkey, it showed that the firmware was at 2.0 -- but ALL OF THE MODELS ARE GONE, GONE, GONE... I tried rolling back to v1.71 but it ALSO terminated with the same error message, same result - NO MODELS and it also SAYS it's back at v1.3, NOT 1.71 as when it was delivered! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!!! PLEASE PROVIDE A FIX IMMEDIATELY OR THIS GUITAR WILL BE RETURNED!!!! I also logged this problem this morning as: "Download From Guitar Clobbering Workbench Hd Settings"
  7. I just 'updated' my brand new, unmodified jtv69 to firmware 2.0. It's interesting that after three tries at updating the flash memory ending ending with the dreaded MIDI port error message, restarting Monkey displayed the flash memory as being v2.0...if it was...I haven't plugged it into an amp yet...(The models are all GONE!!!!) I started Workbench HD and it automatically began to download the models from the guitar. It replaced all of the named models in workbench with "????????????" with NO settings (pickups/bodies, etc) in Workbench. I restarted Workbench and the basic settings were all there until the download automatically began again... HOWEVER ALL OF THE MODELS ON MY GUITAR ARE GONE!!!!! What's happening???? WHAT CAN I DO??!?!?!?!?!?!? SOUNDS LIKE THE UPDATE TRASHED MY GUITAR, EH? (Attached File - restart Workbench, interrupted download after first model) I TRIED TO ROLLBACK THE GUITAR -- STILL NO DAMN MODELS PLAYING!!!! I DEMAND AN ANSWER OR THIS THING IS GOING BACK TO SWEETWATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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