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  1. Following...... I use the Helix mostly for guitar, but I do use it a lot for bass as well. I have already pre-ordered the 112 Plus.
  2. TexasStrat

    DSP limit ?

    I think the 63 Spring Reverb is a DSP Hog... it seems like I had trouble with that on the HD500 and HD500x.
  3. That's a bummer... I've had mine for 9 days now and I've done a bunch of edits, was able to save my presets (on a Mac Book Pro), updated the firmware twice and knock on wood, I haven't had any trouble at all. I thought I had an issue, where I was editing one effect and all of the sudden another effect would open up and I was changing a parameter on that effect instead of the original one I had opened. It turns out I was touching one of the footswitches on the bottom row with my arm while I was reaching up to the knobs. Those switches are super sensitive... Hope you get it sorted out... I'd be pretty frustrated too
  4. I am returning it to Sweetwater for a refund. I only had it for 2-3 days....or I guess I should say I have already returned it....
  5. Yes, I have both the Gator and the Mono cases right now. The Gator is a nice case and for those who don't want to spend the extra money it's definitely a good solution.....but I much prefer the Mono. It's a better built case, much stronger, better handle and better shoulder strap. I am using the Helix (and case) at least twice a week, sometimes 3 times a week. I'm not sure the Gator would hold up to that much use...but it might.
  6. I believe in Mono cases enough that even before I received the Gator GClub 25 Control case (which is $70.00 cheaper) that I ordered last soon as I found the Mono M80 Pedal Tour case, I ordered one. I received the Gator case today and the Helix fits great, but I guarantee the Mono case is worth the extra money.
  7. I wish I had seen this before I ordered this: I'm a big fan of Mono cases, they are worth every penny.
  8. Everybody keeps trying to compare the Helix and the AxeFx. The AxeFx is still twice as expensive as the Helix. The AxeFx and foot controller cost $3000.00, the Helix is $1500.00. Even without the foot controller the Axe Fx is still 50% higher than the Helix. If line6 charges for new amp models, I'd be willing to bet that it's going to cost a lot less than $750.00, keeping it well below the price of the AxeFx.
  9. Was glad to see that it already had the bass amps that were in the HD Bass Amp Pack. The G Cougar 800 sounds really good!
  10. I've been using that bag for 2 years now... it's got a lot of wear and tear on it, but it still works. When my Helix arrives, if it fits, I will probably order another one.
  11. I've been using the Gator GK2110 for my 500X and there's a little wiggle room in it...not much but a little.
  12. I don't mind paying for a case, I'm just having a hard time finding one that matches the dimensions. I think it's a little bigger than the HD 500, but since the HD500 case is a soft sided case, I'm wondering if it will fit?
  13. I actually tried a Behringer 212D and a 215D and liked the tone from the 12" speaker a little better. it sounded pretty good and is an inexpensive solution. I since have upgraded to a powered EV speaker, but the 212D served me week for 2 years and was plenty loud.
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